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Submission + - Hersch portrays US media as being pathetic

Rytis writes: Seymour Hersh, a Pullitzer price-winning journalist, deplores the pathetic and lenient state of American press suggesting a tabula rasa for the news bureaus with 90% of editors fired. What are the reasons for decline of the investigative quality in the last two decades? Can newer outlets, such as Guardian US or Al Jazeera America, improve the quality of investigative journalism in the US?

Submission + - Belgian telecom operator victim of "state-sponsored cyber espionage" (

Freggy writes: The Belgian telecom operator Belgacom has been a victim of "international state-sponsored cyber espionage". A complex unknown virus capable of intercepting international calls from Belgacom subsidiary BICS was found on computers. It is being suggested that the NSA is behind the virus. Belgacom has filed a complaint and the Belgian government, Belgacom's largest shareholder, has condemned the espionage.

Submission + - What Free/Open Source Software to use to Teach Critical thinking to Abused Kids

jaketeater writes: "I am a child care worker in Brazil at an orphanage for abused and abandoned children. The kids lack in critical/creative thinking skills, which hurts them when it comes to schooling and even relationships. When I was a child I loved playing games like The Incredible Machine, which taught critical thinking in a fun way. Are there any free/open source (we run on a tight budget) programs that I could use to help them develop better thinking skills? Or teaching material that would help me teach kids to use computers and technology?"

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