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Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 2, Insightful) 492

Unemployment numbers are a bit worse off today than they were when Obama took office, regardless of which measure you look at. So Obama didn't really "fix" anything. Here's an article from CNBC where they explain the differences in the various measures of unemployment and why the number mentioned in the OP isn't terribly meaningful.

Comment Re:Are we there yet? (Score 1) 201

The IRS needs to seek new avenues to fleece the populace now that it's about to be pried out of the middle of 17.5% of the US GDP (healthcare industry).

Abolish most of the IRS and all the parasites that feed off the ridiculous and intentionally complex tax code. A flat tax plus perhaps a consumption tax would allow most Americans to do their taxes on a post card. Of course, millions of tax accountants and attorneys would then need to find honest work, but that's a small price to pay for complete transparency. A scenario where half of the citizenry pays virtually nothing (or gets net payments) while the others foot the bill is unsustainable.

Comment shocker (Score 4, Interesting) 112

Prices have gone up and the quality of the programming has gotten worse (which I didn't think was possible). The only thing keeping them in business at this point is that in many markets the cable companies are the only source of broadband internet. I would kick Comcast to the curb tomorrow if there was a broadband alternative in my town. The INSTANT there is one, I'm gone.

Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 2) 813

I don't get the manufactured outrage over Trump's tax situation. I don't know about you, but I take EVERY tax deduction that I'm legally entitled to. If I ran a business, I'd consider it my fiduciary responsibility to my employees and shareholders to do the same for the business. So according to the bias in the media, that somehow makes me a bad guy and I should be paying more. No. Simply no.

The "foundation" loopholes must be pretty lucrative since all the uber-rich have them.

But back to the topic...these are clearly run of the mill IT jobs that don't require any special skills that can only be filled by importing highly skilled workers from other countries. Telling that it's a notoriously liberal university in a notoriously liberal state and the displaced citizen workers are basically told to buzz off by their Democrat Senator. Who was it that's for the "little guy" again???

Comment $2.3m fine vs profit from cramming (Score 1) 116

The bottom line is that Comcast has very little incentive to do the right thing until it is coerced. They are always publicly stating how they are working to improve customer experience and customer service. The former is true. They are indeed working diligently to make it easier to make incremental purchases on things like Video on Demand. That interface is smooth and polished and it is in their financial best interest to make it so. The latter is debatable. Comcast is no longer the MOST hated consumer brand in the country. I believe they are now in 4th or 5th place. Still pretty dreadful, but a small improvement. It is my assertion that they feel the financial gain from making the investment in customer service is a poor investment given that they've got a captive audience due to their monopoly position in many markets.

Comment Re:Legal maneuvers are ... legal! (Score 1) 843

That was TWENTY years ago. Let's re-run the litany of documented Clinton scandals since then, shall we? Meh...look here for all that...

For f's sake, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and BARELY spared removal from office when the necessary votes fell just short in the Senate. The last person that happened to was Andrew Johnson back in 1868. Quite an exclusive club. Scandal follows the Clintons like the dust cloud follows Pigpen.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 843

"In other words it's easy to say "burn it all down" when you're not the one in the house."

You've hit the nail on the head, even if by accident. Those folks don't feel like they have a stake in maintaining the house since it is clear the political class and its well heeled supporters (and the media) don't feel inclined to invite them to the party. I guess it shouldn't be shocking that the hipster elite don't understand or particularly empathize with that crowd. What makes the concerns and fears of that group any less relevant than your own or those that you list above? Just because you don't rub elbows with them as you plunk down your $5 for a double wide venti latte with truffles on top doesn't mean their voices are irrelevant or "deplorable."

I haven't decided who I'll vote for yet, but I'm leaning towards the arrogant ass versus the demonstrable corrupt politician who's been feeding off of and perpetuating the broken system that exists today for decades.

Comment Violence problem (Score 1) 438

What I find most troubling is that the vast majority of gun owners are being penalized in a failed effort to control the violence problem in the urban cesspools of America....those very same concentration camps of poverty and violence that have been controlled by the kleptocrats for generations. They take zero accountability for this complete and utter failure and continue to blame the tools used by the criminals bred in their failed political petri dish. The whole "national security" issue is simply a bunch of hand waving to take the attention away from the stark reality of their failure in their own back yard.

And now you expect me to trust that that same incompetent and power hungry lot to not spread this disease to my little corner of the country? No thank you. I'll be hanging on to my firearm and my Constitutionally guaranteed rights, thank you.

Comment Re: Asinine. (Score 1) 438

Do we require folks buying automobiles to pass a psychiatric test to see if they "should be allowed" to own a car or drive a truck? Those are big and dangerous tools that can be used to kill and maim large numbers of people with the press of a pedal.

What about a psych test to buy gasoline? Lord knows what kind of damage one could do with a few liters of gas.

Where does it end?

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 311

Apple hasn't been at the forefront of phone development for a while. If their target market is willing to go along with "I prefer to be seen with my idevice + my beats accessory" they'll do well. If not, people will buy something else. I'll use my current iphone with headphone jack until it doesn't suit my needs anymore and then I'll just buy a product that does.


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