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Submission + - NASA installs a commercial expandable module on the International Space Stat (

MarkWhittington writes: NASA announced that the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was successfully installed on the International Space Station. A Canadian-built robot arm extracted the BEAM from the back of the Dragon cargo ship currently docked at the ISS and then berthed it at the European build Tranquility module also known as Node 3. The BEAM will be expanded with air in May. For the following two years, astronauts will conduct tests to see if the expandable module can maintain its structural integrity over the long term and if it can shield against radiation and micrometeorites. After that time, the BEAM will be released and allowed to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere

Submission + - Gov't Researchers Develop Wireless Car Charges That Are Faster Than Plug-ins (

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Department of Energy has demonstrated a 20,000 watt (20KW) wireless car-charging system that offers three times the efficiency of today's plug-in systems for electric vehicles (EVs). The research is the first step in creating a 50KW wireless charging system that may someday allow roadways to charge vehicles while they are being driven. The DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee demonstrated the new system in partnership with Toyota, Cisco Systems, Evatran and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. ORNL said the 20KW charging system for passenger cars is the world's highest power wireless system. It was developed in less than three years using a "unique architecture that included an ORNL-built inverter, isolation transformer, vehicle-side electronics and coupling technologies."

Submission + - Raspberry Pi in iPod (

peterburkimsher writes: "The Original PiPod!
I thought that the Raspberry Pi was too bulky for my pockets. So I soldered some new connectors, and put it inside the shell of an original first-generation iPod!
Hopefully a Model C will be released so that the Pi can be compatible with iPod cases in future.


Submission + - Virginia Republicans propose taxing hybrids while eliminating gas tax (

mozumder writes: This one is odd. Republicans in Virginia are attempting to bring a surcharge tax on hybrid cars in a misguided attempt to raise transportation funds. Hybrids reduced gas usage cuts into the gasoline tax revenue per miles driven. But, at the same time, the Republicans are proposing eliminating the gas tax altogether, so that it only becomes a tax for having a hybrid.

Can any of our freedom-loving Republicans that make up the bulk of our Slashdot audience explain this one? If this is "freedom", let's make sure never to have "freedom" ever again.

Comment Re:If not China, why US? (Score 1) 445

you can't have security AND privacy. The government has always had the ability to spy on it's citizens and I'm sorry but the future is going to be a ZERO privacy world, there's no other way social structures can be protected without full disclosure. Besides, everyone knows that if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't care who sees what.

Comment Re:Too nerdy. (Score 2, Insightful) 185

Except his generalization has been more the exception for all the nerds I've ever met.

Nerds tend to go for things with more depth/complexity then the average bear and it's true

I've never seen such a thing on average being true. Almost all the nerds I've come across are into just as much banal shit as the next person. Sure there might be a few areas that they like that tend to be more complex, but it's outweighed by the other shit.

Comment Re:So Many Questions (Score 1) 303

Except in the universe of physical-dimensions, when a body is moving in one dimension with a constant velocity, that velocity is not affected by the body's movements or even accelerations in any other dimension (unless, of course, the environment changes such that it now impedes the first dimension's constant motion). A spaceship in frictionless space moving at a constant velocity forward along the Z-axis will continue moving along the Z-axis with the same velocity even if maneuvering rockets give the spaceship new velocity along the X or Y axis.

Even under your own hypothesis, time must be different than space since time is the only dimension that must lose "speed" when velocity is increased in a different dimension. Consider a spaceship moving at 50% the speed of light along the Z-axis. Adding substantial velocity along the X or Y axis would increase the spaceship's overall speed, and the time experienced by those withing the spaceship would be slower (in agreement with your "conservation of space-time" hypothesis), but there would be no change to the velocity along the Z-axis. Losing that velocity in the X or Y axes would result in restoring the speed of time (as experienced by the passengers) to its previous rate, but not affect the velocity along the Z-axis. Therefore the time "axis" has special properties not shared by the several space axes.

Comment Re:Silly patent holder (Score 1) 73

Everyone knows that if you're going to try to enforce your ridiculous patent, you don't file suit in your own jurisdiction or the defendants jurisdication. Real patent trolls file in the Eastern District of Texas. Had they done that, they would have gotten their settlement.

Exactly. File in E.D. of Texas, where nothing any tech company would care to touch is (a bunch of woods all within 3 hours of Houston, Dallas, or Shreveport, LA so no real reason for field offices/etc there). While Texas has lots of tech firms in the DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston metros (the major cities of the 3 other court districts), the ED is pretty much a no man's land. If they had to file in say the West District in Austin or the North District in Dallas, they'd be screwed as the pool of jurors won't go along with their silly ideas like they do in Lufkin (their court of choice) or Texarkana. From what I've been reading however, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has been smacking the hands of the ED judges a bit more on patent cases, especially on change of venue requests.

Comment Law Suit Wil Be Overturned (Score 1) 486

The Corps may very well have used poor judgment that led to the disaster in New Orleans. But the law suit will not stand. In essence the Corps of Engineers is an extension of government and the publics control of funding through taxes limits both the quality and number of projects that the Corps can undertake. After the decades of budget cutting, which were a part of numerous republican presidential platforms, the failure of a project here and there could be easily foreseen. In essence the people of the United States are suing themselves. Yet the people were the ones who wanted all of the tax relief that led to this type of catastrophe. Higher courts will dump this law suit and claim sovereignty as an excuse.
                    The nature of this problem persists in that current policies are to simply build levies that will stand up to class III storms in New Orleans. It is a fact that class IV and class V storms will certainly hit New Orleans. Massive death and destruction will occur due to this ongoing policy.

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