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Submission + - The Duct Tape Programmer 1

theodp writes: "Joel Spolsky sings the praises of The Duct Tape Programmer, who delivers programming teams from the evil of architecture astronauts who might otherwise derail a project with their faddish programming craziness. The say-no-to-overengineering attitude of the Duct Tape Programmer stems not from orneriness, but from the realization that even a 50%-good solution that people actually have solves more problems and survives longer than a 99% solution that nobody has because it's in your lab where you're endlessly polishing the damn thing. Like Steve Jobs, Duct Tape Programmers firmly believe that Real Artists Ship."

Submission + - Microsoft opens first 'cool' European data center (cio.com.au)

Dan Jones writes: Microsoft has opened up for business its new Dublin data center, a 550,000-square-foot facility dedicated to serving primarily European customers. The company will run "cloud" services from the center for consumers, businesses and developers and for consumers it will run applications like Windows Live Mail (formerly Hotmail) and other Live-branded services. The Dublin facility will also host Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform, which will be made available in November. In a new trend for data centres, Microsoft is using outside air to cool the data center so the data center's operating temperature can be maintained 95 percent of the time without mechanical or refrigerated cooling, like chilled water systems. The Dublin data center's PUE (power usage effectiveness) is 1.25, which means for every one watt of server power, there's .25 of a watt dedicated to cooling and other electricity-consuming functions. The industry average PUE for data centers is between 2 and 2.4 and Microsoft's average for all of its data centers is 1.6.

Submission + - SPAM: Contractor Pleads Guilty To SCADA Tampering

itwbennett writes: "Mario Azar, a former IT consultant for oil and gas exploration company Pacific Energy Resources, has pleaded guilty to 'tampering with the company's computer systems after he was turned down for a permanent position with the company.' According to court records, Azar accessed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer systems and caused the company to lose control of its computer systems around May or June of 2008. 'Only a handful of SCADA computer intrusions have been reported, but because the systems are used to control large-scale industrial systems in manufacturing plants, public utilities and the chemical industry, security experts worry that tampering with them could lead to a large-scale power outage or environmental disaster.'"
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Submission + - AMD Announces More Radeon GPUs (gizmogamer.com)

dmincel writes: According to news and rumor site DigiTimes, un-named sources at graphics cards makers have been chirping about a new series of ATI Radeon HD 5700 GPUs just around the corner. Codenamed Juniper XT and LE, the Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 should be in stores sometime in October. Both will come with 1GB of GDDR5 video memory on a 128-bit memory bus and support the recently announced multi-monitor Eyefinity technology.

Submission + - Zero-Knowledge Coding: Am I Crazy For Deciding To 4

r0wan writes: "I maintain a blog and currently have a Blackberry 8310, for which there are zero Blogger mobile clients that work with the new GData Blogger API (and yes, I do know about Mail2Blogger, but until Blackberry coughs up a rich text mail client, it's not a great option). Being the type of person who unscrewed lightbulbs as a kid 'to see where the light comes from', I decided to write my own.

The problem? At the moment of my decision, the closest I'd ever come to programming was VBScripting a lot of admin scripts, and I knew absolutely zilch about Java or J2ME and less than that about object oriented programming.

That was about two weeks ago. Now I know fractionally more than zilch about Java and J2ME thanks to Sun's Java trails, and I've managed to install the Blackberry JDE, the Blackberry JDK, the J2ME 3.0 SDK and Eclipse. I've even successfully figured out how to open a few existing open source J2ME projects (MobileBlogger and Azure for those still reading) and build them, which required some minor troubleshooting that was major for me since I had to look up what a workspace was, and figure out that you can't use spaces for them.

My co-workers, however, think I'm crazy, stupid, or both and that I should either pay someone to write it for me or pay for hosting and PHP something that I can browse to on my Blackberry. I'm stubborn, so I'm ignoring them and reading up on What Is A Constructor during my lunch hours, but part of me wonders, are they right? Am I biting off way more than I should try to chew?"

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