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Submission + - James Bond's Lotus Esprit "Submarine Car" sold in auction in London (

Saphati writes: This past Sunday, the James Bond Lotus Esprit "Submarine Car" sold for £550,000 (£616,000 after 12% buyers premium) at an auction in London. It sold for much less than than the estimate of £650,000 — £950,000.

The jewel of the auction was a 1955 Jaguar D-Type that sold for £4,000,000.

Submission + - Nissan introduces a smart watch (

Saphati writes: Nissan introduces a smart watch that is very cool. Even the packaging is cool. It interfaces with your car (new Nissans only I assume), your phone, your social network, and your body. If your heart rate is too high, it suggest you slow your pace.
Mashable and an article on it.

Submission + - New Small Claims Patten cour in UK (

Saphati writes: "The UK government introduced new rules on 1 October 2012, ..."which created a new procedure for dealing with low value claims in the Patents County Court (“PCC”). These are designed to deal with various intellectual property (“IP”) claims worth £5,000 or less."

That should make it harder to bully small patent holders in the UK. It also means that the patent courts will be freed up and able to hear bigger cases faster.

It seems the UK government is not totally useless."


Submission + - Apple just can't get it right (

Saphati writes: In addition to disappointing the world with an incremental update instead of an iPhone 5, Apple has managed to embarrass themselves with their 4S release.
For at least 30 minutes yesterday, the Apple website was completely offline giving only an error message.
Today I noticed that the intro video on their /iPhone page does not work properly in Google Chrome and even on Sarfari gives ugly results. Click on either the left or right arrow that appear in the bottle corners of the video when you hover there. Several frames of text overlap and the video stops.
For a company as polished as Apple, they should be embarrassed.

The Internet

Submission + - GoDaddy deactivate domains before they expire

Saphati writes: "I have discovered that GoDaddy cancels domains before the expiration dates.
I have a .be domain that was expiring on the 30th of August. They submitted the cancelation notice to Key System in Germany on the 26th. On the 27th it was deactivated.
This was 4 days BEFORE the expiration date.
If you have paid for a term then you are due that term. GoDaddy believes otherwise.

Digging further, I discovered that the domain was tagged as 'expired' on the 20th of July.
How can a service expire before the expiration date?

Because the domain is expired on the 20th of the previous month, it is possible for someone else to purchase that domain from auction before the end of term.

GoDaddy is using the .com expiration rules on .be domains. The 2 systems do not match.

Has anyone else experienced this or similar problem with GoDaddy?"

Submission + - The ISP Hostbasket in Belgium crashed today

Saphati writes: As odd as it may sound, and entire ISP crashed today. All their customer's servers lost power including their telephone system. Once the phones when back up and we contacted them, they said they lost power and their UPS was also down. I am eager to hear what caused all this. Don't all ISPs have generators to prevent this?

Submission + - Apple recommends you jailbreak your old iPhone?

Saphati writes: My brother bought the new iPhone 4G. He is giving his 3GS to me. Good for me! His contact is thru AT&T in California. My current contract is thru Vodafone. I figured that since he fulfilled his contract and bought a new phone, Apple should allow us to unlock the phone so I can use it with Vodafone. I called Apple iPhone support and the lady on the phone said they cannot unlock it and that I should jailbreak it so I an use it with my network. I though Apple's lawyers considered that illegal?
Does anyone know what the legality is of unlocking an iPhone after the contact is up? Is it possible? I think an unlocked phone would be better than a jail-broken phone.

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