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Submission + - Teenager arrested in England for criticising Olympic athlete on Twitter ( 14

An anonymous reader writes: A teenager from Dorset, England was arrested for sending a Twitter message to Olympic athlete Tom Daley saying: "You let your dad down i hope you know that." Police arrested the 17 year old boy as part of an investigation into "malicious tweets" after Daley and his team mate missed out on a medal. Daley's father died from cancer last year.

While it is rarely used and the police have not indicated whether they are pressing charges, the Communications Act 2003 s.127 covers the sending of improper messages. Section 127(1)(a) relates to a message that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character. Shaun duffy was convicted and sentenced earlier this year under Scots law.

I look forward to tens of thousands of arrests across England over the next few days as all public remarks which may cause offence, regardless of their target, are investigated by the law.


Submission + - Mozilla caves, will support H.264 to avoid 'irrelevance' (

suraj.sun writes: It looks like Mozilla is ready to throw in the towel in its battle against the patent-laden H.264 video codec( ). Over the last week or so( ), the software foundation has struggled publicly with whether or not to support the MPEG-LA-owned format. Now several of Firefox's biggest players have all come out in support of the move and all that's left is to actually bake the appropriate code into the browser. Both chairman Mitchell Baker( ) and CTO Brendan Eich embraced the decision this weekend, however begrudgingly, in blog posts. Both admit that success in the mobile space requires them to abandon the quest to make WebM the standard for streaming video in HTML5. Even with Google's support, at least on the desktop, VP8 was never able to seriously threaten the entrenched and battery-friendly (not to mention, Apple and Microsoft backed) H.264.

Submission + - George Lucas retires (from making blockbusters) (

boef writes: "The creator of the Star Wars films has been working on his latest venture Red Tails for 23 years, but had to finance it himself after rejections from major studios."
I could not help wondering if the standard of the acting and the depth of the story is on par with the prequels, as that would explain the lack of interest. George L is claiming that the all black cast is putting of investors, not his personal involvement.

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