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Feed Engadget: In case you missed it: new MacBooks and MacBook Pros come stacked with Penryn CP (

Filed under: Laptops

If you weren't quite over the edge about your new purchase (and after the hum-drum boosts, you may not be), maybe this succulent yet blatant tidbit of info will knock you into the abyss: the new lineup of MacBooks and MacBook Pros do indeed contain Intel's fancy new Penryn CPUs. What does that mean? Longer battery life, less lap-searing heat, and you basically become a super-king if you buy one. Oh, did we mention success and riches beyond your wildest dreams? No... wait... those are for Steve Jobs.

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Feed Engadget: Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro get refreshed with faster CPUs, multi-touch (

Filed under: Laptops

digg_url = '';Aw snap. It finally, really happened... kind of. Apple has just dropped a nasty refresh on its MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, knocking the processor speeds up, and giving the Pros that tasty multi-touch the MacBook Air has been sporting. Still, they couldn't break off an even slightly new form-factor for us? Both lines appear to be sporting Intel's downsized new Penryn chips, which should make your lap and / or battery quite happy. Right now we're seeing updates to the GPU memory, an LED backlight (option!) for 17-inchers, as well as LEDs on all the rest of the Pros (sorry again MacBookers). New specs on the MBPs include a CPU boost to a base speed of 2.4GHz all the way up to 2.6GHz, that suspiciously new 3MB or 6MB L2 cache on the CPUs, added RAM to the graphics cards (up to 512MB for the higher-end 15-inch, and all 17-inch models), and of course the new trackpad. On the MacBook front, things look even more familiar, with only minor bumps to speed (2.1GHz up to 2.4GHz) and CPUs. Both new lines get hard drive increases, with the MBPs rocking 200GB or 250GB options, while the MBs range from 120GB all the way up to 250GB. Ports, weight, and size all appear to be just the same for both lines, undoubtedly to the chagrin of many readers.

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Submission + - AMD Releases 3D Programming Documentation (

Michael Larabel writes: "With the Free Open Source Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) starting today, where John Bridgman of AMD will be addressing the X.Org developers, AMD has this morning released their 3D programming documentation. This information covers not only the recent R500 series, but goes back in detail to the R300/400 series. This is another one of AMD's open source documentation offerings, which they had started doing at the X Developer Summit 2007 with releasing 900 pages of basic documentation. Phoronix has a detailed analysis of what is being offered with today's information as well as information on sample code being released soon. This information will allow open source 3D/OpenGL work to get underway with ATI's newer graphics cards."

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