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Comment Re:really, i didn't make it up (Score 1) 232

Could it be that the lack of Banks books in a second hand bookstore has more to do with the fact that people don't often part with his books? Just a thought from an Aussie who's never had any trouble acquiring any of them (except Against a Dark Background, which always seems to be out of stock when I realise there's a friend who hasn't read it yet).
The Internet

Submission + - Internet to reach capacity by 2010 story overblown ( 1

Gustoman writes: The co-author of a report that received global media coverage claiming the Internet will reach capacity by 2010 says the study was blown way out of proportion. Headlines such as "Internet facing meltdown" and "Internet blackouts predicted by 2010" are way off course, said the report's co-author Johna Till Johnson, president and senior founding partner of Nermertes Research. According to her, all the study concluded is that a mismatch between demand and access capacity will be reached in three to five years that will have to be met by billions of dollars in spending by carriers. It estimates access providers will have to spend between US$42 billion and US$55 billion to close that gap, which could be 70 per cent more than they plan to invest. Otherwise, the next YouTube may be throttled because the Internet will be hard to access. Johnson goes on to explain the merits of the report, including the bandwidth consumption models used and interviews with vendors, enterprises, service providers and investment companies the research firm conducted to arrive at its findings. "We explicitly are not saying the Internet's going to break," she said.

Submission + - SCO Chair's Anti-Porn Act to be Signed Into Law

iptables -A FORWARD writes: "Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah reportedly plans to sign the ICPA (Internet Community Ports Act) into law. The ICPA proposes that online content be divided by port, rather like TVs have channels with adult and family content, so that certain internet ports will be "clean" and others will be "dirty." Thus, they hope to remove objectionable content from port 80 and require that it be moved elsewhere (port 666 was already taken by Doom, sorry), so that people could more easily block objectionable content, or have their ISPs block the ports with objectionable content for them. This law was originally suggested by the CP80 group, which is chaired by Ralph Yarro, who also chairs the SCO Group. That probably explains why they didn't choose to adopt RFC 3514, instead."

File Sharing — Harmful to Children and a Threat to National Security 342

jkrobin writes to mention that a recent report from the US Patent office calls peer-to-peer file sharing harmful to children and a threat to national security. "Interestingly, the report makes numerous references to RIAA and MPAA legal actions against file actions, as well as cites a 2005 Department of Homeland Security report that government workers had installed file-sharing programs that accessed classified information without their knowledge."

Submission + - GPS and Google Earth

s31523 writes: "We have all seen the in car navigation systems that provide real-time positioning and mapping with turn-by-turn navigation. After using Google Earth for some time now, I always thought it would be cool if I could use a GPS and get some sort of real-time mapping. I came across an article that describes how to link GPS with Google Earth. I wonder why Google hasn't already thought of this, maybe they have... But in the meantime, this works."

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