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Comment Re:Safe ? (Score 1) 131

More like Windows 10 will Soon Run Edge in a Virtual Machine partly to keep you safe and mostly to have an advantage to hype over Chrome and Firefox, which already keep you pretty safe, but y'know, you can never have too much security.

Why there's no provision to allow other apps to run this way is hard to fathom in any other context.

Comment Re:Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 22

2. Plus, McCain's and Cruz's birthplaces only became an issue because of the precedent set by the birthers about Obama. And the Obama issue only came up because it was so easy to paint an image of 'foreignness' in racist minds. Nobody ever thought to question a candidate's personal biography in that way before.

An appropriate question for Trump on this issue would've been

Mr Trump, in 2011, you went on television and said "My investigators in Hawaii can't believe what they are finding ". Who were those investigators, and what were they finding?

Since it's now obvious that there was nothing to find, and even Trump admits that, that would be framing the question, quite reasonably, as you lied in 2011, and you're still lying now about having lied then. Why can't you just apologize for what was a truly disgraceful episode.

Comment Re:w00t (Score 1) 68

So, Microsoft has patented a way to get information to fuel Bing searches through other means than, y'know, people actually using Bing search. Brilliant. All it takes is a monopoly on the OS that process your every keystroke. Beyond the fact that there's nothing novel about capturing data as data (duh), and this shouldn't be patentable, it is downright creepy - and just a little bit desperate.

Now, I'm sure some of you Google haters out there will try to make the point that Google does much the same, and I guess they do - when you voluntarily use their products for free with full knowledge that you are 'paying' by enhancing Google's revenue-generating search engine. But the bottom line - Google is 'opt in', and Windows is more and more 'you have no options'.

Comment Re:You Really Want To Go Down This Road MS?? (Score 1) 475

That's exactly what Microsoft wants. They don't care if there are expensive, special-purpose boxes built to run Linux - as long as it's difficult to avoid Windows - or even try something else. But the beauty of Linux is that it is built to run on as many boxes out there that it can be made to run on. You don't need a special-purpose vendor to use it. And if you needed that 5 or 10 years ago, Linux would've never caught on. So, sorry, I don't need my vendor to say "you want linux, sure". If someone else needs the security of a pre-install, fine. But I'll install my own - and I'd hope to find enough support for that position that most vendors would gladly allow it.

Comment Re:Call the BBB then return it... and then boycott (Score 1) 475

Or... we could just boycott OEM's that sell devices like this. Nobody needs to buy a Lenovo PC, so we have choices - whether we actually run Linux or not. If we (as a community, or whatever it is we are...) think PC's should be able to have alternative OS's installed on them, then we should only support vendors that don't make that unnecessarily hard. Yes, there are the System 76's of the world, but for many of us, a cheap, naked PC - or one with a cheap, bundled Windows installation - that allows us to wipe/install and or dual-boot is the best option. And it's up to us (as a big, influential-ish market segment) to make sure that such PC's remain available.

Comment Re:just one thing to say (Score 1) 610

...and by the way, I find it hard to believe that 'we elect a leader who isn't blatantly corrupt' is the only thing you want to happen. So, give up on that one, and focus on, oh, maybe a Supreme Court nominee that won't make the corrupt electoral system worse. Citizens United isn't the only place where the right-wing court has been whittling away at the one-person/one-vote core of our democracy.

Comment Re:just one thing to say (Score 1) 610

Okay kids, it's not about how you feel - it's about what you want to happen

What I want to happen is that we elect a leader who isn't blatantly corrupt. It's kind of a pipe dream, I know, but that's what I want to happen. So it doesn't really help my goal if I go and specifically vote for someone who is corrupt.

That's where you go off the rails. Your pipe dream isn't a choice. You have a choice between 2 options (yes, corrupt 2-party blah, blah). If you decide not to make one of those choices, it will be made for you. And if you seriously can't come up with a preference between Trump and Clinton, then you're not paying attention - or you're allowing your attention to be diverted and manipulated. And please, Clinton is 'corrupt' in the sense of 'typical politician', i.e. not particularly corrupt, but needs to raise lots of money, so y'know... Trump is a whole new thing - and don't let his 'self-funded' bullshit convince you that at least he's not a typical politician - he's something much worse... And I assume you know that - that's what's so distressing.

Comment Re:just one thing to say (Score 1) 610

The other thing we know is that when you start from hating Clinton first and proceed from there, every conspiracy is as good as a fact.

Of course, that conveniently overlooks that a bunch of the deleted emails were recovered by the FBI, and they were essentially no different in tone and content than the ones that were preserved. But of course there's got to be a smoking gun in there - it's a Clinton, after all...

Comment Re:just one thing to say (Score 1) 610

Yes, you can vote for a smaller party. But to do that without actually supporting the policies of that party is lunacy. I imagine you are in agreement with the Libertarian party's platform (though it's hard to imagine anyone literally wanting their 'essentially no government' platform enacted. But presumably the swing, potential 3rd party vote this year is left-of-center Sanders supporters who basically (grudgingly) accept that the Clinton/Democratic platform is a pretty good approximation of Sanders' 'pull the Dems to the left' goal at the start of his campaign.

Some of these voters, though, either think Clinton won't enact any of that platform and/or that voting for a candidate that they dislike and/or distrust is worse than having a candidate they seriously dislike and distrust actually win. Okay kids, it's not about how you feel - it's about what you want to happen, and the policies you presumably care about. And as far as Clinton backtracking on the platform, that platform contains plenty that Clinton didn't have to be pulled into embracing - and probably some that she's glad to have been 'forced' to embrace.

Now maybe some think they're pursuing a fantasy strategy in which Trump wins and is so awful that a true leftist wins in 2020. Fat chance - since Dems tend to trend rightward after a big defeat. And of course, the next 4 years - and a couple of lifetime Supreme Court appointments - will make a mess that's even harder to clean up.

It's the whole 'Nader as spoiler' thing all over. Yes Nader and his apologists will claim robotically that "If Al Gore couldn't win his home state, it's not my fault", or "If it hadn't been for the ballot problems in Florida, Gore would've won anyway". But they conveniently discount the effect of Nader's running around the country saying "your choice is Coke or Pepsi" to an audience that missed all the nuance and assumed that meant electing Bush and Gore were essentially the same thing. Nader doesn't and didn't believe a Bush win was the same as a Gore win, but his message implied it. Nobody knows how much that detracted from Gore, but I suspect it had a greater effect than the direct Nader vote.

Yes, the two party system is a problem. No, voting for 3rd party spoilers within the 2 party system will not fix it.

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 2, Insightful) 140

I live on the stretch of Third Avenue that first got these kiosks. I don't care what people watch on them, but it's a pretty regular thing to see somebody camping out next to one of them. Often they've overturned a trash can or newspaper vending box to use as a seat - though I've seen some wheelchairs being used for more comfortable seating. In any case, they're there for hours at a time, and the overall effect isn't much more appealing than a homeless guy sleeping in a cardboard box...

That said, the whole kiosk thing is a backdoor insertion of extremely bright LED screen ads that draw your eyes to them as they rotate their images multiple times per block as you try to walk up the avenue. And for what? Free wi-fi that requires you to sign in, tracks you, and provides nothing that your phone isn't already providing over the cellular network. I suppose the charging ports are nice - if you're willing to stand there long enough to get a decent charge.

Comment Re:How would it have benefitted Windows RT people? (Score 1) 74

Well, you're right, and I guess the OP was just being wishful. But then again, what big advantage is there in loading X86 WIN32 apps via the app store, when an X86 desktop system can load them easily already? If it's simply for the sake of the distribution mechanism (and if MS is going to take a cut), I can't imagine too many wanting to take advantage.

But of course, since RT only supported the app store, and didn't provide a full WIN32 subsystem (or hid it - and reserved it for Office only), then it would be a big deal indeed if MS were opening up WIN32 (and, yes, providing a cross-compiler) to work on ARM.

Comment Re:Some hacker, he's not found anything real (Score 2) 333

I'm sure you can find such a citation on Breitbart ;-)

In 2008, Hillary did imply that white, working class voters wouldn't vote for Obama, making her the safer nominee. And that's pretty nasty, but at least it was basically true - they mostly didn't vote for him. She never raised the birther issue - in fact, I don't think that came up until after Obama was actually elected. Trump didn't raise it first either, but he rode it well beyond its lifetime even as a useful lie - to the point that even now he can't even disavow it for fear of having to acknowledge what a blatantly opportunistic panderer to racists he was when he was talking about it back then.

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