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Comment Cisco isn't remotely competitive...their own fault (Score 1) 124

If Cisco was even remotely price competitive, I'd still be a customer. They haven't been remotely close to the best value for ages and that got me looking at alternatives. Adding insult to injury is the rather poor quality of service you get when you place a call to the TAC to have a problem resolved. F that. We probably spend mid-9 figures a year on switch and routing gear. Cisco bids on everything and will show up with an army of sales weens for any meeting, offer to take anyone with a pulse out to dinner/drinks/ and "gentlemen's clubs", but they just don't offer the service or value proposition for anyone who takes the time to make an apples to apples comparison with Arista.

Merchant silicon + decent software stack + stellar customer service works for me.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

There was a Norwegian bloke who did a pretty effective job of shooting up a bunch of innocent folks without being a Muslim or coming from the land where it's relatively easy to buy a military style assault rifle.

He managed to get more kills, though I think he wasn't as prolific on the wounding.

Hard to fathom what drives folks like this. Mental illness seems to be the catch all. Of course, the left will use this as another bullet point in their constant march to create a docile and helpless populace by removing legal access to firearms.

Comment Use your powers (Score 1) 114

I'm sure a lot of individuals who peruse this site every day are in a position to recommend and recommend AGAINST vendors. If enough of us at the Fortune X companies blackballed Bluecoat/Symantec/others of that ilk, one would think that would make a difference. After all, NOT buying that $20-50M satchell of poo in favor of another vendor with more transparency times 100's of the largest corporations might make a difference.\

Frankly, if I said "no Bluecoat" tomorrow, I doubt it would even be questioned. Do the needful. :)


Comment The boxes have no brains (Score 1) 100

The cable companies are already moving to a model where the cable boxes in your home have almost no real smarts of their own. There's just enough there to boot linux+busybox, display video content, and render the menus. The heavy lifting, and ALL of the brains (if you can call it that) of the system are handled on the back end by the cable company. Even if you are able to purchase your own box, I suspect you'll be forced to license their software anyway and still get a monthly fee jammed down your throat.

Looking forward to the day where I can just get a pipe to the internet from whatever company and then buy over-the-top TV from the single digit number of stations that I actually watch. That's really what terrifies the cable companies and why they're trying to buy up content providers.

Comment Nuclear war risk (Score 1) 112

I think the North Koreans are going to push the envelope until there is an actual military conflict (whether by intention or by accident due to miscalculation). Either way, the risk of the Korean peninsula winding up as a nuclear battleground strikes me as being rather high. I don't see negotiation as being a successful strategy with them as all previous agreements have been treated more as "temporary guidelines" by the regime. Hopefully, a way is found to bounce the crazies before the folks who are already suffering from pretty dreadful hardship in North Korea pay the ultimate price.

Sad state of affairs.

Comment Re:Content provider vs. service provider (Score 2) 112

Actually no. They are a content AND service provider. You forget that Comcast owns NBC Universal as well.

Personally, I would drop Comcast tomorrow if an alternative broadband provider was available in my area. The instant that happens, I'll be a former customer of their internet service. I don't recall the last time I watched any of their TV or movie content. It's been years. Perhaps someday they'll release something worth watching. Hope springs eternal.

Comment Those Workers Exist (just not at wage slave prices (Score 2) 688

There are plenty of knowledge workers available. They're just not available at the wage slave mirage prices that corporate bean counters think they're getting.

If you cut off the supply of low cost imported labor, the market will adjust. Sure, some firms will just move offshore. That's cool. Some firms will pay more to fill spots from the legally available pool. That's cool too. And other firms will look for loopholes to fit somewhere in between. Those loopholes will vary in size between a needle and the Lincoln Tunnel depending on how aggressive the graft money flows into Congress.

Cut off the supply and let the chips fall where they may. The end result may be a boom in tech businesses that choose to do business where these cheap labor pools are available. Who knows....

Comment corruption (Score 1) 61

In other words, they simply increased the depth and breadth of bribe money thrown around the beltway and the deal got done.

There isn't any incentive for them to "modernize the power grid" so I can only wonder what that's a code word for. I suspect it means something like "make the necessary upgrades in their corner of the grid so they can move power around between their own generation sources to reduce their own costs."

Comment capitalism filter (Score 4, Insightful) 159

I'm sure the instant someone can make more selling electrons generated from orbit than it costs to produce them (without siphoning tax dollars off of the rest of us clods), you'll see such a business materialize, the world will be a better place, oceans will stop rising, etc.

Until then, let's continue with the research but utilize what's the most cost effective now.

Fer God's sake, fusion energy is just around the corner... :)

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