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Comment Re:Clearly Global Slowing is a problem that must b (Score 1) 115

Didn't Superman spin the Earth backwards by flying around it opposite to the rotation? That seems like it would work to speed it up if he flew the other way. Just need to contact Clark.

I always thought that too, but apparently from reading articles about the movie more recently, they were trying to show him flying so fast that he went back in time (supposedly just going around the Earth so he didn't get lost).

So how did they explain away the Earth actually stopping, then reversing its rotation, which would have been more disastrous than the nuke detonating on the San Andreas Fault?

Comment Re: Change the law (Score 1) 1429

Except that you can win the EC by only winning eleven states:

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

The EC doesn't do much to protect smaller states because the large states with the most EC votes can overwhelm a collection of smaller states.

And what are the odds that no candidate is ever going to ignore the flyover states again after the amazing turnaround this election had in the final hours?

***Cue Hall of the Mountain King *** :D

Comment Re:Also Troubling (Score 1) 333

Or Girl Scouts in Girl Scout Cookies. This is some weapons grade bull shit deceptive advertising at its best!

The ingredients mention nothing of girl Scouts. The aloe bottles in question do indeed declare there is aloe in them.

Still, that was still a great gag in the Addams Family movie. Wednesday pulled off the punchline perfectly.

Comment Re:Also Troubling (Score 1) 333

In other related news, there is no evidence of babies in samples of Baby Oil, nor of motors in Motor Oil!

That is a really bad comparison. In the case of baby oil and motor oil, the ingredients listed on the bottles don't say there are babies or motors in the oil. The Aloe bottles actually did list Aloe as one of the top ingredients.

If you are going to try to make a comparison joke, at least have some factual basis for comparison.

Comment Actual Fake News Or Just Nonapproved? (Score 1) 403

In this study, what is their standard for determining which news is fake and which is real? Are they just referring to actual blatant fake news, or are they including all news from any sources that are not approved by the planet's owners (aka sources the likes of Soros, Rothchild, and other upper echelon entities can not control)?

Comment Re:Robin Williams has become a shape-shifter (Score 0) 60

Shelley Duvall claims Robin Williams has become a shape-shifter in troubling Dr. Phil interview

"After vanishing from the spotlight for more than a decade, Shelley Duvall is now looking for mental health help from Dr. Phil.

The "Shining" actress returns to the public eye in an interview with the talk show host in which she makes troubling claims."


I bet this is PTSD for the Popeye movie she co-starred with Robin in. A shame too. All the actors perfectly nailed their roles. Unfortunately, that was not enough to redeem a most horrific script and storyline.

Comment Re:Huh? AOL is still around? (Score 1) 60

Every time I see an old AOL floppy or CD donated to a thrift store, with the recipient's address still on it; I entertain an idea that was put forth on rec.games.video.classic years ago...

Buy the disc, then put it back in the donor's mailbox with a note that says, "We know you threw this away. We don't like it when you do that."

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