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Comment Re:Night Driver FTW (Score 1) 241

Pole Position & other 2-D car racing games... made it so much easier to pass and overtake other cars...

I'm watching my 3 year old boy play that with a 8-bit 2-D Lighning McQueen game (in an inflatable McQueen car he sits in, with a built-in steering wheel which is all kinds of awesome)... and I'm thinking he's going to take Driver's Ed before I give him the keys to my car...

That said, it's an interesting control perspective. I wouldn't mind having a chase camera as one of many views while actually driving.

Comment Re:Bad summary, refactoring not optimization (Score 1) 156

Hmm... this doesn't look at all appealing to me.

As far as I can tell, this only works if you can accurately recreate the exact circumstances for each run, because under normal usage it is quite possible that a refactoring that seems slower, is actually faster but has to process a larger workset. As a programmer I'd be pretty unhappy if my compiler decided to rebel and reverse my O(n^4) refactoring back to the O(n^y) version because I happened to have a smallish y in the first run (so it seemed like an O(n^3) algorithm). Now, for most programs it's not a big deal because you're just reading something from the database. But you better hope the database doesn't get a hiccup or your code may be re-refactored behind your back.

Basically, this looks like IBM's version of Clippy, for programmers.

Comment Re:Serious question : (Score 1) 468

The answer to your question RockDoctor depends on whether Sony actually makes money off of selling the consoles or only through the games. If they are "losing money" because the cost of the console is less than the resources required to produce it, then I can understand why this would be happening. In other words, as a business, Sony wants you to buying and using their console in such a way that would net them a profit.

It still does suck for those who do take advantage of OtherOS AND ALSO plays online using the same box. It's rather unfair Sony would do this.

Comment Re:Deckchairs? (Score 1) 619

The disease is overpopulation

No, the problems are overconsumption and overproduction of waste. Population, of course, is to an extent a driver of both of those, but the fact that consumption of resources and production of waste are higher per capita than they have been in the past is a factor, as well. Technology is a driver in that, in that the easiest, cheapest (in the short-run) way to realize improvements in quality of life from technology is to use it in ways which require consuming more resources and producing more waste.

and even if you do cut back energy usage, you can't economize fast enough to keep up with geometric population growth.

Population growth isn't geometric. In organisms which don't progressively develop technology (e.g., everything but humans) growth that is roughly logistic (fairly similar to geometric initially, but slowing when reaching a resource or other constraint) seems to be pretty common, human population growth seems to follow a descriptively similar trend, with some models suggesting logistic growth, and some suggesting that it grew at a more rapidly accelerating rate before nearing constraints, approximating hyperbolic growth through the 1970s, and gradually slowing thereafter.

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