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Submission + - Yale locked down on report of gunman (usatoday.com)

S810 writes: "Yale University ordered students and staff to "shelter in place" Monday following a report of a person with a gun on or near the Old Campus, according to the university's website

Submission + - Elon Musk hates 405 Freeway traffic, offers money to speed widening (latimes.com)

S810 writes: Elon Musk, one of the main people behind PayPal, Space Exploration Technologies and Tesla Motors, has paid $50,000 to help Los Angeles speed up construction of the 405 Freeway, making it better and says that he will pay more if needed.

From the article: Musk said he is open to pay the cost of adding workers to the widening project "as a contribution to the city and my own happiness. If it can actually make a difference, I would gladly contribute funds and ideas. I've super had it." — Musk quips that it's easier getting rockets into orbit than navigating his commute between home in Bel-Air and his Space Exploration Technologies factory in Hawthorne.

For those who aren't familiar with this issue, the 405 Freeway runs from the northern end of the San Fernando Valley all the way down to El Torro and runs by LAX. Residents are getting frustrated that this widening project is over budget and well over the anticipated timeframe that it was supposed to completed by.


Submission + - NASA Offers Opportunities for Biological Research on ISS (nasa.gov)

S810 writes: "NASA is inviting scientists from around the country to submit proposals for Biological research and experimentation to e performed aboard the International Space Station.

  The NASA Research Announcement (NRA), "Research Opportunities in Space Biology," opened Sept. 30.

From the Announcement: "This NRA challenges scientists to propose experiments that could provide answers to questions about how life adapts and responds to microgravity. Selected investigators will have the opportunity to take advantage of new cell, plant and animal research facilities being developed for the space station.""

Submission + - Did Life on Earth Come From Mars? (discovery.com)

S810 writes: "Was Mars a better breeding ground for life, early on, than Earth? 'Given the same raw materials, Mars would have been a better host for life to arise than Earth, which some scientists believe was too flooded for the chemistry of life to gain a toehold."

Biochemist Steven Benner from the Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainsville, Fla. said in an interview, ""On Mars, you can have all of the chemistry that we would have wanted to have without having to worry about Mars being a waterworld.""

The Military

Submission + - Robot Firefighter to Throw Extinguisher Grenades (discovery.com)

S810 writes: "Discovery News is running this article about the US Navy developing a robot capable of "throwing extinguisher grenades."

From the article: "Fire has proven deadly for sailors throughout the centuries of naval warfare. The U.S. Navy wants to counter that ancient foe with a humanoid robot capable of throwing extinguisher grenades as it nimbly moves about the narrow passages and ladderways of modern warships.""


Submission + - Scientists getting clearer picture of 'God particle' (cnn.com) 1

S810 writes: "CNN is running this article about new insights into the God Particle, according to scientists this is the particle that gives all matter its mass.

From the article: "Scientists working on two independent experiments at the Tevatron accelerator in Batavia, Illinois, see patterns in data that might — just might — be indicative of signals from a Higgs boson. If so, that particle would have a mass between 115 to 135 GeV."

"But the results from U.S. collider experiments don't have enough statistical significance to call their data a discovery.""


Submission + - MIT, Google Release New Tools to Fix Android's Quality-Control Problem (wired.com)

S810 writes: "From the article over at Wired Magazine : "Ask any techie about the differences between Android and iOS apps, and you’ll get the same answer: Apple’s apps are more plentiful, and just plain better designed.

And users have responded in kind, eating up iOS apps by the armload. Just this past weekend, Apple surpassed the 25 billion download mark in its App Store. And in terms of overall customer satisfaction, Apple’s apps edge out Android apps according to a recent UTest survey.

Google’s app platform clearly needs a helpful boost, and thanks to a series of new initiatives, the Android Market could see an uptick in both quantity and quality sooner than you think."


Submission + - Secret Military Mini-Shuttle Marks One Year in Orbit (discovery.com)

S810 writes: "This from an article on Discovery News: "The military won't say what it has been doing with its experimental miniature space shuttle, but the pilotless spaceship, known as the X-37B, has been in orbit for a year now.

The 29-foot robotic spacecraft, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle, or OTV, was launched on March 5, 2011, on a follow-up flight to extend capabilities demonstrated by a sistership during a 244-day debut mission in 2010.

"We are very pleased with the results of ongoing X-37B experiments," Tom McIntyre, with the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office...""

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