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Submission + - Why You Should Fear Russia's Robot Army (

turkeydance writes: These particular technologies pose a unique threat because they complicate the laws of war—which is one of the main reasons that the United Nations is considering banning autonomous weapons. “There’s a bigger worry with the legal and ethical challenges that merge when you have more and more autonomous systems, thinking how they might be used and abused,” Singer said, explaining that, just as drones protect pilots, robot soldiers protect real soldiers from being captured, which allows military powers both to protect human soldiers and to use robots in operations that they can keep secret or later deny. “To give a parallel, Russia recently did a trade of POWs with Ukraine. Russia had been saying, ‘We don’t have troops in Ukraine.’ But then they did a swap. That’s one of the appeals of unmanned systems. It’s why the U.S. uses drones over Pakistan.”

Submission + - SPAM: My own Linux from Scratch SystemD-free distro?

Saija writes: Hi all. I've been an ocasional poster and avid reader here on ./ from along time ago.
Right now I've been busy reading the Linux-from-Scratch docs and started wondering how would anyone, hope I get to that level soon, could create some distro from scratch without the debacle and arrogant I-know-better attitude of the SystemD camp.
Any ideas or steps you think necessary to accomplish this task?
PS: this systemD-free distro would be used for personal uses, I don't expect something massive or business oriented thing.
Thank you!

Submission + - World's Longest, Deepest Rail Tunnel Opens In Switzerland (

An anonymous reader writes: More than 2,200 years after the commander from the ancient North African civilization of Carthage led his army of elephants and troops over Europe's highest mountain chain, the Swiss have completed another gargantuan task: burrowing the world's longest railway tunnel under the Swiss Alps to improve European trade and travel. European dignitaries on Wednesday inaugurated the 35.4-mile Gotthard Railway Tunnel, a major engineering achievement deep under the Alps' snow-capped peaks. It took 17 years to build at a cost of 12.2 billion Swiss francs ($12 billion) — but workers kept to a key Swiss tradition and brought the massive project in on time and on budget. It also bores deeper than any other tunnel, running about 1.4 miles underground at its maximum depth. The thoroughfare aims to cut travel times, ease roadway traffic and reduce the air pollution spewed from trucks traveling between Europe's north and south. Set to open for commercial service in December, the two-way tunnel can handle up to 260 freight trains and 65 passenger trains per day.

Submission + - Panasonic to stop making LCD panels for TVs

AmiMoJo writes: Japanese electronics maker Panasonic says it will stop making LCD panels for televisions, giving way to fierce price competition. The pullout from TV LCD manufacturing follows the company's withdrawal from plasma TV production 3 years ago. They say they will continue to manufacture LCD panels at the plant for products other than televisions, such as medical equipment and cars. They say the company will keep making Panasonic-brand televisions, using panels supplied by other manufacturers. After Panasonic pulls out, Sharp and its Taiwanese parent firm Hon Hai will be the only producer in Japan.

Submission + - Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates (

Pikoro writes: Windows 10 has been with us for a little over eight months now, which means there are only about four months remaining to get a free upgrade from an older Windows operating system. As the clock counts down, Microsoft has begun to auto-schedule PCs to upgrade to Windows 10 with or without consent from end users.

Now, as we near the end of the free upgrade period, Microsoft’s malware-like upgrade system is becoming even more intrusive by autoscheduling upgrades to Windows 10. I noticed that the Windows 10 upgrade reminder pop-up on a Windows 7 PC was no longer asking me to upgrade; instead, it’s now informing me that it has already scheduled an update for May 17.

Submission + - When Websites Won't Take No for an Answer (

schwit1 writes: Harry Brignull, a user-experience consultant in Britain who helps websites and apps develop consumer-friendly features, has a professional bone to pick with sites that seem to maneuver people into signing up for services they might not actually want.

He even has a name for the exploitative techniques: “dark patterns.” To him, these are debased versions of the typical sign-up, sharing, shopping, checkout and download processes that are standard practice online.

“It’s a term for patterns that are manipulative, that you are doing on purpose to get one over on users,” Mr. Brignull said when I recently called him.

A few years ago, Mr. Brignull started a site called to call attention to the practices.

There’s the “sneak into basket” technique, where a retailer automatically adds products — like a magazine subscription or travel insurance — to consumers’ shopping carts and makes it hard for them to remove the unwanted items. There’s the “roach motel” or “walled-garden” technique, in which sites offer fast-and-easy sign-up processes but make it much more cumbersome for consumers to close accounts.

Submission + - Techies and homelessness

ajmcello78 writes: I recently read the story about Amazon and housing the homeless temporarily in one of their new facilities that is slated to open in the next year or two. I was surprised by some of the responses. Some techies have been homeless and know what it’s like, and the good news is, we can usually pull out of that rut. Once you’ve been homeless, you develop a soft spot for others who are now in that situation. While others have absolutely no idea and are ignorant to the situation and often turn a blind eye to the homeless. I’m both homeless and a tech (20 years of UNIX/network/database). So how does it happen? For me, it wasn’t drugs, alcohol, mental illness, or something along those lines (A common misconception is all homeless are mentally ill. WTF?). A war ensued between hungry family members and I over property and money. Simply put, I lost. I hadn’t worked in a few years due to a freak accident, there were no reserves or backup plan, so I headed out into the street with only the clothes on my back. 15 months later, not much has changed. People won’t hire you if they sense you’re homeless and destitute. I didn’t have the proper clothes or shoes, access to regular showers or haircuts; basic needs are not provided to all of us. To this day I live out of a bag, sleep where it’s inconspicuous, often illegal, wherever I can. It blows. After a while, you’ve essentially become trapped and there is no way out. You lose hope and wonder why God has abandoned you. So yeah, it’s a great thing what Amazon is doing (I’m from Seattle), but don’t go mistaking paradise for that home across the road.

Submission + - Microsoft Open-Sources Its JavaScript Engine Chakra

An anonymous reader writes: As promised, Microsoft has open-sourced the core components of Chakra, the company’s JavaScript engine used in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The project, dubbed ChakraCore, has been released under the MIT License on GitHub.

Submission + - What is the ideal developer's system?

mykepredko writes: After waiting through seemingly endless Chromium OS builds on a three year old system, I've decided to look at buying/building a couple of dedicated developer's systems; one for Windows (7 for now) and one for Linux. My basic requirements would be an 8 core Xeon with 4GB DDR4 per core minimum (ideally 8GB per core) with a least 512GB SSD. For I/O, I would want at least 6 USB ports, at least two DVI screen outputs and GB Ethernet with WiFi and Bluetooth. When I look for "powerful systems", I tend to find PCs designed for gamers and not software developers, who have large builds which take a long time in a basic/older system. What would you like to see in your dream development system? Are there any out there that you can recommend?

Comment The goddamned report (Score 1) 1

Here is the report[PDF]

Here is the list of the models:

  1. Xiaomi MI3
  2. Huawei G510
  3. Lenovo S860
  4. Alps A24
  5. Alps 809T
  6. Alps H9001
  7. Alps 2206
  8. Alps PrimuxZeta
  9. Alps N3
  10. Alps ZP100
  11. Alps 709
  12. Alps GQ2002
  13. Alps N9389
  14. Andorid P8 (WTF? Never heard of this brand !)
  15. ConCorde SmartPhone6500
  16. DJC touchtalk
  17. ITOUCH
  18. NoName S806i
  19. SESONN N9500
  20. SESONN P8
  21. Xido X1111

Comment Man, thank you for the reviews (Score 1) 18

Thank you for the reviews about SystemD. I don't know much about init systems, as long as they let me log in on my system that's much I need to know now(I'm myself lazy).

But something that worry me about SystemD it's his premature adoption by the major players on the distro game. Everyone one of them has just adopted making the lives of users like me a little complicated.

Just this past weekend I was tinkering trying to mount an Android development environment on some virtualBox virtual machine. I have to download 4 separate distros(Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuse, Debian) to make that damn environment. Everysingle one of them had issues installing and when I went to the konsole(with k as I'm a KDE user) there's no way I could see what was happening!

do you try to see the logs? systemctl with god knows what parameters. Wanna see the network config? go kill a goat and made a ritual...
As a somewhat power user(been using Linux since 99 with intervals of Windows, knows a couple of commands, mount things by hand, download and compile software, change configuration options, etc) I feeled like that was not Linux anymore.

I feel just like when I was learning to use the OS back on '99: A complete noob who doesn't knows the system, nor the commands to make the thing works.If this trend continues I'm gonna check some BSD or stick to some older distro.

Anyway, thank you for the effort and time you've dedicated to the SystemD reviews, I'm reading and trying to make sense of the things you write and I don't know.
Keep the good work brother!

Comment Pile of Suse Cds (Score 1) 136

On my first years of college I found this Linux thing on the computers of some lab there. I found it interesting and very different of that Windows 98 I've using on my house and on the other labs on the college.
I found a friend have the Suse cds, I think 9 of them and the Suse version was 6.1 wich came with a user manual printed on a book with a beautiful mathematical image on the cover(here it is the cover)
I took me endlesss rebootings and formatting to install it and made it usable
Ahhh! the joys of youthful !

Submission + - Massless Particle Discovery Could Radically Accelerate Electronics (

Zothecula writes: An exotic particle theorized more than 85 years ago has finally been discovered. Dubbed the "Weyl fermion", it is a strange but stable particle that has no mass, behaves as both matter and anti-matter inside a crystal, and is claimed to be able to create completely massless electrons. Scientists believe that this new particle may result in super-fast electronics and significant inroads into novel areas of quantum computing.

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