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Comment Re:The usual Information Wants to be Free (Score 1) 278

Your argument is emotional, and I am not arguing the merits of DRM, so therefor I will not engage at the level..

No, it isn't. It's technical: DRM doesn't work, and can't work, and as such it's pointless.

In the digital age when content, even content obtained legitimately, can be distributed world wide on a mass basis within hours and in some cases minutes both against the content creator/owners wishes and in violations of the protections currently in place what recourse to content creators/owners have?

Absolutely none. And they'll never have one.

No matter how much DRM you wrap around a MP3, I'll always be possible to break it. Worst case, I can place a microphone next to my speakers. And once it's broken even once, it's trivial to create a non-DRMd file from that.

Think of any popular MP3 file or program. Look on file sharing networks. There's not a single that's not available, regardless of the amount of effort done by the author to prevent it.

Your argument that there are content creators that sell their content without any sort of digital rights management, implies that you believe that all content creators should do so. I submit that it is the choice of the content creator/owner to make that decision for themselves and as such it is your choice to purchase or not as both of you have that fundamental right.

In that case, you should know that I never buy DRMed content. It's a 100% guarantee I won't buy whatever you're selling.

I also submit that we, the DMR'd ( if you will ) are the original creators of DRM since those content creators were forced to attempt to control the distribution of their content when those of us with digital means undertook to distribute their content without their agreement, to the world en-mass. In this regard we are truly hoisted on our own petard.

I submit it's a pointless exercise. You can't make data not copyable any more than you can make water not wet. You may not like it, but the world doesn't adjust to your preferences just because you'd prefer it to work in some other way.

I think that if you don't like the situation, you should just give up, and earn money in some other way. You'll be happier that way; because no matter what protections you apply to your stuff, they're doomed to be broken if somebody cares enough to break them. And the stronger the protections you apply to your work, the more sales you'll lose to people who think they're too restrictive.

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