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Journal Journal: Morning

Here we go then, A new week at work, As you can tell I didn't manage to update over the weekend. Everything went pretty well really. Girlfriends B'day went off, which was class! Muchas partying all round. Even the funeral wasn't to bad. Nice service then back to the house for cakes. Very good to see old friends again. Sad occasion but maybe something good has come out of it? is this possible? I still seem to be on this inflatable sense of,,I don't know good karma whatever but things do seem to be deffo on the up at the moment, All could come crashing down of course but with new Job sound finances , happy relationship and bad spelling all seems right in the world.
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Journal Journal: A strange week

Well lots of changes and movement going on in my life now, I found out today that I have got the Job at Total gas and power,,( YES ) as well as my friend who also got the position. Once I've signed the contract ( which should arrive on Monday ) i can give in my 4 week notice tuesday and in 4 weeks accenture can kiss my behind goodbye. Finally feels good to have some forward motion in my life. Been an odd week this week, having been on nights but trying to sort out money, GF birthday, which is today ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES ) as well as the new job, so only been getting around 2/3 hours sleep during the day. But it looks as if everything is falling into place now. Probably won't be writing in my Journal until at least sunday now but might add a few things over the weekend. Have also found out that the grandad of a old friend of mine passed away receantly, which has effected me in a odd way. I was very close to the friend when I was growing up but due to differant schools and friends and such we drifted apart, have seen him around a bit recently ( only about 8yrs since school ) And I know that this will of upset him greatly as his grandad lived with him, and still did live down my old road. I'm going to the funeral on Monday. Strange how things effect you. I hope I can help with your loss Jonathon.
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Journal Journal: Annnnnnnd Relax

Well here we are at the start of another night shift, Still fretting about money but hopefully everything should be resolved tomorrow so pushing that out of my brain at the moment. The Job interview went well I think Seemed to be more of a meet and greet than an interview as such, so obviously I passed the all the tech stuff in the first interview which is a nice feeling. Interesting to know that one of my friends is going for the same job Bizarre but to be expected as we both work in the same field of IT support and live in the same area but still,,,, would of been nice to know. I have definatly decided to head down the unix / Sun qualification route maybe with a side interest of an mcse or cisco qualification when cash is less of a strain. I am also definatly going to get a website up and running soon when I have the time. Feeling pretty happy at the moment with this new sense of motion Job hunting seems to of given me, kinda liking this new motivated confident me! Even if I don't get this Job, I don't think it will knock me. I have been looking for about 2 months and had a number of callbacks, 1 cancelled interview, 2 interviews and this 2nd interview, now for a industry sector that is supposed to be struggling I don't think thats to bad!! :)
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Journal Journal: Onwards

Right then, I have now decided ( work does this to me ) it is about time I started sorting out some kind of career path for myself. To do this I have decided to start getting myself qualified in something, obviously starting towards an MSCE would be something, or maybe a Unix / Sun Solaris certificate. At the moment I am leaning towards Unix / Sun as it seems a little more interesting and involved. hmmm. Tis something to ponder.
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Journal Journal: Loggin On

Right then. Here we are. First time logging into slashdot. Confirmation that I am officially a geek ( However thanks to things like the Matrix and such Computer geeks are definatly the cooler type of geeks ) As we speak I am on a nightshift.This is a bad thing. The helpdesk have just sent up a totally useless log about a depot. I'm feeling ok, looking forward ( bizarrely ) to my second interview for the Operator Job at TOtal gas and power tomorrow at 14:00. As we speak I'm considering converting to linex or some other OS as windows Xp is useless. I am planning on using this journal as a kind of stream of Consciousness Diary. Which will I'll warn you now at times make absolutely no sense :) Feel free to leave comments, Ruining J

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