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Comment Re:let me get this straight... (Score 1) 1005

No. The article title is a lie and all the furor over this is risible. Fucking risible.

First and foremost he said Russia should give them over, implying they already hacked them. He was not calling for them to hack anything, he was indicating that they may have already done so and should turn over the docs.

Second, he's trolling. Obviously. And the gullible "news media" (at this point no more than extensions of generally the DNC, but occasionally the RNC) are trying to push their agenda hard using said trolling.

Comment Rarely.. (Score 0) 331

I pick what I like and use it, currently. For UNIX stuff that means Python, though I'm forced to use Perl a lot as well. For Windows stuff or if I have carte blanche I use C#/.NET.

I think if you're really good in two languages and can swing back into another one or two that you're "rusty" at, you're fine. This cock measuring contest about knowing 15 languages is fucking silly and childish.

Comment Re:What does this mean? (Score 0) 67

I hear you, but you do know the cloud is a real thing now right? I mean I get there used to be other phrases people used for the same thing, I really do. But it's a bit out of touch to imply that it's just some meaningless buzzword at this point.

As for this, yet's it's nation-wide internet access using 868Mhz (I think?) wireless. Low power, high penetration (thaswuhshesaid) suitable for letting random ass little devices get on the network without needing your own e.g. Zigbee or Z-Wave bridge.

Comment Re:Spotify (Score -1, Troll) 327

Actually it's for people whose time is valuable. I mean if you're a basement dwelling dipshit with no life I guess it's cool to spend hours scouring the net for free copies of songs you could listen to much more easily by paying a few cents per listen then I guess torrenting music is _awesome_!

Do you also grow your own corn because "corn seeds are cheap bro!"?

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