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Journal SamTheButcher's Journal: Thank you. 52

(H)elix1 (231155) - For helping me with my job search
Abm0raz (668337) - For showing me how difficult life could be, and the power of mind over matter - if you don't mind, it don't matter
adzoox (615327) - For the power supply, and your devotion to the Mac community
Alioth (221270) - For being a thinker and helping me to think sometimes.
allism (457899) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
andr0meda (167375) - For your poetry
AntiFreeze (31247) - For being a totally different sort of person than I am.
arb (452787) - For your perseverance. Don't give up.
aridhol (112307) - For chronicling your life on the other side of divorce.
Artifex (18308) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
artifex2004 (766107) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
asv108 (141455) - For your cynicism.
baby_head_rush (131448) - For the playlists. My god! The music!!
baldass_newbie (136609) - For your opinions.
BandwidthHog (257320) - For being awake.
berniecase (20853) - For your love of Japan.
bethanie (675210) - For recommending the movie. Really good stuff. It's part of where this JE came from, and where my job search is going. But it goes beyond the job. Thanks.
bfg9000 (726447) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
blazin (119416) - For your positive outlook.
blinder (153117) - For the music, the kindness, the sharing of the spelunking into your soul. For the creation. Thanks, Dave.
bluefairee (716814) - For sharing your life and pain and joy with us. What little most of us saw. "woke up to the grey /today /and anymore I want the sky to be/ blue"
bofh31337 (521771) - For who you were and who you're becoming.
Boomhauer (1436) - For the weakness, which can turn to strength.
bryanthompson (627923) - For the duality.
btlzu2 (99039) - For just about everything. For the searching, for the effervescence. For the sharing. For the kindness, like a child, but from a position of experience. For you.
bubblegoose (473320) - For the reaching out.
buffer-overflowed (588867) - For the knowledge.
BWJones (18351) - For the wisdom and experience.
capoccia (312092) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
ceejayoz (567949) - For the strength in belief.
ces (119879) - For the love of cooking.
Cliff (4114) - For the voice of reason.
Current Shunts (818264) - For the random chats.
curtisk (191737) - For the feedback and description of how to say your name.
Cy Guy (56083) - For coming out for the meetup at Legal, and the information.
Cyberdyne (104305) - For the point of view.
cyranoVR (518628) - For the shout-downs and insights, not only to politics and law, but to you.
dacetone (177878) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
daoine (123140) - For, what, disappearing? Come back! For being fun. :)
Dave2 Wickham (600202) - For the thoughts of what your name means.
DaytonCIM (100144) - For sharing your joy in becoming a father, and your anger at the intolerance.
dead sun (104217) - For your encouragement and advice during my job search, and the tip on the new car.
Deamos (108051) - For the interesting journals.
Degrees (220395) - For sharing about your father.
dexterpexter (733748) - For (censored by the government)
dmorin (25609) - - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
dominator2010 (735220) - For the gmail, coming clean, and your innocence. For putting your thoughts down for us to read and learn from.
dragoncortez (603226) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
dthable (163749) - For the bike rides. I mean, yours. I've not been on a bike in years. Where'd you go to, man?
dubiousdave (618128) - For your kindness and sincerity, and for sharing. And for rubbing it in *constantly* that you live in Austin.
einstein (10761) - For the thoughts.
ellem (147712) - For siring a wonderful kid like Danny. May he take mercy on me when he rules the world.
elmegil (12001) - For encouraging thought and thinking.
Elwood P Dowd (16933) - For the interesting comments. And for posting pictures of your life so that I might make up strange and wonderful stories about who you and they are, and what kind of life you lead.
Em Emalb (452530) - For being a really good friend and not giving a shit.
Ethelred Unraed (32954) - For your wacko sense of humour.
EvilLiberalGuy (739004) - For being evil *and* liberal.
FidelCatsro (861135) - For the interesting comments and journals.
flakaddict (672144) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Foochar (129133) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
FortKnox (169099) - For your help and encouragement with my job search, and for your willingness to live your life openly for us to see.
freejung (624389) - For so many things. Your guidance, your soul, your random e-mails of money. ;)
GeckoFood (585211) - For telling me about bread, even though I can't eat it.
geekwench (644364) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Genom (3868) - For what, I can't remember. Probably some comment about Macs.
geoswan (316494) - For digging into subjects that most people still don't touch.
glh (14273) - For the updates on your house and your life.
gmhowell (26755) - For the pics of a scary guy out in the snow. Is that a woodchipper behind you? For the kind soul that lives beneath the gruff exterior.
GMontag (42283) - For the stories about the gay bar. Juicy!
grub (11606) - For the words.
handsomepete (561396) - For sharing your affliction with me, and being only one state over.
HBI's_girl (747955) - For taming, for however long that you did, what's unfortunately a very tortured soul.
heliocentric (74613) - For the trains.
Hi_2k (567317) - For the occasional comment
HokieSeas (560745) - For dropping in on us.
i chose quality (413813) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Iamthefallen (523816) - For showing us what it's like to struggle in America. And then win.
insanecarbonbasedlif (623558) - For meeing me in California. Could I have met a nicer guy? I doubt it.
intermodal (534361) - For being with us for a while.
Interrobang (245315) - For giving us the *real* dirt on what leons is like. And for sharing your job tribulations.
jawtheshark (198669) - For reaching out to an American. You didn't have to do that, but I'm glad you did. And for pulling yourself out of your doldrums and depression. I'm happy you're happy now.
jeepliberty (624159) - For the pictures and stories.
jeffy124 (453342) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Jellybob (597204) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Jeremiah Cornelius (137) - For being another Mac-head and the interesting comments.
JobCenter (709047) - For at least trying. :)
John Harrison (223649) - For saying something.
johndiii (229824) - For sharing your divorce with us, and your wisdom and knowledge.
JohnnyFusionGun (767675) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Jorj X. McKie (323674) - For being Luke to johndiii's Vader.
js7a (579872) - For your unflinching attacks.
JVert (578547) - For being named partially after a skateboard ramp. ;)
JWSmythe (446288) - For helping me last year and showing me that being a linux geek doesn't necessarily mean you have a boring job.
Keith Russell (4440) - For the hockey updates. ;)
KingAdrock (115014) - For being so damn sexy, and saying so ;)
KMAPSRULE (639889) - For the short JE's.
kormoc (122955) - For sharing of yourself, and helping me with my programming at times, and for being one hell of a smart dude.
KshGoddess (454304) - For stopping by my work the other day, for having such a cute doggy, for being so incredibly smart and having so many varied interests.
kspencerk (814883) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
lab16 (416283) - For having the cutest chihuahua around.
LadyGuardian (568469) - For kicking up such a fuss.
lemmingEffect (165) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Liora (565268) - For the Jesus JE's
List of FAILURES (769395) - For not FAILING IT.
llamalicious (448215) - For the desktop pics.
LordBodak (561365) - For showing up.
loucura! (247834) - For the exclamation point.
LPetrazickis (557952) - For your measured insanity, which always manifests as either sexual frustration or random notes. Either way, you're hott.
M.C. Hampster (541262) - For voicing your dissent so beautifully.
m0smithslash (641068) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
MacBrave (247640) - For your handle.
maggotbrain_777 (450700) - For being named after a P-Funk record.
MagnetarJones (447059) - For a name that makes me think of Magneto
Mantorp (142371) - For the interesting JE's.
MarkusQ (450076) - For the information
Marxist Hacker 42 (638312) - For your many and varied viewpoints.
Maserati (8679) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
mcc (14761) - For pointing me to the music of the Mathletes.
mekkab (133181) - For being one dope-ass freaked out *****. And coming down to Legal to reprazent, even tho you were ass-late, Jonesy.
memfree (227515) - For talking about it.
mfh (56) - For saying what you will.
Mmm coffee (679570) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Monkelectric (546685) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
MonTemplar (174120) - For the images and encouragement.
Morosoph (693565) - For the lucidity.
MousePotato (124958) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
MyHair (589485) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
N473 (183700) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
NeMon'ess (160583) - For the inquisitive JE's.
Nidhogg (161640) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
nizo (81281) - For chiming in now and again.
Oculus Habent (562837) - For that amazing long red hair, for living in Maine, for the beautiful pictures and wonderful imagery in writing. For having a cool name.
OldHawk777 (19923) - For your oldness and point of view.
orange_6 (320700) - For the encouragement.
Organized Konfusion (700770) - For teaching me the meaning of a solid password.
orthogonal (588627) - For sounding like a math geek.
Otter (3800) - For making me think of Animal House every time I read your name.
Patik (584959) - For getting in on the tourney action last year.
peacefinder (469349) - For asking random questions out of nowhere.
Penguin Follower (576525) - For showing up and being around.
perfessor multigeek (592291) - For very, VERY interesting journaling.
Phroggy (441) - For showing up now and again.
Pii (1955) - For your insights.
Pirogoeth (662083) - For the sanity.
Planesdragon (210349) - For commenting on things I wouldn't normally talk about.
pnutjam (523990) - For one hilarious handle.
Quantum Jim (610382) - For, most of the time, being far and away above my head.
queenofthe1ring (768698) - For sharing your successes and pains and joys and sorrows. For expressing yourself without a knife. For being vulnerable and strong.
Ra5pu7in (603513) - For being fun.
rdewald (229443) - For the gift. No, make that gift*s*. It's hard to feel like you love someone you've never met, but that's the feeling I get when I think of you.
Real World Stuff (561780) - For continuing to post in the face of such awful karma.
red5 (51324) - For the Coachella pics and stories.
redhead-kitten (775093) - For the stories.
RevMike (632002) - For speaking candidly.
rm007 (616365) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
robi2106 (464558) - For sharing what's going on in your little corner of America
ryanr (30917) - For liking my writing and supporting me at various times with various struggles.
Safety Cap (253500) - For being outspoken.
Saige (53303) - For chronicling life at your workplace, and for being out and proud.
Saint Aardvark (159009) - For being so fucking far above my head I gotta stand on a stool to reach the bottom of what I know about what you're talking about. I'm reading, but not understanding much. For now. :)
SarahAnnAlien (690359) - For learning how to drive and sharing your otherworldliness with us.
sbuckhopper (12316) - For talking.
sebi (152185) - For loving the Cubs.
setzman (541053) - For saying so.
shadowspark (634482) - For plaing D][ with me.
Short Circuit (52384) - For sharing your life with us.
sielwolf (246764) - For allowing us to see what the inside of a mind like that is like. Good lord, you're an amazing person.
SiliconJesus (1407) - For covering the digital and the spiritual. ;)
siliconvortex (235693) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
sillypixie (696077) - For sharing your joy of what you do, and your joy of life.
SlashChick (544252) - For offering to help and for sharing your expertise with a relative (perpetual) newbie.
Sloppy (14984) - For chiming in with a thought or two now and again.
slothdog (3329) - For sharing your joy in family and music, and for sharing the hardest loss anyone on earth should ever know.
smitty_one_each (243267) - For bringing something new to the table.
SolemnDragon (593956) - For sharing your lightness of spirit and courage to strive and still love life and what is in store.
Some Woman (250267) - For loving Macs and being a chem geek and nutty as all hell.
sparky4 (695739) - For sharing with us.
spoonyfork (23307) - For talking.
spumoni_fettuccini (668603) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
squiggleslash (241428) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
srwalter (39999) - For what, I can't remember, but I'll think of something.
St. Arbirix (218306) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Stargoat (658863) - For your insightful JEs as to what's goin on on the other side of the earth.
stoolpigeon (454276) - For bringing it up.
subgeek (263292) - For being such a kind soul. You're far too self-deprecating, but I understand that's how you have to be.
Talinom (243100) - For being a caring person.
TechnoLust (528463) - For starting to return from the dark side, and for sending me the DVDs.
Tet (2721) - For being an enigma who chronicles his life.
The Bungi (221687) - For doing what you do.
TheConfusedOne (442158) - For being an interesting read.
thelasttemptation (703311) - For opening up and not shutting down.
the_mad_poster (640772) - For laying it all out there for everyone to see. And for helping me realise what a pig I've been.
Tomble (579119) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
tomhudson (43916) - For being kind and understanding when I was freaking out about giving you my address.
TPFH (92944) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
tres (151637) - For making it happen, day after day.
Triumph The Insult C (586706) - For too-long handles. ;)
trmj (579410) - For being around.
Trolling4Dollars (627073) - For speaking up and out.
trs9000 (73898) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
turg (19864) - For suggesting the book, even though I wasn't ready to listen.
tuxette (731067) - For rants and recipes from another half a world away.
Twirlip of the Mists (615030) - For being mysterious and a Mac-lover and making me think.
whiteranger99x (235024) - For showing up now and then.
WIAKywbfatw (307557) - For the book, the knowledge, the insight, encouragement and for sharing a love of baseball.
windows (452268) - For what, I'm not sure right now. :)
Xerithane (13482) - For showing up, being you, and cutting out.
XopherMV (575514) - For writing things
yuri benjamin (222127) - For chiming in from a hemisphere away.
zedmelon (583487) - For being so far, and yet so close.
Zeriel (670422) - For saying what you mean.
Zirnike (640152) - For meaning what you say.
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Thank you.

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  • I am in tears, sam. Tears! Thank-you for that, man. Everyone in the room is cracking up over that one. :)
  • And WOW. That *really* took some time, thought, and effort!!

    Very nicely done.

  • Well i think i better make this comment intresting ;)

    Its 9:30 on a sunday morning and im currently encumberd with a slight hangover.
    To top things off , i have ran out of cigaretts and food , my wife is out down at the in-laws(with the car , not that i can drive anyway) , the cats are off back to sleep and the nearest open shop is about 10km away plus its raining heavily.. and you know what the odest thing is..
    Im in a really good mood.
    Im chalking it up to still having a sizeable preportion of krauter liq
  • now I feel like I have to ge become somebody! :)

    you da man Sam.
  • That is one heck of a list. That's some dedication. And that's what I would have to say is something that I would mention about you. Your crazy, cooky, wild sense of dedication and caring.

    Great guy you are Sam. We'll have to talk soon. And I'll have to stop talking like I'm yoda or something. I don't even like star wars, or rambling, and I'm doing both. Three cheers for us all. Hip hip, hips are a nice thing.
    • This one [imdb.com]. I'm not going off the rails as a result of watching it, but it's a movie that makes you think. Kinda new-agey at parts, and not really linear, but...well, now that I think of it, that's part of the point. :)
      • I received a post card advertisement for that movie, remembered Rdwald & Bethanie posting about it , and clipped the card to my fridge for next payday. You, Sam , probably clinched the deal for me buying that movie by taking the time out to do that long and heartfelt post.
  • ... for being Sam :-) We all love ya. Have a nice Sunday.
  • and you posted at 1:50 a.m. Wow. A lot of thought and time went into this post, thank you.
  • What a lot of work that must've been! Thank you so much Sam. :) You forgot yourself!

    SamTheButcher: For what, I'm not sure right now! :)

    Oh, I'm just kidding!!! :)

    My entry would be:

    SamTheButcher: For being a warm, smart, kind, funny soul who has the best way of accepting and tolerating people. For being someone I respect a whole lot.
  • And thank you for contributing to everyone's favourite topic.
  • The food around here sucks. But I'm here for the people and the atmosphere.
  • Thanks Sam! You truly have made Slashdot a better place and brought a number of people together that would not otherwise have gotten to know one another.


  • For being a good dad, for reminding us WHY to be optimistic, for reminding us to take it easy even when things get weird, and for being a good dad (you get double credit on this one, after all, you have two children.)
  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Thanks for the thanks, it's nice to see the post w/ all the kind words! What a great community we have here... I don't know what I'd do without the JE circle :)
    • ;) i know what i would do ... Get more work done hehe.
      Not that i am complaining i love a good excuse to relax and chill.
      Being the boss has its advantages (like my twice hourly breaks :P, and being allowed pointy hair , Complaining when people dont obey the internet guidlines whilst myself browsing my email and slashdot..mewhahahah you know we do it)

      Seriously though , more thanks forth comming , it really did put my hungover stricken day on a really good note i have been cheery all day.
      (that and the find of
  • And thank you for being, well, you!

    you rock and I'm glad I was able to get to know you :)

    Thank you very much.
  • for remembering me even though i'm not around much anymore. actually, just thanks for remembering me under any circumstances.

    i have infinite respect for you. you're one of the good ones.
    • So...how's the 3D life going, or are you finding ways to avoid that? ;)

      And thanks for the respect/good one comment. I try to be.

      Well, no, I don't really try. I just am.

      • i'm actually working on the 3d every day. takes me forever to get things done, but i'm gaining speed and skill the more i practice. it actually feels really good to be getting somewhere with what i'm doing, even if i seem to be moving is slow motion.
  • ...although it did not occur to me that you couldn't eat bread (I've seen your M,MH&I entries and I never made a connection).

    And while we're at it, thank you for your impeccable timing. Your JEs usually show up right about the time I need a tension breaker, and they're almost always 180 out from my train of thought at the time.

  • wow, just wow...that had to have taken some time, not to mention dedication! Mad props to ya! I was certain that I wasn't going to be on the list, but there I was!

    Thank you! and you're welcome! :D
  • I am not worthy. But thank you. And thanks for the journal...interesting posts about shit, who'd'a thunk it? :-)
  • Somehow, that seemed more reading than an article twice the length. And I forgot who did what!

    Thanks for your complement, though! I don't think that I'd have the stamina to do such a list myself (I find emotional thinking very tiring).

    You're a good man, Sam.

  • by Mantorp ( 142371 )

    I have a hard time keeping that many people apart.

  • For being so damn sexy!
  • Thanks for the thoughts and the list. It's enough to make you step back and think about things, like how large of a web of people we're in on the dot.

    Of course, you're welcome for whatever I've given and if there's anything you need just ask away up here. I'd be happy to help in whatever capacity I can. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • That was very kind.
  • You're welcome.

    Feels good to hear that from unexpected directions. Brings a new freshness to the phrase.

    As a tutor, I'm always hearing thank-yous from people, but it's gotten stale. A lot of them only say it out of habit and out of being polite. The few times people mean it tend to stick with me for a little while, but it's still just part of the job.

    Truly memorable thank-yous are fairly rare, but are real morale-boosters. Three of my regulars graduated this semester, and they expressed to me how muc
  • arb (452787) - For your perseverance. Don't give up.

    I done guv up. No more JEs, just the odd, random comment here and there when I can be bothered...
    • I meant in life, not here.

      Keep striving.

      Oh yeah, and I watched some footy the other night on the telly. I forget who now...started with a G, one of 'em did. Wasn't our beloved Pies, though. :)

      • I meant in life, not here.

        Just about done gived up there too...

        Oh yeah, and I watched some footy the other night on the telly. I forget who now...started with a G, one of 'em did. Wasn't our beloved Pies, though. :)

        G would have to be Geelong. Blue and white horizontal stripes on their jumper? If it was a recent match, might have been Geelong vs Carlton (our sworn enemy - navy blue jumper) or maybe St Kilda (red, white and black vert stripes). What did you think of the game btw? You gotta get your ass
        • Geelong was one. The other team had two words in it's name, I think, like St. Louis or Fort something. Maybe. :) Oh, I just read your reply closer, might've been St. Kilda. I need to set up the TiVo to record some matches. When I say it was on at night, it was probably early morning and I don't remember that much of the game, I just remember being excited that it was on. It reminded me of being a kid, because Aussie Rules used to be on the fledgling ESPN sports network all the time back in the 80's.

          And if

  • Life is much better when you just don't care what people think. :)

    Besides, I figure if the simplest thing people have to worry about is what I'm doing then their life is ok.

    Hope your life is ok, Sam.

  • That's awesome man. And hey, I couldn't let a friend (not to mentions your girls, won't someone think of the children) go without the Star Wars DVDs. This is a civilized country, man! :-)
  • Yup. Wow, man. Excellent list. Thank you for being a force to keep the sane ones in check and reminding us of what's really important...

    Oh and the LA Angels of Riverside, San Diego, and Mexico City by way of Anaheim are 1 1/2 game sin first place. ;)
  • Thanks for that. Coincidently, I am, once again, rocking to cobalter.
  • ...thank myself for being so wonderful.

    Oh, all right, thank you too, you big lug.



  • What a wonderful list. You've given me several new journals to check out and, quite likely, add to my friends list.
  • by Degrees ( 220395 )
    Great idea, fine work, sublime results.


    Just wow.

    • Updated above. I was in Hawai'i last summer with my father when I read about yours. I was touched.


      • I'm glad to hear my experience was beneficial to at least one member of the zoo. :-)

        That's what we write for, isn't it?

        And this idea of yours, was great. Really helps a person to think about the bigger picture, and relationships.

        Thank you.

  • Aww, shucks! :)

  • danke backatcha. I'm just way slow catching up this week...

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