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Journal SamTheButcher's Journal: In case you didn't feel like showing up... 11

Weird title, I know. But in case you don't burrow down in the FK results JE, I posted some other pics of me on my site. Complete with witty, smartass comments. I'll take 'em down soon, just wanted to let people see what I look like when I a)don't have facial hair b)aren't drunk c)have wet lips, apparently.

Whatever. And feel free to make fun of me here. :)

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In case you didn't feel like showing up...

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  • just wanted to let people see what I look like when I a)don't have facial hair b)aren't drunk c)have wet lips, apparently.

    But the /. masses want to be entertained with pictures of people drunk pissing in their pants []!!!

    Seriously though, you do look like Ray Romano with a touch of that guy from Friends, David Schwimmer or whatever.
  • i shall have to check your music out sometime.
    • Yes, you have to... It's really good. Have to like the genre of course, but I enjoyed it. It's somewhere on my iTunes and it's bound to popup if I tell it to play from all songs in the library.
      • Why, thanks, Jorg! :)

        And intermodal, like the page says, it's rock, so if your tastes skew toward the electronic or metal or something, well, you might find it's not *quite* what you're usually into, but if you like rock, it's pretty good, if I do say so myself.

        And you know, I just did. :)

  • ... didn't see it, when I'm drunk I usually lie as a little pile of trash somewhere in a corner. If you can still stand, you're not drunk! ;-)

    I like the pic with the pumpkins. :-)

    Someday, oh, someday, I'll make a new webpage with pics of me, my family and spirit00 (which has no excuse anymore to deny me putting up a pic of her). On the other hand: it's been 4 years that I have had plans to make a new page. Am I really that lazy? (Rethorical question, for those that don't pay attention)

    • I think I was drunk. I took them about a year ago, but from the looks of it, I think I was. But when I drink alone like that, I just get nice and *toasty*. Passed out drunk when there's nobody around is a little too far. Then again, at 6'2", 190lbs, I usually run out of beer first. :)

      I'll send you a pic of me family. My wife doesn't really want them out in the ether, and I suppose I don't either, sorta.

  • Not a wierd title at all, dewd (title sez it all).
    We did the live version of stigmata for a "battle o the bands" at my catholic highschool... it went over REAAAAAL well.

    Ya know, I was thinkin' you looked drunk, or just generally DROOLY in yr contest pic. Don't get me wrong, you looked good, just, drooly. Drooly good.
    • "I love you drooly, DROOLY dear..." like that old song. :) I mean, what else do you have to do when your wife and kids are gone for 3 weeks except grow a beard, get drunk and take pictures of yourself? (Ooo. That doesn't sound very "healthy", does it? ;)

      And to completely switch gears, I LOVED seeing "Twitch" in the iTunes store. If I ever get a coupla nickels to rub together, I may go get it. I haven't heard any of their new stuff for a few years. Have you? If so, is it any good?

      Stigmata at a catholic h

      • See sielwolf's journal []- I think he gave a lack-luster review of the new stuff- this was a WHILE back, so I don't know which JE.

        Speaking of trogdor- my wife nearly killed me last night for laughing while we were lifting weights- I laughed a little (I was thinking about StrongBad's action figure made out of a peanut and some pipe-cleaner) and that triggered TROGDOR!!! in her head (Which she has never seen, mind you, but knows she would hate) and that screwed up her concentration and she nearly hit herself in
  • 1. I think the goatee suited you. Grow it back man. Trust me, ladies love it.

    2. Angels fan, huh? Well, congratulations on their surprise Series win last year.

    I honestly can't say I see them repeating - heck, getting into the playoffs when you're in the same division as Seattle and Oakland is a big achievement - but I'm sure that won't make a difference to true Angels fans.

    I'm an Astros fan myself but I've got to admit to loving the Rally Monkey (figuratively, not literally).

    By the way, how do you feel a
    • 1. Well, as a married man, I don't have much to do with impressing the ladies. I mean, it's nice to be noticed, but I don't get noticed that often anymore. And I'm usually really dense about stuff like that. My wife has to tell me when someone was flirting with me or something, I just don't see it. I guess I figure, why would they be flirting with *me*?

      2. Yep. 32+ years. :) The house I first lived in was about 5 min. from the big A. I don't see them repeating either, but I didn't see them winning it last

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