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Comment Re:Blizzard is horrible (Score 1) 321

Well I could at least understand the region locking of Blizzard. Latency is not really a friend of WoW or SC2 and would hurt their matchmaking process. To their credit, we at SEA got US accounts also sometime after the release of SC2. For some reason, I have better latencies to US than to SEA. Maybe they realized that and allowed it.

Comment Re:Not so bad to have different systems. (Score 1) 2288

Well here in the Philippines, we kinda use both because of the influence of USA and the rest of the world. We had quite adopted to both systems well. For long distances we use kilometers, meters are preferred over yards, inches are preferred over centimeters, millimeters are preferred below that. We use liters for both container trucks and "coke-bottle" sized volumes, anything between it are gallons (e.g.5 gallon water dispensers), other than that milliliter is preferred (ml) although items do have ounces in them too. Kilogram is preferred over pounds except on body measurements. Etc.. etc...

The thing is that we are kinda good in dealing with these measurements and their conversions in our head.

Fuck! (yes we do use Imperial swear words, French SI swear words didn't catch on)

Comment Re:Usage caps (Score 1) 204

I for one wants OnLive to succeed. It would be almost like how MMO games "provided" us DSL back then. (at least in our country) This would provide faster broadband services although ISP's could just jack the prices up for these "premium" services instead. The latter is what I fear would probably happen.

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