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Submission + - 65nm Athlons debut with lower power consumption

TheRaindog writes: "AMD has finally rolled out Athlon 64 X2 processors based on 65nm process technology, and The Tech Report has an interesting look at their energy usage and overclocking potential compares to current 90nm models. The new 65nm chips consume less power at idle and under load than their 90nm counterparts, and appear to have loads of headroom for overclocking. An Athlon 64 X2 5000+ that normally runs at 2.4GHz was taken all the way up to 2.9GHz with standard air cooling and only a marginal voltage boost, suggesting that we may see faster chips from AMD soon."

Submission + - Wiimote Strap Suit Continues

MeanderingMind writes: Despite Nintendo's strap replacement program the lawsuit continues. The replacement program doesn't address the damage already caused by Wiimotes in flight.

From the Article:

"...a rep at Green Welling told Next-Gen that the free replacement program doesn't mark the end of the class action.

He said that even though Nintendo has issued a thicker strap, "there is no indication of the effectiveness of new strap."

He also noted that Nintendo's strap replacement program doesn't address property damage caused by flying Wiimotes. Windows, plasma TVs and other expensive items have apparently fell victim to Wiimotes slipping from the hands of exuberant players."

Submission + - Georgia: Board Yields on Evolution Stickers

NewbieV writes: "Quoting a one-paragraph story from The New York Times:

"A suburban Atlanta school board that put stickers in its high school science books saying evolution was "a theory, not a fact" abandoned its legal battle after four years. The board, from Cobb County, agreed in federal court never to use a similar sticker or to undermine the teaching of evolution in science classes. The parents who sued agreed to drop all legal action.""

Submission + - MultiSwitch - First USB Sharing Hub

Iddo Genuth writes: "A new extension to USB that will enable sharing of various USB peripherals between computers will soon be available. The new MultiSwitch hub technology, developed by SMSC, allows the sharing of information and content from devices such as DVD players, cameras, printers, and scanners between laptops and desktops using a simple USB cable. Future hubs may also allow wireless sharing of peripherals."
Wireless Networking

Companies Betting on WiMAX 106

PreacherTom writes "This week, two companies — NextWave and Clearwire — filed to go public and make their fortunes with WiMAX, a wireless broadband technology expected to make serious inroads into the telecom market by offering a high-speed alternative to DSL, Cable, and other current offerings. Market researcher Gartner Dataquest expects the North American WiMAX services market to swell from 30,000 connections in 2006 to 21.2 million by 2011. Could this be the new backbone of the mobile effort?"

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