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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 499

I have to amend, I didn't understand you were saying 365 HP isn't enough to push a SUV to 140. That seems reasonable to me, but I've never tried, so I have no idea.

The actual car in question was not a SUV, or anything exotic. Typical 90s state trooper car. I don't remember make or model, if I ever bothered to take note of it at the time.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 499

I seriously believe it would. I've been in a stock Ford Escort (110hp or so, I think) over 120 mph. Handling (not that there was much, point straight and keep going) was fine. I don't have any trouble believing 365 HP would get you to 140.

Anyway, I'm just relating what I was told by the trooper. I've never driven a state trooper car (whatever make/model they are) around the parking lot, let alone at speed.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 499

Of course they do. But prospectively, we have the opportunity to be objective. I get to sit here today and look at my family and think "Which future do I prefer? One where they have a lower chance of dying, but if they do it might be at the hands of a faceless algorithm, or one where they have a higher chance of dying, but I'll have someone to blame."

No contest. I suppose there might be someone out there who would rather a greater chance as long as they can blame someone, but I'm going to claim that's a really irrational position to hold.

Comment Re:Auto pilot should obey limits (Score 2) 499

People are making the predictable error of thinking this very new technology should be perfect. That's not a reasonable expectation. Newsflash: the first truly autonomous vehicles (which this IS NOT) are going to screw up sometimes. They're going to get people killed. They should, as a minimum standard to be allowed for use at all, get fewer people killed, but it's not going to be zero, and it's going to be a different set of people.

It seems to have left all the decisions up to the dumb driver.

A lot of people aren't comfortable with giving up control over their car. While I'm not one of them (the day I never have to drive again, I'll be thrilled!), allowing the driver to make the decisions when they want to may be a requirement of a commercially viable product.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 499

I was chatting with a state trooper after I had an accident (a tree fell across a road in a snowstorm, nobody hurt) and asked him how fast his car could go. He said it had a limiter to keep it under ~130 or so. I forget the exact number, but it was in the 130-140s and matched the speed rating of the tires. The take home for me was that I (still) have never owned a car that they couldn't catch.

Comment Re:This is why Verizon wants Yahoo (Score 1) 70

This is more insightful than you may realize.


From the link:
"Today marks the 15th anniversary of one such calamity when media giants AOL and Time Warner combined their businesses in what is usually described as the worst merger of all time."

I think you're right, though. This is very much like TimeWarner + AOL.

Comment Re:ungrandfathering? (Score 1) 456

Call it what you will, but they are increasing people's rates and trying to tell them they didn't because it technically happened two years ago...

Wait, they're doing what? This is what Netflix sent me:

When we raised prices for new Netflix members in 2014, we kept your price the same for two years. Your special pricing is now ending and as of 8/10/16 your new price will be $9.99 per month.

Looks like they're pretty plainly telling me they're increasing my rate. Which is fine. Sure, I'd rather any service I pay for be cheaper, but is Netflix still worth more than $9.99/month to me? Absolutely.

Comment Re:What was the kid doing? (Score 1) 255

Granted, the robot should have been designed to take little kid craziness into account, but I'm betting the direct cause of the incident was said craziness.

I'm sure that's true, but all that really does is highlight what SHOULD be part of the design spec of that robot. You're going to turn it loose in a mall. It has to avoid running over people, whether they're crazy kids or not, whether the parents are paying attention or not, etc. If you can't do that, don't turn it loose in a mall.

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

You don't. Even in the heart of SV, you can rent your own room for about $1000/month.

Or you can buy a decent house here for that. So am I surprised most software developers don't live in Silicon Valley? No. For the same reason I never moved there.

Aside from that, as mcmonkey quite correctly pointed out, most of everything is outside of Silicon Valley. Most of anything is outside of any given city.

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