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Submission + - Canada's copyright debate turns ugly (

Saint Aardvark writes: As reported by the CBC, the debate in Canada over the new copyright bill hit a new low. Minister of Heritage James Moore decried opponents of the bill as "radical extremists", with a "babyish" approach to copyright. As Professor Michael Geist points out, these "radical extremists" include a laundry list of educators, politicians and business leaders. The minister initially denied making any such remarks...until video surfaced showing the speech. Said one critic, "He has morphed from a personable, PR-savvy techno-nerd minister to a young Richard Nixon [with an enemies list]". As if that wasn't enough, Cory Doctorow waded into the debate with an article outlining his objections as a Canadian author, and a debate over Twitter with the minister himself. The thinly-veiled attack on Geist may backfire, though: "voters may ask if the bill's proponents are engaging in character assassination rather than rational policy debate because the proponents' actual arguments aren't that convincing."

Submission + - James Moore's Attack on Fair Copyright (

Saint Aardvark writes: Professor Michael Geist writes about Canadian Minister of Heritage James Moore's recent speech. In it, Moore condemned critics of his proposed new copyright bill, saying "Make sure that those voices who try to find technical, non-sensical, fear-mongering reasons to oppose copyright reform are confronted every step of the way and they are defeated. When we do that this bill will pass and Canada will be better for it."

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