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Comment Re:Found the LUDDITE! (Score 2) 110

It's an act of courage to remove features everyone uses and doesn't think about, and then to tell those people with a straight face that it's an improvement. No, really. You can't have any vestigial shred of fear in you to do that.

Comment Re:You're individual abilities don't matter (Score 2) 207

Maybe you've just had the misfortune of working with unproductive people who were unproductive when they were young too. In my experience, it's half-and-half. There's a number of folks old enough to be my father who work as long as I do and there's a number of folks younger than I am who check out at 5pm. And plenty of kids with infinite energy and old lumps just collecting a paycheck.

Comment Re:Wrong. (Score 0) 621

You're both full of it. I don't know what you have to be on to conclude that the way to prosperity is for everyone to work less, but you can keep it all to yourselves. As for nationalized benefits? WTF? So that there's a whole 'nother entrenched bureaucracy whose job it is to make the trains run, except that your health now depends on it? Like the VA? That's something to emulate?! Seriously...you must be smoking a bad batch of something.

Comment Yet another repackaged GCC then? (Score 2) 159

And I want it because...why?

Maybe I'm the one with the problem. Given how easy it is to sell people something they already have for free (Dropbox, Slack, GotomyPC, etc), you'd think I'd get on the bandwagon and go into business selling people the ability to click their mouse or type Latin characters on their keyboards.

Comment Re:What does the market say? (Score 0) 421

More to the point, employer-subsidized sex change procedures wouldn't be the hot-button issue they are today. Think about: some dude decides he's really a she, and for the cost of a few tens of thousands now, you can save 23% of the salary you'd be paying him! That's a lot of savings to be had, to the point where the "gender queer" or whatever they call themselves should have near zero unemployment rate.

Comment Re:doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 421

Silly anon. If they make you work full time, they'll also be making you pay someone else to do the things that you now do for yourself on your time "off." This way they'll get two wage slaves, one of whom will explicitly owe their employment to their policies and one who can be blinkered into thinking it's a Good Thing that she now gets to work a full forty per week. If they let people make their own choices, they don't get the chance to buy votes that way. Report to re-education at once for your lapse in faith!

Comment Re:What about Russian Shutdown Roulette? (Score 4, Insightful) 249

Which is why serious work doesn't get done on Windows. The corollary to an above comment that "only an idiot doesn't understand that uncommanded reboots are disruptive" is the statement that only an idiot would bring along a system to do a big presentation that is subject to frequent uncommanded reboots and brick periods.

I do all of my presentations on Linux machines and I set all of my machines to either disable auto filesystem checks on boot entirely or at least have the boot set up so I can CTRL-C out of it if needed. Why? Because my schedule gets set by me, not by some geek in another timezone who thinks he knows better than his lusers.

Comment No. Just no. (Score 1) 805

My household income was a few ticks below 160k last year. We also pay 3.2k / mo to rent a one bedroom apartment and two parking spaces. Somehow, we came out net positive last year. Both savings accounts increased in value. 401k contributions. Even a 4-5k vacation to Europe. Two cars. Not a lot of barhopping and artisanal cruelty-free organic tin-foil in the kitchen cupboard though.

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