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Submission + - In Canada, fair copyright is radical extremism ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: At a recent industry conference on Canadian Intellectual Property, a disturbing video has been exposed capturing Canadian Heritage Minister, James Moore, advocating direct confrontation and attacks on anyone opposing the Canadian DMCA. He goes on to label those suggesting amendments to his proposed upcoming copyright legislation "radical extremists" who must be "defeated". It's really sad to see an elected member of government to be so one-sided on this issue, and apparently upset at the general public and consumer groups who have voiced overwhelming opposition to proscriptions against circumvention of digital locks, amongst other issues raised in the legislation.

Submission + - Windows Bugs Never Really Die (

CWmike writes: "Hackers can successfully attack Windows PCs months — even years — after Microsoft fixes a flaw, a security expert said today, because there's always a pool of unpatched systems. Qualys culled scans of more than 80 million machines and found that between 5% and 20% of all systems are never patched for any vulnerabilities, including those disclosed by Microsoft in its monthly security updates. 'It's difficult to say why they haven't been patched,' said Wolfgang Kandek, Qualys' CTO. Kandek presented his findings at the RSA security conference in San Francisco. 'It just baffles me. Some administrators are just doing their worst possible job patching.'"

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