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Submission + - HOPE Announces Impressive Speakers (

DeathB writes: "The Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) Conference has announced some fairly impressive speakers today for this summer's conference. Included is Steven Levy, one of the first mainstream writers about hacker culture in Hackers: Heroes of the American Revolution; Adam Savage, the redheaded half of the Mythbusters; and Kevin Mitnick, who federal prosecutors once claimed could launch a nuclear weapon by whistling into a phone. This is on top of the RFID tracking they previously announced."

Feed Techdirt: After Putting Mixtape Creators In Jail, Universal Realizes It Needs Mixtapes (

Remember back in January, when a SWAT team, at the direction of RIAA officials, raided the studio of a well known DJ and mixtape artist in Atlanta? This seemed like quite the overreaction to a system that had been known for its successful promotion of many RIAA-backed artists. However, after the DJs were arrested, the entire market was on notice and many mixtapes stopped showing up in the marketplace. In other words, many new acts lost a valuable channel for promotions. So what's a record label like Universal Music to do? Apparently start making its own mixtapes with some DJ that no one's ever heard of. Despite throwing the competition in jail, it seems that this attempt to coopt the mixtape space isn't working very well. The first Universal-backed mixtape has sold less than 6,000 copies since being released over a month ago and many record stores have very little interest in carrying it. Next time, perhaps the RIAA folks will ask the record labels they represent before throwing one of their biggest promoters in jail.

Submission + - JoyBubbles, '60s & '70s phone phreak, dead at (

ZenWarrior writes: ""Joybubbles (the legal name of the former Joe Engressia since 1991), a blind genius with perfect pitch who accidentally found he could make free phone calls by whistling tones and went on to play a pivotal role in the 1970s subculture of "phone phreaks," died on Aug. 8 in Minneapolis."

"In an article in Esquire in 1971, the writer Ron Rosenbaum called Joybubbles the catalyst uniting disparate phreaks. Particularly after news accounts of his suspension from college in 1968 and conviction in 1971 for phone violations, he became a nerve center of the movement.""

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