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Submission + - Worlds Oldest Pr0n Found in Germany (msn.com)

RobertB-DC writes: ""Nothing has changed in 40,000 years" was what one researcher said about the discovery of a female figurine in a cave in southwestern Germany. There's no doubt about its gender; it has a Dolly Parton (or Pamela Anderson, if you prefer) figure, as well as other "exaggerated sexual characteristics" that might not be appropriate to discuss in polite company. And the prehistoric pinup is intentionally headless, proving that even before the mammoths went extinct, he wasn't looking at her eyes."

Submission + - Radio Interference Pits 911 Against Landscaping (dallasnews.com)

RobertB-DC writes: "Five Dallas suburbs are duking it out over who gets to use a chunk of the radio spectrum, and the FCC has been called in to mediate the dispute. Two affluent suburbs had been using the frequencies for water tower monitoring and landscaping control. But when the grass started turning brown in city parks, they learned that three suburbs on the other side of town had just installed new police communications equipment that was blocking their sprinkler systems."

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