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Journal Journal: My 28th Trip Around the Sun

First there was hurricane Rita, and then there was a crazy week at work. So I apologize to you, my dear reader. But updates are coming, including my dad realizing that he was a refuge and birthday fun. So let's get it going:
My 28th trip around the sun.
This birthday was a bit similar to my last one. But since Priscilla and I have moved to a new place, I have to get up even earlier for the gym. The alarm is set for 5:40 and that's when I have to get up to make breakfast for me and Priscilla. I got on the road and was at the gym before 6:50ish. These days I'm doing the stair climber as well as an elliptical machine in the morning and I save the running for the evening. But I put them in hard mode, so I kill off about 300-400 calories before breakfast, as I watch CNN and ESPN on the plasmas. After the workout, I grabbed a shower and headed over work.
Chill? Maybe. Maybe not.
Work went pretty well, as good as it normally does. I've automated a bunch of stuff using DTS packages, triggers, and stored procedures, so my workload is a lot lighter now a days. But, because of those advances, I'm now creating an automated system to mimic that of our US counter parts. No problem, I went to Baylor, so I am all over that. I came in and every one was here. Daniel H even got me a new Polo shirt. Awesome! Lunch came quickly and there was only one place to go... Rudy's BBQ! Good place, with lots of chow for everyone. This year it was Hector, Amado, Daniel H, Lenin and Sergio. Good times. Work wrapped up pretty quick and I was off to the house.
Dinner and Athletic Competition
Priscilla and I went to our favorite 6th street deli for my birthday dinner: Katz's. Nothing like the Low Karb Rueben, some chicken wings and tons of pickles. That's what I call some good birthday food! After our meal, and watching a bit of A&M vs. SWT aka Texas State, we were off to TCBY for some Lo Carb treats. Sadly, some sorority girls were there (about 30-40, and that TCBY is really small) and I was not able to talk to one of my favorite TCBY employees. I was going to try and see if I could get my ice cream for free from her, but alas, it was not to be.
So we went back home and I went to change for the final volleyball game of he season. On my way to Aussies, Victor called and wished me a happy birthday. He claims the only reason he called is because his phone reminded him. Hehehe. My phone does that, too. I got to Aussies around 9 for our 10 PM game. The girls were already there and bought me 2 Miller Lites for my BDay. I don't really drink much, so 2 are all I needed to get me feeling tipsy. This isn't Rudy from 1999 any more. The game was close, as always but we fell 25-20 and 25-21 if I remember correctly. And thus wrapped up Baylor Alumni Volleyball for the season, with another close loss. I can't wait for next season! I'd like to say whets up to Berta, Nidia, and Marci! We should hang out some time before next season and I'd better see y'all at Homecoming!
2 Baylor caps, 1 Polo shirt, the new Gorillaz CD, Tommy Hilfiger True Star, new Brooks Running shoes, and CA$H

Journal Journal: iTunes meme

Je T'aime tant \ Julie Delpy \ Before Sunset \ ***** \ 34
A Waltz for a Night \ Julie Delpy Before Sunset \ ***** \ 25
If God Will Send His Angels \ U2 City Of Angels \ ***** \ 25
Uninvited \ Alanis Morissette \ City Of Angels \ ***** \ 27
Iris \ Goo Goo Dolls \ City Of Angels \ ***** \ 27
Lascia Ch'io Pianga \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ **** \ 27
The Last Rose Of Summer \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 25
Angel \ Sarah McLachlan \ City Of Angels \ ***** \ 28
Cruel \ Tori Amos \ From The Choirgirl Hotel \ ***** \ 25
Raspberry Swirl \ Tori Amos \ From The Choirgirl Hotel \ ***** \ 24
Jackie's Strength \ Tori Amos \ From The Choirgirl Hotel \ **** \ 24
Barcarolle (Night Of Stars) \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 29
Slow Like Honey \ Fiona Apple \ Tidal \ ***** \ 24
O Mio Babbino Caro \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 28
La Pastorella \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 26
Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Redeemer \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ **** \ 24
The Holy City \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ **** \ 24
Black-Dove (January) \ Tori Amos \ From The Choirgirl Hotel \ ***** \ 24
I Grieve \ Peter Gabriel \ City Of Angels \ ***** \ 26
Just Wave Hello \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 24
Living Life \ Kathy McCarty \ Before Sunset \ **** \ 24
An Ocean Apart \ Julie Delpy \ Before Sunset \ ***** \ 24
Better Version of Me \ Fiona Apple \ Extraordinary Machine \ ***** \ 25
Plaisir d'Amour \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 23
The Jewel Song \ Charlotte Church \ Charlotte Church \ ***** \ 23

This is the one from work. The one from home looks a little different
United States

Journal Journal: You Decide 2004.2

Late night
I stayed up until 2:00 AM CST watching CNN and refreshing CNN.com, MSNBC, Fox News and ABCNews.com. I took a little nap from 1 to 1:30 by accident. Once I heard the secretary of State from Ohio say that it would take 11 days to count the provisional ballots, I went to bed. Goodnight!
While sleeping, I dreamt that Bush won Alaska and that the networks were using AK, AS, and AL for Alaska. yea, odd.
Git up!
The morning went as usual except that the TV was on CNN and not News 8 Austin, and I was going on 4 or so hours of so-called sleep. I made breakfast, worked out and got to work before 8. Then I opened up firefox with all the major news outlets (and /.) on my main browser. The refreshing party had begun. Wednesdays are my worst days, so I knew that I would not see anything until 15-20 minutes after it was posted. No one was saying anything for a good while, until Andy card came out and claimed victory for Bush. The Dems were still saying they would fight for every vote at this point.
He's tapping out! He tapped! He tapped!
At 10:26, I refreshed Fox News and saw that Kerry had just called Bush to concede! I refreshed the others and slowly, they all said the same thing! It makes sense, though. Given the number of provisional ballots minus those that would be tossed out, even if they all went for Kerry, Ohio would still belong to Bush. More commentary, probably after lunch.
United States

Journal Journal: You Decide 2004.1

Whats round at the ends and high in the middle?
Fox news has just called Ohio for Bush. CNN, MSNBC, and ABCNews have not called it either way. However, James Carville on CNN is calling a victory for the Republicans. Currently, with 86% of precincts reporting, Bush is up by 101,000 votes.
United States

Journal Journal: You Decide 2004

What's going on?
As I write this, and I've been meaning to write about a lot of things, Florida has just been called for Bush by CNN. There are some outstanding absentee ballots, but they probably won't make a difference at this point. MSNBC and Fox still have Florida up for grabs. Also, CNN and MSNBC have called California for Kerry, but no word on Fox news.
To mark this election night, Priscilla and I went and had some soup and salad tonight. Good times. When we finished up, Texas had just been called for Bush by CNN. We'll see what the rest of the night holds. Right now, the talk is that there are still people in line in Ohio. It's not clear which party these people are going to vote for, but each side "feels confident" that the people in line are for them.
Hopefully, this won't go on for a couple of days, since I plan to stay up until there is a clear winner.
Current Results
Right now, CNN has:
Bush: 237
Kerry: 188
MSNBC has :
Bush: 219
Kerry: 206
Fox News has:
Bush: 210
Kerry: 144
Badnarik hasabout 32,000 here in Texas, so its pretty good showing for my LP /. buddies.
Thats all for now.

Journal Journal: My 27th trip around the sun.

A recap of my birthday:
El gallo was wide awake
It started off much like any other day. I woke up at 5:51 and hit the snooze for an extra 9 minutes of sleepy bliss. But I got up before 6, bot dressed for the gym and started on breakfast for me and Priscilla. I was out the door by 6:30. I got to the gym by 6:50 but my phone was ringing. It was my dad wishing me an early morning birthday. I thanked him for calling and went on in to the gym. I opted to run only a mile and a half so I'd have time to do a quick chest workout. After the workout, I grabbed a shower and headed over work.
Easy day? Hardly
Well, since Wednesday is my busiest day workwise, I got right to it after heating up my breakfast. But, the boys showed up with juice, cokes, tacos from Juarez and a cake from Wal-Mart. Good times. Now, everyone was in and out of the cube farm, so we opted to cut the cake in the afternoon. However, today, one of my co-workers who just came back on 7-Sep, decided today was his last. So, all of his work, that was just assigned to him, will have to be reassigned to us. :S
After fighting through my Wednesday morning beat-down, I published all my deliverables and was ready for some lunch. We couldn't decide where to go. So, after a quick chat, we agreed on Hooters! Yum. I had the chilli and a side ceasar salad, as always. It was a good time, but much too short. With all our new assignments, we had to get back to work.
The afternoon, was jam-packed with work. Between the work and meetings, we managed to cut the cake and give a small piece to most of the services and support people. I didn't have any, but I hear it was quite good. We also had some ice cream as well. What a party!
Move out!
I didn't leave work around 17:50!!! What kind of a birthday is that? Well, I got home and it was time to open some presents! Cha-ching! I got 2 XBox and 1 GBA games. I got West Side Story Ultra delux wide screen edition and the 2003-2004 Titans video. Sweet! My mom called and told me I have more loot from Houston coming in, too. Hopefully it will be a box of my colonge. I am running kinda low.
After a quick dinner, Priscilla and I headed out to the movies. I wanted to play one of my new games, but I was vetoed. We have pretty much seen everything we want, so far. So, we opted to go see A Day without a Mexican. It was kinda corny and silly at times, but over all, it was OK. I'd say about 2.5 * out of 5. We got home and I hopped on the iMac to write this quick recap for you! Enjoy my fellow /.ers! Oh, and happy brithday to me, and my Virgo sisters from High School that shared a b-day with me!

Journal Journal: On September 22, 1977..

A child was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Since then, there has been lots of friends and fun. Now, I really can't recall the specifics of every birthday before 1996, so I'll start there.
September 22, 1996 - Probably went to church in the morning at the Catholic Student center at Baylor when it was still at the Methodist student Center. Afterwords, I did laundry for the first time that night after consulting clothesline.com. I probably had dinner from Subway at the Exxon station.
September 22, 1997 - After being promised some entertainment by my room mates, they surprised me by giving me Goldeneye for the N64! I think they enjoyed it more than I did as they played it more than me.
September 22, 1998 - This was number 21. Went to class and had to goto work at the cafeteria. But before, that, I went and bought a six pack of Carlsberg beer at the beer barn. It tasted skunky, but hey, I wasn't even carded!
September 22, 1999 - Probably went to band practice and then to work. I'm sure I had some Miller Lites and Shiners as well. I need to consult with the guys to see exactly what went down that night.
September 22, 2000 - At last, a birthday on a Friday!! This day, Priscilla surprised me early with a gift! I went to class, got lunch at Memorial, watched the chaplet of devine mercy, some of Father Leo Clifford's reflections and took off for band practice. Probably went out for some beers with the boys afterwords, but I can't recall exactly. I'm sure I'll find some answers if I consult my bank statements from back then.
September 22, 2001 - Spent my birthday in Waco with some Baylor Football. It was a victory, too. After that, we had a little party at Pricilla's with cake and sandwiches and such. I was full-time Atkins by then, so I really didn't eat much, but it was still fun.
September 22, 2002 - Had my sister here that weekend. I picked her up in Brenham and had dinner with my folks. Went to the movies and Zone in Waco. Had a great time and another Baylor Victory!!
September 22, 2003 - Birthday on a Monday. Ouch! But it was fun and I took pictures with my buddies at work. Good times. That night, Priscilla and I watched WWE (of course) and had a fun dinner.
September 22, 2004 - We'll see! Life is happening right now. This is real and this is it. Time to make the most of it.

Journal Journal: The Meme Relationship Test

Take it! You know you want to! Here are my results:

eXpressive: 6/10
Practical: 9/10
Physical: 7/10
Giver: 2/10

You are a XPYT--Expressive Practical Physical Taker. This makes you a Player.

You are clever, sexy and sexually oriented. You know what you want and how to get it. You command attention in a room of strangers, as your charisma, your personality and your spending habits are all oriented toward making an impression on your target sex. You pay attention to details.

You reel people in easily, but have a harder time keeping them around since you are just as demanding in a long term relationship as you are on a night out. Combine your demanding nature with the fact that you're hard to keep up with and easily bored, and you get a recipe for problems with fidelity.

In a conflict, you're brutal -- you know how to unleash one cutting remark that turns a normal fight into a brawl or a breakup. Your general attitude is you just don't have time for fighting -- if you feel like your current partner doesn't understand you, you know you can find another one.

You may see yourself in a parent and dislike his/her choices, so you want to avoid them for yourself. You feel confined by social pressures, both to pair up and stay paired. It will (and should) take you years to settle (and for you, it may really feel like you're settling).

Of the 37119 people who have taken this quiz, 7.1 % are this type

My thoughts on this? Well, I do get bored easily and I do tend to own a room, though I try to keep a low profile at times. All the other stuff, I dunno. I was married at 24, so I don't know it that is considered taking years to settle. I will lay the smackdown if needed, though it is rarely needed. There is little need to throw out the death blow everytime. But I do feel that I don't have time for fighting or a lot of things. I feel I have better things to do than sit around and argue and feel bad over worthless things that won't matter in a week/month. I'd rather take it easy and have a good time. Other than that, a lot of this can apply to almost anyone.

XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: Weekend in big D

Wedding fun
As I write this, I am currently in Dallas(free hotel DSL and WiFi in the room!). Priscilla and I are staying at the Wyndham by the Galleria for the weekend. This weekend, Jennifer is getting married and Priscilla is in the wedding, so here we are. There was a bit of trouble with the reservations, but we got it sorted out and got our room, but not till after the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. It was good fun, though. I always like to watch those slide shows and see the pictures of my friends when they were little kids. The food was good too. You know Rudy loves the chow at the sorts of things. Well, we got back to the room and looked at some cars online. Priscilla is still crafting a plan to get that VW beetle. I however, am seeing if I can get that 325i of mine. It's either that, or a Chevy Silverado. We'll see, though. We went to several websites to see what we could find around Texas and came to one conculsion. To wait. ;)
The big day
Priscilla and the bridesmaids had a breakfast at 8:30, so we set the alarm for 7:15. But, she didnt get up for a while; she just kinda laid there. I was up, so I decided to watch a little tv. Nothing good was on, Saturday morning, you know. So, once she left for her breakfast, I went to the little fitness center and did my yoga and ran 1.25 miles on the treadmill. I am still concerned a bit for the hamstrings. No matter how much I stretch them and how limber I am, they always seem tight. But it was a good workout, none the less. Though, I really do need to go back to Yoga vida for the complete experience.
So, I grabbed a quick shower and decided to drive around a bit. I saw a Best Buy last night, so I headed that way. And I found what I was looking all over Austin for. At last, I found a copy of Before Sunrise. SWEET! And, it was only $5.99 for the DVD! I can't wait for Before Sunset to come out. I dunno, these movies kinda speak to me, you know. I seem to relate more to Camile than Jessie. I mean, I know I am a pessemistic Virgo, but not as pessemistic as Jessie. I just finished watching it and I totally love it. And that's something you'll rarely hear coming from me. But, like Before Sunset, I highly recommend it!

Journal Journal: See this movie!

Me fellow /.ers and friends, I can only say one thing about this weekend:
see this movie:
Before Sunset

A Waltz For A Night
Julie Delpy

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts
Let me sing you a waltz
About this one night stand

You were for me that night
Everything I always dreamt of in life
But now you're gone
You are far gone
All the way to your island of rain

It was for you just a one night thing
But you were much more to me
Just so you know

I hear rumors about you
About all the bad things you do
But when we were together, alone
You didn't seem like a player at all

I don't care what they say
I know what you meant for me that day
I just wanted another try
I just wanted another night
Even if it doesn't seem quite right
You meant for me much more
Than anyone I've met before

One single night with you little.. Jesse
Is worth a thousand with anybody

I have no bitterness, my sweet
I'll never forget this one night thing
Even tomorrow, in other arms
My heart will stay yours until I die

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my blues
Let me sing you a waltz
About this lovely one night stand

~ Julie Delpy

Journal Journal: I watched what?!?

Are you getting old?
On Wednesday, Priscilla was going out of town for the night so I decided to go out and watch a movie. Now, I have seen most of the good movies that came out this Summer and I have avoided a lot of the stinkers. Having seen all that I really wanted to, I was faced with a choice. I could watch Dodgeball and have a good laugh, but it seemed so predictable. Now, I have always been a fan of this type of movie. I like Ben Stiller and just looking at him makes me laugh. But, I couldn't bring myself to drop $7 on that film. Instead, I opted to go watch The clearing with Willem Defoe and Robert Redford. It was pretty good, even though I picked up the twist pretty quickly.
What kinda bugged me was the fact that I was at least 10 years younger than everyone else in the theater. Is this a shift in the movies I watch? Or am I just more careful with my cash, that I won't spend it on just any movie. I really can't say for sure. I guess I feel that I have just about had my fill of farts and explosions, you know what I mean? But, tonight, I am going to watch Before Sunset which picks up nine years after Before Sunrise. I never watched Before Sunrise, but it looks to be the most interesting offering this weekend. Yes, I will watch The Borne Supremacy, but not until later this weekend/week. Looks like I haven't had my fill of movies where there are hand-to-hand beat downs, though. :)
XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: XBox Live

Meet me at sundown
So, for the past couple of weeks, I had been debating wether or not to get XBox live. I know there are a bunch of games, plus I could compete with people from all over the US. Eventually, I could get some of my friends on there to do battle on the different games. But there were several factors I considered before signing up.
1. Price.
2. The wireless set up I have at home.
3. 3 or 12 month sign up
In the end, I went ahead and got it after considering many factors. Here is my experience with XBox live:
What to get part 1: The Live kit
I went all over Austin and looked online to see what I could find. There was the 3 month kit that comes with a head set and some demo games. Then, there was the 12 month kit with a headset and a full version of Crimson Skies. Plus, I have a pair of 2 month trial cards that came with DDR and some other game. Or, I could just get a 12 month card and get the headset later. Everywhere I went, the prices were about the same. After much debate, I opted for the 12 month kit, since I didn't want to miss out on the headset experience and it came with a free game. I am happy I did. I had not read any reviews of Crimson Skies before buying the game. I was actually thinking about selling it to EB games to get something else. But, I was surprised by how much fun it is, especially, the Live multiplayer. But more on that later.

What to get part 2: The Network
Now, as you all know, I got the D-Link running the show at home. Sure, its kinda old, but it gets the job done. But, the router and cable modem are in the back and the TV with the XBox is in the front. Hmmm. Now, the last thing I wanted was CAT-5 running from the back to the front, so I had to go the wireless route. I looked around at several options. One was the XBox adapter and the others were offerings from D-Link and Linksys. I also thought about rigging up some hack, like using that Airport Express as a bridge, but that won't work. The port on there is a WAN port, so no luck there. Next, I thought about getting a 802.11g router and using the old one as a bridge, but the D-Link router docs say that cannot be done. So sadly, I would have to go with a bridge. The D-Link and Linksys bridges were like $10 more than the XBox one, so thats the one I went for. At home, I have MAC address filtering. I had to figure out where to find the MAC address of the wireless adapter. After a while, and several screens later, I found one on the XBox dashboard. I added the MAC address to the router's Allow List and I tried using a couple of times and no dice. The Xbox would give me an error and I would have to reset the wireless adapter. Next, I found one on the bottom of the Wireless Adapter. I used that one as well, and nogo. In the end, I allowed every MAC address just to get the thing working. I tested it again, and it worked! On Sunday afternoon, in a moment of clarity, I figured that I would have to put both the XBox MAC address and the Wireless adapter MAC address on the allow list, but I haven't gotten around to it. I will probably do it sometime this week. I don't want to leave the access point open to everyone in the apartment complex. No telling what they'll download.

Where do I Sign up??
The sign up went as expected. All my info is now in the hands of Microsoft, including a credit card #. If I am using the subscription cards to pay for service, what do they need a CC# for? I guess the game 'Extras.' Now, will they conveniently charge me in about a year, for 12 more months without me asking? I'll be watching my statements carefully to make sure I don't pay for 12 months without me knowing. But, I used my GMail address just to rib 'em a bit. After all that, it was time to choose a name that would strike fear in the heards of those who dare challenge me. As luck would have it, the gamertag I wanted was still availible: shadyrudy, what else? After that, I set up a password using the D Pad and the buttons and was good to go.

Time to frag!!1!
I was all ready to go and I tossed in Halo. Looked around and around for the Live settings. Wait a minute.... Halo is not live enabled!?!?! Arrrrgh. I never bothered to look at the box and see that the Live symbol was nowhere to be found. Ok, don't panic. Of the Live games I do have, I ruled out DDR because it was almost 23:30 PM and I was going to bed soon. So, I tossed in Pandora Tomorrow and fired up the Live multiplayer section. First, Ihad to endure some training missions, as the controls change a bit. That, and when you are a Merc, you don't have NVG or Thermal, so that took some getting used to. But, after passing the training, I hopped right into the mix. The guys I was playing with made up their own game within the game, which was pretty fun. Instead of diffusing bombs, 3 spies would try and kill the 1 merc. If a merc killed you, you were it in the next game. If the merc lost all his lives, you were the merc again. It was actually pretty fun and the guys I played with were cool. Limited cussing and no abuse, so overall, a positive experience. The headset audio isn't be best in the world, but good enough for plotting against the other team and such.

Take to the Sky
Before firing up Crimson Skies, I was already planning to take it to EB games to get some $$ and buy a Live enabled FPS. But, on the box it has a huge "not for resale" and the game is already selling for $29.00, so the most I will get for it is like $10. Plus, the game wasn't shrink-wrapped or anything, so I may as well test it out. Boy am I glad I did. That game is really fun on Live. The normal game seems a bit easy, but Live is where the challenge is at. You'll find me on there at night, but usually for about 30-45 minutes or so. I still have stuff I need to do around the apartment. Happy gaming!

Journal Journal: Been here & there

A new iMac and other news
Priscilla and I have been busy over that past few weeks. One of the highlights was purchasing a 17" iMac and a silver iPod mini. The iMac has a DVD-RW drive and 768MB of ram, along with the wireless card for cable-less surfing. Also, we bought a Panasonic digital camcorder a while back. The SW that came with it was kinda klunky and not very cool. But, my brother tells me that iDVD is much easier to work with, though he works with Final Cut Pro at school. I bought the iPod for her, as the Dell DJ isn't really mine and at anytime, I will have to give it back. Sure, 20GB vs 4GB is a big difference, but on the DJ, I several albums on there and its not even 5GB. Right now, with most of the songs she likes (and only one Tori Amos album on the iPod) she is bearly at 1GB. What is she gonna do with the other 3? We'll see what she can put on there. Between the 2 of us, I'm sure we have over 300 CDs.
Plus, I am thinking of getting my own iPod mini, since I don't care much for Priscilla's music and she is not a Toriphile like me. There seems to be plenty at the Apple store here in Austin, but sadly, there is no green and I dont remember if there were any gold left either. Alas, I may have to settle with blue or silver.
Rocky evening in
This week, AMC is showing all 5 Rocky movies at 20:00 CST. Priscilla and I have been having a good time staying in and watching them. I think the music inspires us during our DDR workouts and our runs at Town lake. But which one will she like more? Rocky 3 with Mr. T and Hulk Hogan? Or Rocky IV with the cool music and the super 80s style? Only time will tell.
Until then, I'll be uploading photos to my yahoo account. Check them out!
XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: Long time no See 1

Good to See ya again!
Around 11-May-2004, I get an eMail from Mindy about a birthday party for her sister Tricia. I was amazed that Mindy found my eMail address(my rarely used Hotmail one, to be exact) and invited me to the party. Well, the party would be on 14-May-2004 at 20:00 in Houston. I didn't know if I would be able to make it, since Priscilla and I usually go out to 6th street on Friday nights. But I got to thinking. I had not seen Tricia since like 2000. It had been almost 4 years already! WoW. I knew that I would have to go and get updated cell numbers and emails. It worked out, too. Priscilla decided to goto a work Party from her old job. Everything was ready to go
Friday afternoon, I took off from the olde job around 16:30, so I would beat Austin traffic and make it to the dinner on time- Ha! There was traffic right after Parmer. Not good times. By the time I got out of Austin, it had been around 45 minutes. But I made it. I drove at a comfortable pace and made it to Houston around 19:45. The place was downtown, and I haven't been in downtown Houston in a while, so I needed to print up a map. That, and the shirt I was going to wear that night was a little wrinkly, so I had to get it ironed as well. Once all that was done, I was off. I finally made it to Churrascos near 21:00. Whew. Now, I had about 40 oz. of Diet Dr. Pepper on the way down, so I needed a bathroom break before I sat down with everyone. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Make an entrance
I made my entrance and everyone was amazed that I made it from Austin just for the party. I saw Miguel, Alfred, Mark D., Ed, Tricia's mom, Mindy and Tricia herself. Everyone looked almost the same as the last time I saw them. Well, everyone except Tricia. Gone was the brown hair and in was this more wavy blonde highlights type action. Very cool, though and it matched her well. Everyone was also amazed with Rudy 2.0. They were probably expecting the fat 220lbs Rudy, not the new and improved version. As Tricia said, "Man, you're buff." ;) But, when I got there, everyone was wrapping up dinner. The waiter brought me a Menu, but I opted for water only. I had eaten a bit at my Parent's house, so I was OK. The waiters did bring out a small cake for everyone to share. I had a small little spoonful and man, it was about 97% sugar. Well, I played volleyball the next afternoon for a couple of hours, so I burned the little spoonful off there.
Little House of Blues
After dinner, we went to this place called the Knights something. I really don't remember the name. Basically, it was a house that some people turned into a little bar. We got there and there was a band playing in what used to be the living room. It was actually pretty cool. I reminded me of my buddy's band, Sloppy Joe. Can't find the good link, Julio. Sorry . The men's bathroom was the house's old bathroom, except there was a urinal where the walk in shower used to be. Quite odd to look at and be in.
Well, once we were finally all together, we managed to chat away the evening. Everyone was asking about my job, possible future job(curse you ferritin), Priscilla, whether we were gonna have kids soon, if we had a house, all kinds of stuff. Lots of catching up. Plus, I found out what everyone was up to in Houston. Lots of people are getting or about to get their masters this year. That's awesome for them! Especially the guys with the music ed. What the world needs now is more band directors. ;) I also enjoyed a Guiness in honor of Bradford, who is probably having a good time in Japan. But, after exchanging cell numbers, I had to take off. The company picnic was the next day, starting at 11, so I would have to leave Houston around 8 to make it in time. So after some pics and some hugs, I took off. It was great to see everyone again. Hopefully, I can see everyone again when I take my vacation next month.

Journal Journal: All Over

Everything and Nothing in Particular
I've been all over the place and having a good time. About 2 weeks back, I strained my left hamstring while playing softball back at Baylor. Not good times. To keep the legs working, I did some yoga every day and I rode the bike at the gym. Things seem to be healing well. I have cut my 1.5 mile down to 11:50:32. But, I am still a little catious about the 300 meter sprint. I know I'll have to stretch a loooong time before I can attempt it again. But, I'm confident that I'll get my time down to about 50-51 seconds. The sit ups are good, as always. The push ups are ok. I need to get to about 50, though. The pull ups, well. Lets just say they need work.
Well, the Rockets got the early exit from the play offs. Thats ok, though. They weren't ready and need a few more players with playoff experience to make it. It was more of a learning experience and with those games under Francis' and Yao's belt should play good dividends down the road.
The Austin Wranglers are doing pretty well for an expansion team. I hope they make the playoffs and I hope I am around to see it. I was never really a fan of the Arena game until this year. It's actually pretty fun.
The spurs are doing well in the play offs. As I write this JE, the Lakers are leading 72-67. It's amazing what they let the Lakers get away with. I see travelling, even on the replays, and it's 'A sensational' play. Right. Hopefully, the Spurs will get it together and send the Lakers to the lake for some summer fishing.
A side note, I tried to buy tickets to game 6 on Monday at 10:00 AM on Ticketmaster.com. I even used the good ole work connection, but NOGO. No tickets were availible when I tried to purchase them at 10:00:25 AM. How the blazes can a game sell out in 25 seconds. I know there aren't that many season ticket holders. Heck, last year, I got tickets to the 2nd round easily. I don't know if its because it the Lakers or the scalpers had a beowulf cluster of OCR systems getting tickets, but there were none left by 10:01:00 AM.

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