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Comment Re:I've always been partial (Score 1) 7

Probably also helps that I'm a freak for good choral music. Hell, for me, some xmas tunes just don't work unless they're sung by a choir.

I bought a bunch of tracks a few years ago because I realised that while I had a lot of Christmas "songs", I didn't have a lot of good choral arrangements. I went onto the iTMS and purchased "A Classic Christmas: Songs of Praise" and some songs from the Choir of King's College. The levels are lower than what I'm used to, but they're great songs.

Comment Re:Good discussion (Score 1) 42

Oh, I should also point out that I'm not trying to say that the buddha was right or wrong, or that my beliefs are right and others are wrong, or that you should "convert" to or consider buddhism.

I'm just a 38 year old dude who has come to these realisations for himself at this point in his life.

Oh yeah, and fuck the two-minute limit and slashdot.

Comment Good discussion (Score 1) 42

Hey icblf, I've been reading these and going through a little questioning period of my own.

I'm looking more into the teachings of the buddha, and most of the things I've heard (I've been listening to a lot of podcasts) seem to say that belief in God or gods isn't really the point, at least according to the buddha/buddhism. The point is living correctly in order to decrease suffering, which is outlined in the Eightfold Path. God/gods won't alleviate human suffering, which seems to be the cause/concern of praying to God/gods. If Job had been perfectly happy, would he have even thought about God? Probably not. But somehow, humans see the bad and the good and attribute it to God/gods. In the article linked above, the scientist asks questions like "What's the meaning of life?" and it seems that there must be an answer, and that answer, to him, is God.

Personally (which is all we can really do, I guess), I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter, but I really don't believe in big-G God. There might be an "energy", which some call God, but I don't. Some might say that I do believe, if I believe in a "cosmic energy", but I don't believe in the Abrahamic God, I guess. Not through any great questioning as you've done (and admirably, I'd add),'s just something that I've felt for a long time, but have always had that lingering ... fear of, I guess? But, knowing people who are adamantly atheist and seeing other views, I feel more comfortable in saying " That's not for me", but that's all it is.

Which is, I guess, why I find the teachings of the buddha so instructional for me. Is there? Isn't there? Doesn't matter. Live well to decrease suffering in yourself and others. There will be sad times, there will be happy times, but none of them depend, in my view, on God/gods. They just are, and how I react to them is how things will be. And that's all I can control.

Thanks for writing about your journey. - Podcast 24.

More to read and listen to and ponder. :)

Comment I've always been partial (Score 1) 7

to the Gene Autry stuff. It's definitely linked to my childhood, but they sound old-timey enough that it doesn't grate like the newer irony-infused stuff.

Better than Ezra's "Merry Christmas Eve" is at the top of my list of "new" Christmas songs, though.

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Journal Journal: Theology: Guilt and Forgiveness-I dare you to firestorm it! 23

There's no icon for religion and theology. This is mainly to continue a discussion from somebody else's journal that has gone on far longer than the original journal, and has drifted. It's also partially to clarify a meaning that I recently found out that I (gasp!) use different than the rest of America.
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Journal Journal: Slashdot Subscriber Plums...Or How Slashdot Is Going Web 2.0 6

Forever the Grand Daddy of online web bulliten boards, (Wholly owned by technology advertisement company VA),is moving from antiquated editorial processes, and moving toward upstat collaborative content processes. By implementing FireHose, allows for users to vote, or "digg", articles for promotion to publishing on the web site. Beta implementation of the kludge process introduces new coloring scheme, and more user input. clings to the orig

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