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Mariposa Botmasters Sought Real Jobs After Arrest 92

An anonymous reader writes "Two of the three Spanish men arrested in February for their alleged role in operating the massive Mariposa botnet later sought jobs at the Spanish security firm that previously had helped get them arrested. From 'Corrons, a technical director and blogger for Spanish security firm Panda Security, said he received a visit from the hackers on the morning of March 22. The two men, known by the online nicknames "Netkairo" and "Ostiator," were arrested in February by Spanish police for their alleged role in running the "Mariposa" botnet, a malware distribution platform that spread malicious software to more than 12 million Internet addresses from 190 countries (mariposa is Spanish for "butterfly"). Now, here the two Mariposa curators were at Panda's headquarters in Bilbao, their resumes in hand, practically begging for a job, Corrons said.' The story concludes with a brief response from Netkairo, who acknowledges seeking the job at Panda because he is broke now that his moneymaking machine has been dismantled."

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