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Journal Journal: Just thinking. (oh the pain) 1

Oh yeah - I still has a journal. Again - how do all those people on my "Freaks" list get there? I KNOW that I haven't tagged that many people as such. I remember tagging one guy, way back when I was new here. The rest? What - if I argue another guy's point of view long enough, the system tags him for me? Whatever.

I've just fixed some woman's machine for her. A Dell, with WinXP on it. Her son-in-law decided to pirate Win7 and upgrade. It worked - Win7 installed, and I guess it ran nicely, except for the ugly black desktop. I grabbed a Dell OEM disk for XP Home, and reinstalled. No crapware - I didn't even stick that disk with "Extra Software" into the drive.

For security, I'm relying on Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Firewall - along with Spybot S&D and Spyware Blaster. IE6 is gone, replaced with IE8, and Firefox is installed. I'm stopping there - those security measures have proven sufficient in all my VM's and on the single Windows machine that I own. We'll just see how that all works in real life, with your average grandma type.

If I can remember that I has a journal, I'll post back here sometime.

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Journal Journal: Mmmm-kay

What good is the journal, really? I only really noticed the thing, due to Morgan Greywolf's open letter to his personal troll. (nice post, Morgan, but few trolls are equipped with a scrotum - if they were so equipped, they would regard it as excess baggage) Then there are the "freind" and "foe" tags. Blah. Am I to become someone's freind-or-foe, based on comments made on random subjects posted on the internet? Looks pretty pointless to me. Today, I posted a post that kinda makes fun of Morgan - tomorrow he'll post something I happen to agree with, so what do I do, change my mind and alter my freind-or-foe settings? Ehhh. Since I'm already running at the mouth, the mod system. Where is the mod, "You're an absolute frigging idiot, and you have never posted ONE WORD on /. that ANYONE thought made sense!" Collect ten of those mods, and your IP is banned for 20 years. The rest of the mod qualifiers are pretty stupid, IMO. For God's sake, I've been modded "insightful" a couple times, when there really wasn't any insight involved - I posted crap that is obvious to half the world, hoping that the OTHER half of the world might understand the obvious. Ho-hum. I'm finished blathering for awhile - if anyone cares what I put here, enjoy.
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Journal Journal: Oh, I has a JOURNAL!

Dang, I didn't even realize there was such a beast here! I need to look at my family tree again, to be sure all those redheads weren't really blondes.

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