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Submission + - Licensing problem silences Internet radio stations (

SEWilco writes: "Hundreds of Internet radio stations use for services have been affected by a shutdown triggered by SoundExchange claiming lack of payment of royalty fees. Apparently SoundExchange has a new president and this might be a factor in acting on several years of missing payments. In the meantime, SWCast radio stations suffer after paying to legally broadcast."

Playing the World From a Basement 145

Albanach writes "Singer songwriter Sandi Thom is one of a growing band of new musicians using the internet to circumvent the traditional and traditionally expensive tour circuit. Thom described her free online concerts as a Web Tour, saying 'A web tour is basically what you do when you have a lack of money and no car.' Services such as The Streaming Tank have grown to satisfy the need for broadcast services and the figures are impressive. Just 74 people watched Thom's first concert on February 24th. The concert on March 2nd drew 62,138 viewers."

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