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The Internet

Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance 65

An anonymous reader writes The debate over Internet governance for much of the past decade has often come down to a battle between ICANN and the United Nations. The reality has always been far more complicated. The U.S. still maintains contractual control over ICANN, while all governments exert considerable power within the ICANN model through the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). Now governments are looking for even more power, seeking a near-complete veto power of ICANN decisions.

Comment Nostalgia (Score 1) 299

Oh man. I was even planning to play through The Dig this weekend for fun and nostalgia sake. And now, this news about Lucasarts closing comes though... Looks like this weekend's gaming session will also be a memorial play-through as well.

Comment Lossy compression also makes recompression worse. (Score 1) 749

If I'm familiar with the song, then it typically takes a bitrate of 320Kbps or higher before I cannot hear a notable difference. However, the often-ignored problem with lossy file formats is what happens when you attempt to edit the audio you've licensed/purchased. For example, say you want to re-encode a lower bitrate version of a song for a mobile device, or maybe adjust the volume, or trim a song down in length for personal listening preferences. (I do this quite often, actually.) Trying to re-compress lossy source material again after editing just makes things sound far worse. This remains another reason I try to get lossless audio files whenever possible.

Comment Aftermarket rules (Score 1) 445

This is the exact reason why it's often worthwhile to skip the OEM in-dash system (if your car manufacturer is nice enough to treat it like an upgrade rather than a standard issue) and install an aftermarket audio system instead. No only do you typically get better audio quality and features from a 3rd party aftermarket system, but such systems typically are a lot easier to update. OEM in-dash receivers are often a few years behind all the aftermarket systems in terms of features, anyway.

Comment Status of datacenters affected (Score 5, Informative) 231

There's a detailed list of downed datacenters as well as a good discussion of status over at webhostingtalk: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1205042
Per the topic, the following locations are experiencing or have experienced outages:
  • 75 Broad Street
  • 33 Whitehall
  • nLayer at 882 3rd Ave
  • Voxel/Internap at 111 8th Avenue
  • XO, nLayer, Cogent, Verizon, Sidera Networks and AT&T at 882 3rd Ave
  • 121 Varick

Comment Re:Kudos (Score 2) 95

Kudos to the devs for persevering. Fuck all the zealot haters here.

Aye! Protoss, all the way!
But in all seriousness...as a C# developer, I've spent the morning despairing about Windows 8's seeming lack of .NET support. This news is a small, but welcome, glimmer of hope. Kudos to Xamarin for striving to give .NET the platform support and reach that Microsoft never gave.

Comment Is this new? (Score 1) 623

On the California Form 540, tax-payers are already required to report purchases from online retailers for which they (the taxpayer) has not already paid sales tax. The sales tax then gets collected on tax day instead of at the time of purchase. As a California resident, I'm very much against any additional taxes at this time (especially ones that seeming place an undue burden on flourishing business), but is this new law actually imposing any new tax that isn't collected already?

Comment Oh this is going to be popular... (Score 2) 283

I don't know anyone who regularly plugs a USB keyboard into their console for any reason. Likewise, "typing" out a long number of string of characters using a controller seems exceptionally cumbersome. Also, having a serial code remains yet another way Sony can tie a specific game license to a specific console. Really, I don't see any way this could be convenient nor benefit gamers.

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