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Comment Re:This literally tells me less information (Score 1) 156

What have you ever gotten out of an error code?

A search term that can be used in Google?

Error messages like "File or directory not found" are pretty useless, but "Error 15723" is unique when combined with the program name, sometimes even unique enough that you find the information without the program name.

Comment Re:It's Linux-on-the-desktop that's dying. (Score 5, Insightful) 259

That's nonsense.

Linux marketshare in web statistics has grown from about 1% ten years ago to about 2% now. That of course is still a small percentage, nevertheless it is twice as large as it was ten years ago and it now grows at a faster rate because of the privacy issues of Windows 10.

In just 3 years, Linux could breach 3%.

So yeah, Linux grows on the desktop, Linux succeeds on the desktop - it just happens at a glacial speed and will take many decades.

Comment Re:Best joke ever. (Score 1) 290


- Send in NGOs to destabilize countries (Ukraine, Syria)
- Wage war against BOTH SIDES in Syria.
- Break UN-resolutions and invade countries (Libya)
- Send small groups of killers into so many countries that it's not even reported in the media anymore (Pakistan, Yemen, Uganda and certainly some others we haven't heard yet)
- Bush was bad (broke international law and acted unilaterally) but Obama is much worse (did all that Bush did but he doesn't even tell anybody anymore - or do you remember a public discussion about military advisors in Uganda? Or a public discussion about financing NGOs in Syria and Ukraine?)

Basically Obama just invades anywhere on the world when he pleases. He doesn't even think it's necessary to inform anybody about it (except after the fact).

You need quite some brainwashing to see something like that as superior to anything.

Comment Re:"The focus group participants might have..." (Score 0) 290

So Bush/Obama invade/bomb/destabilize Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria. (Not counting the "smaller" interventions in Pakistan, Yemen, Uganda and several other places)

Now Trump wants to talk with Putin (which Hillary refuses to do, because (and I quote here) "he has no soul") would that really be so terrible?

Obama wants to wage war on BOTH SIDES in the Syrian civil war. I think that tells it all and is pretty much "watch the world burn".

But I guess Rosi O'Donnell's feelings are more important than world peace for the brainwashed. Sad but true.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 179

What you don't seem to understand is that "most" is not enough for Microsoft.

Yes, "most" Windows users will just upgrade to Windows 10. But they still bleed marketshare because even when 70% (i.e. "most") Windows users accept Windows 10, that is a massive loss for Microsoft.

Comment Re:open sores FAIL ... again (Score 1) 139

Last year we had two (Heartbleed and the Bash-bug), this year we had one (so far). I am affected by none of them. (My DNS-requests only go to my ISP and I am not afraid they will hack their clients - and yes, I did patch it anyway.)

Before that we had several years without any serious one.

IIRC, the only one that ever affected me was 2002 (or so?), the big SSH vulnerability.

In all other cases some special conditions were needed for the exploit that didn't apply to me (for example the Bash-bug didn't affect any of my servers because I don't run CGI and on top the default /bin/sh points to dash and not bash.)

However every serious Linux vulnerability is immediately going through the media - because it is so rare.

In the future, these bugs seem also increasingly unlikely because people immediately check the affected packages for security vulnerabilities (and AFAIK they also fixed a couple in bash).

Comment What is "spilling the beans" supposed to mean? (Score 1) 303

On 9/11 dozens of people "spilled the beans" by reporting underground explosions and 5 Israelis were arrested by the police and quietly released later on. Practically all news networks reported underground explosions.

Did it matter?

No. It's still considered a "conspiracy theory". Why should it matter when somebody "spills the beans" if the media and public just ignore it?

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