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Journal RobertB-DC's Journal: Ghost Article: M'soft Tool To Help Users Avoid Typo Domains 1

Ghosts of Slashdot: 04/14/2006
[I'm posting this journal entry while the article is still alive... because it's *got* to go away. I knew this one was a dupe right away -- because I scored a +5, Informative on it (before some bozo called it "Flamebait" -- if anything, it should have been "Offtopic"...). But it's from a week ago, so it's understandable. I sent a note to DaddyPants, so give me an Assist if you're keeping score at home. Update: I guess I jinxed it by posting this entry too soon, because the article went live! I guess DaddyPants is taking a 3-day Easter weekend... maybe I'll see him at sunrise service.]

Microsoft Tool To Help Users Avoid Typo Domains
Posted by Zonk in The Mysterious Future!
from the slashdot-is-not-a-typo dept.

blueZ3 writes "ZDnet is running a story on a new tool from Microsoft that aims to inform users when they reach 'typo domains'. Apparently, there's concern in Redmond that IE users are being exploited by companies running ad farms on typo domains. The tool uses an automated search routine to look for domains with particular types of typographical errors--transpositions, incorrect TLDs, missing letters--and then adds the domains to a database. The eventual goal (though this isn't clear from the article) seems to be something akin to Verisign's URL redirecting, where typo domains are blocked."

What are the Ghosts of Slashdot?
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Ghost Article: M'soft Tool To Help Users Avoid Typo Domains

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