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Submission + - Book Exposes Election Rigging, Proves Fraud (

Gottesser writes: "Book Exposes Election Rigging, Proves Fraud ISBN 978-0-979-8722-3-5 A new book, "Witness to a Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election" not only proves fraud in Elections but shows the mechanisms that were used to perpetrate the fraud. The book, based on analysis of over 30,000 photographs of ballots, signature books, and poll books basically proves, once and for all, that over a dozen counties in Ohio in 2004 were rigged in advance and on election night. The evidence is absolutely damning. Follow up studies show rigging continuing in 2006. The importance of this work cannot be overstated. There is evidence of large scale election rigging in this country since 2000 and earlier. Obviously, understanding the problem is of importance in dealing with it. The author, Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, also provided material for fully one third of Bobby Kennedy's Rolling Stone article "Was The 2004 Election Stolen" ( ) and is the ONLY guy to actually look at the ballots, signature books and poll books in Ohio.

The book's website is located here: On the website there are sample chapters available. One of those chapters covers the Homeland Security lock down in Warren County Ohio, 2004 that was planned five days in advance along with, for the first time in print, a discussion of what the Board of Elections was doing to the ballots for three hours behind locked doors. Photographs of the actual ballots show, for the first time, the mechanisms by which rigging was carried out.

Another chapter "Shreds of Evidence" describes destruction of election records in 56 of 88 Ohio counties despite a court order to protect them."

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