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Comment Re:Good News! (Score 1) 569

It's hard to practice ASP.NET yourself because who the heck owns a windows server available to them?

Who needs a windows server? You can host ASP.NET apps in Apache. Visual Studio 2005+ comes with a lightweight testing web server that runs ASP.NET. (I expect the free Visual Studio does too but I don't know for sure.) And if you must have IIS then XP Pro comes with IIS (albeit with connection limits) as does Vista Business or better.

Comment Re:Good News! (Score 1) 569

No, seriously, off the top of your head, name two (non-Research) applications Microsoft writes that require the .NET framework to run.

SQL Server Reporting Services is almost entirely .NET. SQL Servers 2005+ have .NET components. Visual Studio has .NET components. The newer Microsoft Dynamics apps. PowerShell, if that counts, is also entirely .NET. As the other guy said TFS - I don't know about SharePoint.

Most of Microsoft's stuff is not new products, they continue to develop existing lines like Office or Exchange. There are huge legacy codebases behind those - it doesn't make sense to go back and port them to .NET. New stuff they write in .NET - there just isn't that much high profile that's entirely new.

Comment Re:data, audio, and power (Score 1) 363

Install an onboard computer which somehow knows about some non-existent protocol to get a digital stream of music out of my iPhone.

I agree with you on the iPhone connector, though in fairness many recent cars have Bluetooth-capable CD players or a CD player with mp3 support so the onboard computer *is* here.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - CMP Apple Patent Foretells iPod And iPhone Securi (yahoo.com)

GOSHOCK writes: "iPhone thieves may find that crime does not pay. A patent application published Thursday by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office suggests that Apple has been developing security features for the iPod and the iPhone. The patent application, Protecting electronic devices from extended unauthorized use, describes a way to prevent mobile devices from being charged following the failure of an authorization check."

Submission + - Algae-encrusted Hummer to save the planet

An anonymous reader writes: Want to drive a Hummer and save the planet? This crazy Hummer O2 from GM is made from transparent panels in which ocean algae grow. The idea is that they turn use sunlight as you drive around to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. My only worry would be that the billions of algae develop a collective intellgence and decide to consume the juicy carbon-nased biped inside.

Journal Journal: Serious uses for silly string 6

Troops in Iraq are using cans of silly string to detect boobytraps in buildings. How weird is that? See the yahoo story here about one lady who is collecting cans to send to troops.


Submission + - China's EVD format goes into production

oO0(MjB)0Oo writes: It's been a while since /. has had an article about China's replacement DVD format, EVD. According to this article, the EVD format has been recently relaunched, having failed initially in 2004. With buy-in from content providers and hardware manufacturers, they "plan to switch completely to EVD by 2008 and stop producing DVD players." Since Chinese companies produce 80 per cent of the world's DVD players, how will this play out with BluRay and HD-DVD?

Submission + - DarwiinRemote Released! Wiimote frontend for OSX!

jeckil writes: "DarwiinRemote is a tiny software which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote. It detects all 3 axis sensors, all buttons (except power). You can modify which controller led indicator is on and send force feedback. Right now it only supports a basic front row control scheme but they should release a better version in a few days. All the source code is available and compatible with latest version of xcode. One can only wonder.... If the latest apple rumor turns out to be true, things could get very interesting for apple.

Someone already released a modified version of this app. It seems there have been some problems detecting the remote so an alternate version that uses the wiimote's sync button has been released."

Submission + - UK copyright term extension rejected

DaveFromLondon writes: The British government's long-awaited report on Intellectual Property was published today (pdf). The report rejects the idea of extending copyright terms, and proposes a limited private copying exception. There are also plans to free up an orphan works, making available work for which no author can be found.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Ask the Dot: Healthy Ramen? 3

A friend of mine is looking for healthy ramen he can take to school and eat. He's not averse to ordering off the Internet. His current selection, though, has 1100mg of sodium to a cup.

So, what are his options?

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