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Submission + - Gate One 1.1 Released: Run vim In Your Browser (

Riskable writes: "Version 1.1 of Gate One (HTML5 terminal emulator/SSH client) was just released (download). New features include security enhancements, major performance improvements, mobile browser support, improved terminal emulation, automatic syntax highlighting of syslog messages, PDFs can now be captured/displayed just like images, Python 3 support, Internet Explorer (10) support, and quite a lot more (full release notes). There's also a new demo where you can try out vim in your browser, play terminal games (nethack, vitetris, adventure, zangband, battlestar, greed, robotfindskitten, and hangman), surf the web in lynx, and a use full suite of IPv6-enabled network tools (ping, traceroute, nmap, dig, and a domain name checker)."

Submission + - Gate One Brings Text-mode Surfing to the Web, Quake-Style (

Riskable writes: "As a follow-up to my previous Slashdot story, Gate One is now out of beta. Packages can be downloaded here. There's also a live demo: Press the ESC key on this page to have a terminal running lynx drop into view, Quake-style! I've also posted a video overview and the documentation can be found here. Some pertinent changes since the beta: Added the ability display images inline within terminals (screenshot), key-based SSH authentication, a WebSockets authentication API (for secure embedding), dramatically improved terminal emulation, an overhauled bookmark manager, support for international keyboard layouts, and a web-based log viewer that lets you export logs to self-contained HTML playback files (example)."

Submission + - Gate One 1.0 Released, Displays Images in Terminals, Quake-Style Demo (

Riskable writes: "Liftoff Software (my company) just released Gate One 1.0, an HTML5-powered web-based terminal emulator and SSH client that requires no browser plugins. New features since the beta announcement on Slashdot in October: The ability to display images inline within terminals (screenshot), key-based SSH authentication, a new WebSockets authentication API (making it easier to embed), dramatically improved terminal emulation (including 256-color modes), an overhauled bookmark manager, added support for international keyboard layouts, a web-based log viewer, and a lot more. We've also posted a video overview, put the documentation online, and created a special live demo: Press the ESC key on any page at to have Gate One drop into view (Quake-style!) allowing you to to surf the web via lynx. With this release Liftoff Software is now officially open for business, providing Commercial Licensing and Support Packages for Gate One. Download Gate One or check out the code."

Submission + - Gate One 0.9 Released, Brings SSH to the Web (

Riskable writes: "Dan McDougall (full disclosure: That's me) just publicly released the source code to Gate One which is an HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client. It is unique in that it doesn't require any browser plugins (it uses WebSockets) and supports multiple simultaneous terminals/SSH sessions in a single browser tab. It can resume user's sessions after being disconnected and supports both client and server-side session recording/playback (view as a log or like a video). Gate One can also be embedded into other web-based applications such as administration interfaces, serial port concentrators, virtual appliances, or whatever. Enjoy!"

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