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Journal SamTheButcher's Journal: [music] Police reunion at Grammys - confirmed! 15

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your TiVos....

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- The Police will reunite to open the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 11, The Recording Academy said on Tuesday, fueling speculation that the hit 1980s British band is planning a reunion tour.

The five-time Grammy-winning band, led by frontman Sting, with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, quietly split up within a couple of years of the 1983 "Synchronicity" album and was last seen playing together in 2003 to commemorate their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The band, known for such hits as "Roxanne," "Message in a Bottle" and "Every Breath You Take," has never performed at the annual telecast for the music industry's most prestigious awards that are given by The Recording Academy.

"The Police join a stellar list of past Grammy Awards opening acts, which includes reunions and once-in-a-lifetime performances," said a statement from the academy.

Members of The Police have so far refused to confirm rumors that the band is planning to reunite in 2007 for dates in Britain and the United States, with this year marking the 30th anniversary of the release of "Roxanne."

Last month the band's label A&M Records, which is owned by Universal Music, said in a statement that they would mark the year somehow.

"It is our intention to mark the anniversary by doing something special with the band's catalog of songs. Needless to say, everyone is hopeful the band will support our plans and while early discussions have taken place, nothing has been decided," said the statement.

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[music] Police reunion at Grammys - confirmed!

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  • Several years back I ended up at a karaoke party with a group of friends. It was quite fun but otherwise unmemorable except for the video which accompanied Every Breath You Take on the karoke laserdisc. It was a total 80s stalker video. There was this guy jogging around this woman just followed him everywhere. Never speaking to him, just following him through his life. Twas funny and disturbing all at the same time;-)
    • I've always found it funny that so many women think that song is romantic.
      It's about a stalker, and the lyrics are pretty creepy if you really pay attention... "Oh, cant you see You belong to me"... talk about obsessive.
      • This song from the album that also delivered "Murder By Numbers" and "Mother". And "Synchronicity II". And "Tea in the Sahara" and "King of Pain".

        Not the most...uplifiting of albums, no. :)
        • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
          heh--regardless, or maybe because of that, it's my favorite police album to this day. when i was a kid i hated "mother", but now i think it's so funny!

          i think it's so cohesive and just marvelous. sync ii is one of my favorite songs of all time.
          • See,I'm more of a Ghost in the Machine type guy. All dark and brooding.... Cause I'm all smart and I wear black a lot. ;)
      • Sting has even said so - that the song is about surveillance. ;-) I heard him myself, say so on an interview on KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles in the Mid-80s.
        • ...on KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles in the Mid-80s.

          Ugh, all I remember them playing was Depresse Mode, when I was forced to listen to them at work. I liked KMET, and sometimes KNAC.
          • KMET!!!! 94.7 was the bomb! Until those fascist bastards killed it. I used to really enjoy KLSX too. What I miss the most about KMET, is no more 4 hour Doctor Demento show. :-( I remember calling and talking to Al Yankovic and requesting one of his songs - he thanked me for it! :-) This was in like 1977, and I was all of about 7 years old. :-)

            KROQ DID play a lot of good music - I liked Depeche Mode, amongst other things. Oingo Boingo for example.
      • Yeah, Sting and I were laughing about that at tea the other day in fact. He said it was inspired by a woman that used to follow HIM around.
  • Looks like Spinal Tap may be coming out with a new album [].
  • I've been browsing subject lines of your journal entries for a while and I kept thinking, oh he must be an ex-police officer and they're planning some kind of reunion, how nice.

    Until this entry, then I got it.

    • Heh.... I'd never be a police officer, and if I had been, I don't think I'd be all that excited to see them again.

      I figured something like that might happen, which is why I gave this one the music designation.

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