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Comment Re:Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 3, Insightful) 90

Not only that, but they don't have to worry about pesky advertisers complaining about the content, nor do they have to be overly concerned about someone saying "fuck," etc. It's pretty refreshing to see TV-style episodic programming that isn't trying to spoonfeed us as if we're all puritanical morons.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 491

I pretty much stick to several generations-old thinkpads with good success just in case. And I get to miss most of the depreciation value. FWIW, Thinkpad X200s with the higher rez screen is my sweet point (max out the RAM, add SSD), but I can see jumping to an x220 with an i7 and IPS in the next few months.

Comment Re:Can't buy popular support (Score 1) 459

Furthermore, this isn't a direct donation to Hillary, but spread out amongst many different democrat backing organizations. Hillary isn't the only democrat running for office this November and the Dems could be in prime shape to retake the House and the Senate if people don't just assume it's all sewed up already.

Comment Re:No, they don't need to focus (Score 1) 84

You'd think that SpaceX would also carry insurance to protect the customers' payloads. I mean, all sorts of shit can happen before launch; massive hurricane damaging the facilities/launcher/rocket itself, tsunami, earthquake, Bubba driving a forklift into the goddamned thing (i.e. human error), cable/chains breaking while lifting the satellite for mounting, etc etc.

Comment Re:Take note pointy hair bosses (Score 1) 194

yes, this is exactly the sort of cheating I'm referring to. It's also how the bots work, by spoofing their gps coordinates and slowly (if they don' want to get caught) update position as if they're walking/biking. Kinda suspicious when you're in LAX at 3:50PM and taking down a portal in North Dakota at 3:55PM. Either that or you're sitting on the secrets behind teleportation.

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