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Submission + - Planetary collision candidate (

RockDoctor writes: Science Magazine's news section is reporting (main link) the claimed discovery of a planetary collision around a white dwarf in the constellation of Hercules. Specifically, the white dwarf "NLTT 43806" (a.k.a WD 1653+385, thanks to SIMBAD for that, has visible spectral lines indicating the presence of significant aluminium but very little iron. This is strange and draws attention, as iron is generally a considerably more abundant metal cosmologically. The authors of this paper suggest that the collision of two planets in orbit around the star in the recent past would have sprayed the surface of the star with the (aluminium-rich) surface materials from the collision, while the iron-rich cores merge with little debris.

So, that planet that was blown up in Star Wars would have possibly left a mark on it's star, visible for myriads of millennia.

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