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Submission + - Amazon Unable to get License for Linux Development 3

ritcereal writes: I recently asked Amazon's Kindle Feedback why they did not support Linux while supporting every other major Operating System. Here's the answer I got:
"At this time, the Linux OS is not supported for Kindle applications or Kindle content. The reason it is unavailable is because we haven't gotten the rights from Linux to do so, we have to work with them in order to get the program up and running, and so far they haven't allowed us to do so. We are always working hard to expand our reading options, and appreciate your feedback."
Apparently Amazon is incapable of obtaining the rights from Linux to make an application? I'm calling bullshit on this, what do you think?

Submission + - $500,000 Batmobile stolen by Swedish TV star ( 1

Xemu writes: Swedish TV star Bobo Krull was supposed to drive half a million dollars worth of Batmobile between New York and Los Angeles. Now the 550 horsepower Batmobile is missing. When asked, Mr Krull says it's "between two garages". The full scale replica was built over many years by Stockholm long-time Batman fan Leif Garvin. Use google translate to read the article.

Submission + - Google Loses Street View Suit , Forced to Pay $1

Translation Error writes: Two and a half years ago, the Borings sued Google for invading their privacy by driving onto their private driveway and taking pictures of their house to display on Google Street View. Now, the case has finally come to a close with the judge ruling in favor of the Borings and awarding them the princely sum of $1. While the judge found the Borings to be in the right, she awarded them only nominal damages, as the fact that they had already made images of their home available on a real estate site and didn't bother to seal the lawsuit to minimize publicity indicated the Borings neither valued their privacy nor had it affected in any great way by Google's actions.

Submission + - Cambridge Computer IDs World's Most Boring Day (

smitty777 writes: Scientists hard at work at Cambridge used a computer algorithm and nearly 300 million historical facts to identify the most boring day in history. The winner? On April 11, 1954, absolutely nothing happened. That is, unless you count the most boring day in the world happening.

Submission + - Guy Fined For Posting Links To Official Broadcast ( 1

hcs_$reboot writes: Over in Sweden, it appears that a guy has been fined for linking to an online broadcast of a hockey game. We've heard stories of people getting in trouble merely for linking to unauthorized content, but this story is even more ridiculous. The guy wasn't linking to unauthorized content. He was linking to an online video feed from the official broadcaster, Canal Plus.
The issue was that Canal Plus was apparently technically incompetent in how they set up the feeds, and never intended to make the feeds public.

The Internet

Submission + - Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself (

netbuzz writes: Everyone knows that IPv4 addresses are nearly gone and the ongoing move to IPv6 is inevitable if not exactly welcomed by all. If you’ve ever wondered why the IT world finds itself in this situation, Vint Cerf, known far and wide as the father of the Internet, wants you to know that it’s OK to blame him. He certainly does so himself. In fact, he does so time and time and time again.

Submission + - Comic Book Sales Soar After Engaging 4chan Pirates ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: After the artist behind the graphic novel Underground discovered that someone on 4chan had scanned and posted the entire comic, rather than complaining, Steve Lieber joined the conversation, chatting with the 4channers about the comic... and the next day he saw his sales jump to unheard of levels, much higher than he'd seen even when the comic book was reviewed on popular sites like Boing Boing.

Submission + - Child abuse verdict held back by MS Word glitch? (

An anonymous reader writes: Last week several defendants including one high-profile TV presenter were sentenced in Portugal to jail sentences in what has been known as the Casa Pia scandal. The judges delivered on Set3 a summary of the 2000 page verdict, which would be disclosed in full only 3 days later. The disclosure of the full verdict has been postponed from Set8 to an yet-to-be-announced date, allegedly because the full document was written in several MS Word files which, when merged together, retained "computer related annotations which should not be present in any legal document". Microsoft specialists were called in to help the judges sort out the "text formatting glitch", while the defendants and their lawyers eagerly waits to access the full text of the verdict.

Submission + - Brazilian Presidency Candidate victim of Windows (

An anonymous reader writes: The web site of the main candidate of the oposition in Brazilian elections, Jose Serra, is offline for several days. Journalists started to wonder if the problem was caused by hackers; but the explanation can be much simpler than that. The website was migrated from Linux/Apache to Windows/IIS on August 28th, and is offline since then. That's particularly ironic because Serra opposes a Government that officially supports Free/Open Source Software.

Submission + - LifeLock CEO A Victim of Identity Theft 13 Times (

CWmike writes: A CEO who publicly posted his Social Security number on billboards and in TV commercials as part of a campaign to promote his company's credit monitoring services was the victim of identity theft at least 13 times. The Phoenix New Times reported that Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock Inc. in Tempe, Ariz., was victimized numerous times by identity thieves who apparently used his Social Security number to commit various types of fraud. Davis previously admitted that he was the victim of identity theft once in 2007, when a man in Texas used his Social Security number to take out a $500 loan that ended up being handled by a collection agency. Davis told Computerworld via e-mail that there had been 'hundreds' of attempts to use his personal information in a fraudulent manner since 2005. All but 13 of those attempts were unsuccessful, Davis said. 'In each of these cases, our member services team performed the same service that it would for any LifeLock member,' Davis said, adding that he had never lost of money as a result of the identity theft. 'I was saved many of hours of invaluable time, and my credit report has been corrected,' Davis said. He said that some of the successful attempts were 'not true identity thefts' but rather involved 'false entries on my credit file to people with similar names but different addresses — clearly not me.' The other instances demonstrate precisely why LifeLock has recently launched an alert service that looks at credit bureau fraud alerts and other information to determine whether an individual's identity information is being improperly used, Davis said.

Submission + - US Air Force to suffer from PS3 update ( 1

tlhIngan writes: "The US Air Force, having purchased PS3s for supercomputing research is now the latest victim of Sony's Non-April-Fools Prank.

It turns out that while their PS3s don't need the firmware update, it will be impossible to replace PS3s that fail. As PS3s with the OtherOS feature are no longer produced since the Slim was introduced, replacements will have to come from the existing stock of used PS3s. However, as most gamers have probably updated their PS3s, that used stock is no longer suitable for the USAF's research. In addition, smaller educational clusters using PS3s also have the same fate — unable to replace machines that die in their clusters.

(Personal note: My PS3 does have the OtherOS feature — seeing as all my PS3 games are single player only, I don't need the Playstation Network. So USAF — I'm willing to trade...)"


Submission + - Phishing Education Test is blocked...for phishing (

An anonymous reader writes: From the Sunbelt Software Blog: It appears a website called, designed to "educate users about the dangers of phishing" has itself been flagged by Firefox as a reported web forgery. The site, which asks visitors to enter their credit card details to "see if they've been stolen" takes the hapless visitor to a page warning them about the perils of phishing, giving them advice on how to avoid similar scams and also provides a link to the Anti-Phishing Working Group's website. Or at least it did, until various browsers started blocking it. I've done a little bit of digging, and it looks like one of the creators is taking questions here. As the blog post notes, the project was likely doomed to failure both because of the domain name itself and also because it uses anonymous Whois data, which isn't exactly going to make security people look at it in a positive light. Does anyone out there think this was a good idea? Or will malicious individuals start playing copycat on a public now trained to think sites like this are just "harmless education"?

Submission + - Blagojevich Lawyers Fail at PDF Redaction (

An anonymous reader writes: According to the file properties, the filing was created by Blagojevich attorney Aaron Goldstein using Nitro PDF's free PrimoPDF creator.

Rich Miller, longtime freelance reporter and columnist on Illinois politics, reported this on his Capitol Fax Blog:

"" Rod Blagojevich's attorneys filed a motion today to subpoena President Obama to testify at the former governor's trial... The motion is here. ( ) Several parts are redacted, but you can easily copy and paste the entire motion into a text file and view all the redacted material. Oops on somebody's part. All of the most explosive allegations in the motion were redacted. ""


Submission + - C Langauge Inventor to take a test in C (

sridharo writes: Apparently, Ken Thomson the Co-Inventor of C & UNIX is not allowed to check-in code at Google as he hasn't taken the 'mandatory' language test. One more tale added to the tales at Google Interview Room (

Submission + - Obama Backtracks on NASA Capsule (

astroengine writes: "Scheduled to speak on Thursday at Kennedy Space Center, details are beginning to emerge about President Obama's bold plans for NASA's future. One development includes reviving the abandoned Constellation program's Orion capsule, keeping hopes alive that Orion will remain NASA's crewed vehicle to supercede the Space Shuttle."

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