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Comment Re: Population density (Score 1) 461

I'm sorry, what? Since when is a product that meets all realistic use cases of a smaller portion of the population expected to sell better?

I have a sedan. It gets me 20 miles to work and 20 miles back every day, and 50 miles to the remote site once every few weeks. It also gets me 300 miles to the parent's house and 500 miles to the in-laws once or twice a year. On the rare occasion I need to go farther, I fly. On the rare occassion I need to haul a big load, I use the wife's station wagon or rent a truck. I sure as shit don't want to be borrowing a vehicle too often or renting a truck more than maybe once a year or less. So an electric car that causes me to have to do that wouldn't be on my radar. I'm pretty sure a good fraction of your 40% would agree, let alone my 60%.

Comment Re:Just for once (Score 2) 461

1. Range (as noted)
2. Refuelling time (as glossed-over)
3. Energy carrying mass and volume density
4. Safety. Not interested in riding on about a quarter ton of fuel and oxidizer packed close together, thank you.
5. (Not that I care, but) "icky-ness" of manufacturing process. An engine block is just aluminum. Batteries and high-current semi-conductor devices use some pretty nasty chemicals.

Comment Just for once (Score 1) 461

It'd be nice for these self-proclaimed globalist elites to latch on to something that isn't an obvious failure. I mean, a quick back-of-the-envelope will tell you that an IC engine burning gasoline wins in just about every utility metric you can come up for a personal automobile (buses and trucks are a whole other matter). Yet they're declared the Wave of The Future (TM) by the Davos set.

I would love it if these knuckleheads chained themselves to something real, like roads, bridges, power lines, or any one of a dozen other things that aren't sexy at first blush but where real attention and real monetary investments are called for.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 484

No kidding. I'm typing this on a 2 year old slim desktop PC (ie laptop board in a large case), behind me on the wife's desk is a 6 year old mac, on the shelf next to that is a 10 year old laptop that I used regularly until a few months ago and keep around to do taxes on. In my briefcase is my company-issued laptop (3 years old) and in my other case is my new laptop (6 months old) that I got because I needed something fast for once. So out of five machines, only one is younger than the typical replacement time the PHBs expect for an i-device. If all you know is power points and excel, I suppose you could spin that into 'the PC is dying'.

Comment No shit. (Score 1) 495

If half of the safe space dwellers were to take half the energy they devote to figuring out how oppressed they are and instead put into learning a useful skill or trade like physical science, engineering, welding, or woodworking, then maybe there'd be more wealth created here so that we're not all dragged down by the dead weight of talking heads and grievance mongers demanding that we hire more degenerates and mental defectives at 15/hr to sit on their asses and preen in the proverbial mirrors of their facebook pages.

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 1) 370

What automation? 1000 workers in US vs 2000 in Mexico for half the cost of those 1000 is not "automation." Same thing with your hand-assembled smartphone. I'd rather have it be assembled by robots in the US with 100 human babysitters than hand-built in China with by 1000 human drones.

Comment Re:Grievance politics (Score 1) 511

My position was that there was no point in leaving if we were just going to have to go back in. This is not mutually exclusive with recognizing that it was quite probably a mistake to have gone in there in the first place, which in turn is not mutually exclusive with believing back when the pile was still smoldering in Manhattan that a preemptive invasion was necessary.

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