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Comment Re:Ooh boy (Score 1) 610

Clinton lies through her teeth and contradicts herself about everything. Trump lies through his teeth and contradicts himself about everything. Trump "gets away with it" somehow, but Clinton doesn't? She just got away with it all the way to the nomination, (and State before that, and the Senate before that). But ah, I see. She's the press's favored candidate, so when she gets called bullshit on just like Trump does, she's the one who's treated unfairly.

Comment Ooh boy (Score 1) 610

The Clinton smokescreen is at it again. Just wait for the new parade of excuses.

"Secretary Clinton never directly instructed Mr. Combetta to delete her emails."
"Secretary Clinton had no knowledge about the day-to-day management of her IT systems"
"Secretary Clinton never even read her own emails"
"Secretary Clinton was too busy dodging bullets in Kosovo to be deleting her emails"
"Secretary Clinton relied on Secretary Powell's judgement in drafting her team's procedures on use and retention of email"
"I'd rather be emailing with Hillary than tweeting with Donald"

Fucking pathetic. To anyone who still doesn't realize that Trump and Hillary have the exact same MO down to the micron, explain this. Go ahead. Explain to the class how Hillary is anything other than a less successful liar and a less successful real estate developer than Trump. Maybe she gets points on being a little better polished. A little/ That's it.

Vote Johnson. I don't care what Aleppo is either given more important priorities this November.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 218

There are about 4 million drivers in Mass. Average commute is 10 miles (ballpark). People work 250 days a year, making 500 trips for 5000 miles/yr/person. Total per-year is 20 x 10^9 miles. A rate of .57 per 100M would be about 11 fatalities per year, which is kind of low but within an order of magnitude of the correct answer. If stats have been kept for 50 years, that's 550 deaths, for an uncertainty (1-sigma) of 22 total deaths, meaning the uncertainty in the .57 number is 0.022. So on the high end, it would be about 0.6 per thousand. Tesla had 2 deaths with an uncertainty of 1.44. So yeah, sorry, there's like a 66% chance (and that's being generous) that Autopilot is less safe than our lovely Boston roads.

Comment Bullshit (Score -1, Troll) 387

If he's so fucking righteous, he can come on back and plead his case. Otherwise, he can STFU and keep collecting his KGB paychecks. If the fact that his document dump looks exactly like the Russian FUD tactics on display in Crimea, in Syria, and in the DNC hack doesn't tip you off, maybe the fact that he 'exiled' himself to Russia can clue you in to his loyalties.

Comment Re:Third world keeps on third worldin' (Score 3, Insightful) 149

The summary tells me that it's in vogue to spend time and energy manufacturing ethnic identities and grievances for chronic underachievers so that they can be used to attack political enemies rather than spending time and energy for the betterment of mankind.

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 5, Insightful) 140

I'll tell you exactly why: only a small segment of the population (maybe 1%) has figured out that the point of using computers, as opposed to doing things with pencil and paper, is precisely that computers do exactly the things they are told in exactly the order they are told, every time vs humans who don't. That 1% has always understood that the hard part isn't crunching the numbers, and never has been; the hard part is figuring out what operations to do in what order to get the right answer.

The rest are (and always have been) operating under the misapprehension that computers are electronic brains or oracles that you can converse with as you would another human being.

The fact that people like Vanevar Bush and Norbert Weiner encouraged this attitude in their attempt to explain computers to 'the common man' did more damage to the public perception of computing than anything else because it was done early and set the tone for public perceptions and those public perceptions are the first thing that almost everyone encounters first in their lives, whether they go on to be an MBA in the corner office or whether they go on to be a kernel hacker who makes more money than the MBA for shaving a few microseconds off of a trade an HFT software stack.

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