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Submission + - Flash 10.1 on Google Nexus One & Motorola Droi (

naz404 writes: Adobe has just released videos of the Google/HTC Nexus One & Motorola Droid running Flash Player 10.1 . Demoed on these Android 2.x phones are Flash-heavy websites as well as content from Flash game and animation portals.

Older versions of mobile Flash (Flash Lite (Actionscript 1/2.0 engine)) had always been a generation behind desktop Flash (Actionscript 3 engine) in terms of technology. Flash 10.1 is the 1st time mobile and desktop will have the same version of Flash Player.

Finally, users can experience the same Flash video, Flash games, animations (and unfortunately, banner ads) served on mobile phones without site owners/content authors having to create separate mobile versions for users to be able to view content.

Of course, running dynamic content like Flash on mobile devices means increased CPU & memory loads and there is a possibility that heavy content will hang/crash your device (this would happen to me on the One Laptop Per Child XO-1 machine (433MHz, 256MB RAM) when I visit Javascript/AJAX & Flash heavy sites like Facebook).

Hopefully Adobe works closely with manufacturers to give users the ability to halt heavy SWFs that can crash the phone. Also, developers of Flash-capable mobile browsers should allow users to manually disable Flash and Javascript (mobile Flashblock?). Crashing/Hanging/Slowdown *is* a valid reason for Apple not want Flash on the iPhone, but if users were given the ability to switch Flash on or off and proper warning, the ability to run Flash would be a big bonus and not at all a detriment because a whole world of new content *cough* addicting flash games *cough* would become available. (I believe Adobe already has a beta version of Flash running on the iPhone. Steve is just being a PITA that's why you don't see it yet)


Submission + - Transparent OLED Screens ( 3

benz001 writes: Gizmodo has just put up shots from CES of a proof of concept laptop with a working transparent OLED screen — Avatar's only been out for a few weeks and already their tech is bleeding we just need it to be 3D.

Brad Wardell's Plan To Save PC Gaming 250

A few weeks ago, we discussed Stardock CEO Brad Wardell's "Gamer's Bill of Rights," a proposal for removing some of the PC gaming industry's more obnoxious characteristics, such as annoying DRM and no-return policies. Shacknews sat down with Wardell for a lengthy interview in which he discussed his reasons for starting the project, how it's being received by game companies, and how he wants the gaming community to help. Quoting: "I've already gotten calls from Microsoft, from Take 2, and other publishers who are interested in moving forward on this. Obviously the first step is we have to really define these items. And I've had other developers and publishers who have come back and said, 'No, because it's not flexible enough.' For example, what happens if someone wants to do a policy where there's CD copy protection, but after the first month [consumers] can download a patch that gets rid of it. So obviously that's a perfectly good solution too, but our thing eliminates the ability to do that."

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