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Comment Someone asserted it in a lawsuit - it must be true (Score 0) 513

There is so much SJW crap in the article but of course someone is saying something bad about a corporation so it must be true. The article starts out with "Davis said he could work his normal 40-hour week, but that, for whatever time his wife had left, he had to be at home at nights and weekends to take care of her"

Wow sounds reasonable - how could anyone possibly have a problem with that -- and his manager did not have a problem with it.. Then, according to Davis... "Davis said, the woman didn’t entertain temporary alternative arrangements, such as working from home if needed. " -- If he was made a job offer an expected to be in the office 40 hours a week and then wanted to be working from home for most of it after he started, it certainly could be a deal-breaker. A lot of government work requires working on classified information systems air gaped from the net and although certain people seem to think servers in the bathroom closet are secure, normal people are not allowed to house classified information at home.

So, if on his first day he indicated he primarily needed to work from home, that certainly could be a problem.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 223

1. Every drone must have a transponder. Immediate on the spot fine of $5000 and one day in prison for offenders.

2. Transponders can only be purchased from the local civil authority which issues licence plates. A transponder can only be used by the person who purchased it.

3. Same rules as car registration. Leeway for lending to others, same as cars.

4. Problem solved.

5. Government profits.

More force. problem solved...just like drugs..

Submission + - MIT's new design tool lets novices customize 3Dprinting in minutes (

jan_jes writes: Researchers now aims to change the time consuming design process, with a new system that automatically turns CAD files into visual models that users can modify in real time, simply by moving virtual sliders on a Web page. Once the design meets the user’s specifications, they can hit the print button to send it to a 3-D printer.

For a CAD user, modifying a design means changing numerical values in input fields and then waiting for as much as a minute while the program recalculates the geometry of the associated object.

Once the design is finalized, it has to be tested using simulation software. For designs intended for 3-D printers, compliance with the printers’ specifications is one such test. But designers typically test their designs for structural stability and integrity as well. Those tests can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours, and they need to be rerun every time the design changes.

Comment Confidence in their government (Score 4, Insightful) 111

So, we'll keep locking people in rape cages for growing plants, pulling guns on unarmed teens and going through security theater in air ports with a 90% detection failure rate....But finally I can do to vote on a bogus petition with no effect. My confidence is restored thusly.

Comment Wrong comparision (Score 4, Informative) 246

... It's a lot more appropriate to compare the open sourcing of Swift to the LLVM/Clang projects than to Darwin. LLVM is by any measure a thriving open source project with lots of contributers, both individuals and from many large organisations (Intel/AMD/ARM/Google/Microsoft, etc. etc.). I also follow Webkit development to some degree and it's far from "the Google style of closed development followed by a public source dump", a fact that should be clear to anyone who takes a minute to look at the webkit-dev mailing list.

Comment Root causes, poverty, smaller brains, etc (Score 3, Interesting) 324

While there are almost certainly multiple factors at play (nutrition, environment, etc) it would be nice if we could all stop pretending to not understand one of the root causes of negative impacts on brain development - specifically spanking.

There are no studies that show spanking has any long term positive outcomes. There are plenty of studies that show negative correlation with long term negative outcomes. Just as is the case with this study, it is fair to call into question correlation and causation but if there were some food additive, fertilizer or herbicide that had even 1/10 of the correlative impact on children, the public would be freaking out and protesting around some multinational business but when it is parents damaging their own children we get relative silence.

Studies have shown that poor parents are more likely to spank their children. Studies have shown a correlation in spanking with smaller brain sizes, lower IQs, lack of self control. Studies have shown a high correlation between lack of self control and poverty. Again we don't have great data on cause v.s. effect but there are good indications that the early violence is causative in this chain.

Comment Re:Address space randomization does not help. (Score 1) 98

1) if you make exploitation less likely than an astroid hitting the earth, then for all practical purposes you can say that it is prevented.
2) 'repeatable crash bug behavior' doesn't matter, it will be repeatable if it is run in valgrind/address sanitizer or via a debugger which is really all that matters to a developer. An end user couldn't care less about repeatable crashes and would prefer if it occasionally/usually continued running.

Comment Re:So misleading. (Score 1) 161

I have no idea why you would believe that "our genetic code is a type of program", I don't think anyone working in molecular biology has this interpretation. And even if you view the genetic code as a type of program, then it is a program that primarily deals with how the individual cells that make up our body operates and _not_ how the brain processes input.

Comment Re:Miles? (Score 1) 212

Do you really think MSS has not been developed since the 90s? Admittedly I haven't used it since 2004, but back then it was pretty much the only way to get good, performant 3D audio running with a variety of sound cards. I'd imagine it has grown a whole lot of features and platform support since then.

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