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Comment Re:As long they're not on Windows (Score 1) 606

What most annoys me about installing Windows is
1) The installer asks questions at the start, half way through, and at the end
2) When it's installed, you need to find missing drivers -- my grandma's PC needs drivers for the network card, which is really frustrating.
3) Then, the computer must be rebooted and updates applied several times.
4) Then the software needs installing. Reboot some more.

I've done basic Ubuntu installs in much less than that -- 10 minutes + download/install time + 10 minutes making usernames and setting up auto-updates. But that's because all the drivers and software comes with the OS. I don't want people to ask me how to do things on Linux though, so I've not really encouraged it's use (I'll help if people find it themselves).

Comment Re:Bastards! (Score 1) 875

And for those of us who don't really choose, but just take what we can get? Sure, some (maybe most) of your increase will go to people who have the choice, and who could probably pay for the whole damn thing themselves, but if you think that that's too much trouble to go through to help the people who actually need it, I think you need your moral compass checked out a bit.

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