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Comment Re:Cost will double? (Score 1) 472

I have not seen anyone talking about deciding acceptable profit margin. We are deciding whether maximizing the profits of multi-national companies at the expense of middle- and low-income American citizens is something we should continue to do. The goal of American trade agreements should be to maximize the number of American consumers who can buy an iPhone, potentially at the expense of citizens in other countries. There's plenty of evidence that we have optimized our trade agreements for the benefit of multi-nationals and at the expense of our citizens. If the president-elect can shift the balance back to our citizens and the nation as a whole, I wish him the best of luck.

Comment Re:Makes sense considering... (Score 1) 29

If "businesses are people too" with a right to free (paid for) speech in this country, and we allow foreign owned government/business entities to operate here, then we are extending the right to free (paid for) speech to foreign governments in this country. That seems like it might not be in this country's best interest.

Comment Re:This is interesting (Score 1) 711

Once there's enough testing done to prove it has potential, then engineers will take it, play with it, improve it, apply it, then sometime later, physicists and other scientists will figure out precisely why it works and why what the engineers did worked.

What are some recent examples of things "engineered" before science understood how they worked? (I assume that's true of many things before the age of enlightenment.)

It seems to me that a lot of stuff these days is "the science says this should work" and then see if the engineers can make it happen. Solid state lasers and transistors come to mind.

Submission + - 'Here Be Dragons': The 7 Most Vexing Problems in Programming

snydeq writes: 'It’s been said that the uncharted territories of the old maps were often marked with the ominous warning: “Here be dragons.” Perhaps apocryphal, the idea was that no one wandering into these unknown corners of the world should do so without being ready to battle a terrifying foe,' writes InfoWorld's Peter Wayner in a roundup of seven gnarly corners of the coding world worthy of large markers reading, 'Here be dragons.' 'Programmers may be a bit more civilized than medieval knights, but that doesn’t mean the modern technical world doesn’t have its share of technical dragons waiting for us in unforeseen places: Difficult problems that wait until the deadline is minutes away; complications that have read the manual and know what isn’t well-specified; evil dragons that know how to sneak in inchoate bugs and untimely glitches, often right after the code is committed.' What are yours?

Submission + - A reverse-engineering journey ( 2

ttsiod writes: My old tablet died, and I bought a new one... Just like it's predecessor, I wanted to run a Debian chroot inside it — that would allow me to apt-get install and run things like Privoxy, SSH SOCKS / VPN tunnels, Flask mini-servers, etc; and in general allow me to stay in control.

But there was no open-source way to do this... and I could never trust "one-click roots" that communicate with servers in China...

It took me weeks to reverse engineer my tablet — and finally succeed in becoming root. The journey was quite interesting, and included both HW and SW tinkering. I learned a lot while doing it — and wanted to share the experience with my fellow Slashdotters...

I am sure you guys will enjoy reading this :-) Cheers!

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 259

2. There are no controls at all.

They used non-rich people as controls.

Are you sure about that? From the summary "those who considered themselves in higher classes" where the focus group. Was the control "those who considered themselves in lower classes"? If so, it says nothing about rich and poor people, but only about people's idea of their place in society. All of the groups were self-identified. A valid control would be one in which the researchers, based on empirical data, assign individuals to specific socio-economic groups.

Submission + - BBC micro:bit specs released as open hardware (

TrixX writes: The makers of the BBC micro:bit have announced that they are releasing the full specs for the device under an open license, (Solderpad License, similar to Apache License but for hardware). This means that anyone can legally use the specs and build their own device, or fork the reference design github repo and design their derivatives.

Comment Re:Don't Worry... (Score 1) 420

I would be surprised if they cannot do exactly the same thing. The problem ITT Educational Services, Inc. currently faces is the sanctions imposed on them. A new company won't be under the same sanctions. It takes time to build up enough history to be sanctioned by DOE. Playing whack-a-mole with unethical corporate entities is a long-held tradition in the US. This is because we consistently fail to hold corporate officers accountable for their actions.

I would love to be wrong about this.

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