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Comment Re:Deniers? (Score 1) 1011

Where am i condescending? Overly verbose yes, but that was to avoid getting attacked for leaving anything out.

>The sad fact is you are not much different than him -- you're only parroting other people's opinions.

I'm replying to make the point that it's quite easy to understand the fundamentals of global warming, so ggp and me aren't parroting any more than somebody without an evolutionary biology degree is parroting when they defend evolution. I can't speak for ggp but I personally know what the absorption spectra of carbon looks like and that it is a largely inert gas (i.e it will stay up there for some time), so the only bit of the global warming argument I'm taking on faith is mirco-> macro.Yes the jump from micro to macro is a big one but the data (from multiple sources, not just CRU) tends to suggest that it's happening.

Comment Re:just speed? (Score 1) 132

>So you've surveyed most users and have the evidence to make that statement?

Yes, i found the majority to be incompetent and unable to secure there data as well as google can. a source

>If what you say is true, why isn't the world just running Linux and a web browser on everything?

See above

Comment Nobody gives a shit about you (Score 3, Insightful) 144

Nobody reads your twitter, nobody follows your flicker account and no 2bit criminal is going to do both when i can just drive round the block and see your curtains haven't changed states in the last 3 days. There are reasons to care about your privacy, future blackmail, employer searching for you, etc, but nobody reading you (mirco)blog is going to steal your TV.

Comment Re:Deniers? (Score 2, Informative) 1011

How is that relevant, am i not allowed to make a case for evolution unless I'm an evolutionary biologist?
The fundamentals of global warming are pretty simple, certain chemicals absorb certain frequencies of and remit it (some times at lower frequencies) towards earth (well 49% of it but that's more than 0%). Some of the chemicals are short lived (e.g water) other don't absorb much and some are in very low concentrations, the key one that is none of the above is CO2. Various independent research projects have shown a correlation between CO2 levels and global average temperature (long term). One of the key causes of confusion is that global average temperature doesn't map well to local average temperatures. Another is that while the fundamentals are strong, the macro data is pretty weak (but what macro data isn't).

Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 670

need a large standing military?

The intention was to have no standing military and limited policing, these might be noble goals but in 2009 on earth they are simply not feasible, so holding text written assuming these would be true as sacred is ignoring reality.

Don't take the Founding Fathers word for it though -- Dwight Eisenhower said almost the same thing just 50 years ago.

I wouldn't take Eisenhower's words any more sacredly than the Founding Fathers, we're not living in 1959 any more than we are living in 1788.

I see no reason why that's any less relevant today than it was 200 years ago. In fact, I would argue that it's more relevant today.

How about the fact that they have tanks, planes, uavs, missiles and complex tactical training that a civilian population doesn't. Sure you might get lucky and take out a key figure from a bookshop, but if you think your rifle is going to help in a civil war in 2009 you have another thing coming.

The 20th century was filled with genocides of unarmed people, genocides that might not have happened if the victims had been armed and able to resist.

It is also filled with genocides by unarmed people, arming both sides doesn't make the problem go away.

It would be far better for our Republic if as many of those things as possible were handled at the state and local level.

Why? Why would you be any better of with all of those handled at a state/local level? In some cases you have more possibility for fraud, others lose out on benefits of the economy of scale and in the worst case scenarios you have races to the bottom that make legislation ineffective, so why is the Federal government doing something, inherently worse than the state/local government doing it?

Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 670

Jobs - 200 years ago there were slaves.
Jobs - 200 years ago there was no protection for workers against their bosses, no minimum wage, no unions, nothing.
Jobs - 200 years ago there was the potential of work for everybody, soon (if not now) there will be so much technology replacing cannon fodder that there will be permanent unemployment
Education - 200 years ago, education for all was not even an option
Healthcare - 200 years ago, people got sick they died. On the whole there was no expensive medicine that could help them if they could afford it.
Food/Shelter - 200 years ago, the technology didn't exist to make it feasible to provide shelter/food for everybody it does now (or will soon)

We do not live in the same world we did 200 years ago, it's not even the same as 50 years ago, ideologies from such times are not applicable today!

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