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Comment Re:I doubt it's the vaccine (Score 1) 293

I read a quote somewhere that I thought was similar to your statement, that it is better (less likely to get a disease) to live in a community 95% are vaccinated and you are not, than to live in a community where you are vaccinated and 95% are not. It is called group immunity. Being vaccinated is not a guarantee that you won't get the disease, but when a large portion of the community is vaccinated, even those that are not vaccinated are less likely to get the disease.

Comment Re:Shame they can't do it for other religions (Score 4, Insightful) 890

I do attend a church regularly, and more than half of the people who attend regularly with me never contribute a cent. They are loved just the same as others who do contribute. The only person who knows how much is actually donated is the treasurer. I'm the council president and former treasurer, so I know of what I speak.

On the other hand, I have had friends that attend churches where the whole sermon is about giving money to the church. It was disheartening to them. However, just because it is this way in one, some, many or most, does not mean that it is universal. It is important to note that sacrifice is a part of most religions, in some way or another. The Christian New Testament has a parable about the widow and her two mites, and the rich man an his wealth. This is about sacrifice and not about volume. If you belief in something but are not willing to sacrifice for it, do you truly believe? Or are you there for some side benefit. You don't have to frame this solely in religion. Patriotism (whose concept was abused by our previous president), science, public safety and other noble pursuits are often characterized by sacrifice.

I my church there are many things required of us to be members. Only one of them has to do with money, and all of them have to do with helping humanity (note: not just those of my religion).

Comment Re:windows users are STILL more tolerant than ME (Score 1) 249

I work with Vista, develop software on it, and run in standard user mode (not administrator). I seldom get asked for elevation. The times that I do are when I am installing software, and changing a system setting. Other than that I never get prompts. My wife uses Vista also and she has never gotten a prompt.

I think the complaints about UAC revolve around the unfortunate set of users that think they are "administrators" or power users and run that way and then complain that every time they install the latest malware they get a prompt.

No amount of training will hinder these people. Why do we not see this as much in Linux? The bar to entry is much higher than Windows. This class of user base is smaller on Linux than on Windows.

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