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Comment Re: Yawn (Score 2) 801

1 Hillary wins the presidency.
2. Democrats win the house and senate.
It still would not mean anything since anything that manages to get by in the house would be filibustered in the senate. The government would still be stalemated. No immigration reform, no tax reform, no supreme court nomination for at least another four more years. Its been a long time since one party has won the presidency for more than 8 years. Republicans did it in 1980-1992. Democrats did it in 1932-1952. So it would be very hard for Hillary to win more than one election. The election in 2018 would see the Republicans win back the house and 2020 would see a moderate Republican win the presidency. The only thing Hillary could do is to continue to use presidential powers to do some good with climate change and immigration reform.

Comment Re:Just what Walmart shoppers need..... (Score 1) 117

I think that pushing a cart around makes it easier for me to shop. In fact I will always push a cart from the parking lot to the store. The hard part is getting the cat food and kitty liter from the shelf into the cart and than from the cart to the scanner and than back to the cart. I than must get the items from the cart into my car and finally from the car into my house. The new cart will not help with any of these chores but will take away the little support I get from pushing the cart. So even though I am old and retired, I say to Walmart no thanks to the new shopping cart.

Comment Re:NOPE. Next question (Score 2) 1144

There has got to be a way to prevent shooting like this. I can think of a couple of ways. How about filling the nightclub with a breathable smoke so no one can see and than giving the police infrared glasses? How about filling it up with intense white light so nobody can see and giving the police infrared glasses? How about heat lamps that could fool the shooters infrared glasses but give out a signal that only the police infrared glasses could detect? There are ways to defeat the shooter but they would be expensive and since incidents like this are still rare, people will go on thinking it will never happen to them. Over 99% of the defenses would never be used but if one were it might deter shooters from trying.

Comment Re:Pointless and Useless Speculation (Score 1) 559

Just suppose that we are living in a computer simulation. Someone designed this simulation to test how intuitive the program would be. Than there would be no aliens to help us since that would be our primary job. Our job is to discover new and better ways to accomplish things. It would not help us to accomplish this if we discovered an alien race since we alone must discover anything new. So it might be true that we are alone in the simulated universe.

Comment Re:When I was a kid... (Score 4, Interesting) 324

When I go to grocery store to pick up soda, I am always amazed by the fact that the soda is room temperature. More than half of the year the soda could be cold just by drawing in some of the cold air that exist all the time for 6 months here in Michigan. I am amazed by the mountains of snow that are created in every parking lot. The snow will be there until the sun melts them. Yet there are a huge amount of freezers using electricity to keep food cool. The same goes for the refrigerator in my home. I have forced air gas furnace. It has a fan to distribute the air. All it would need is a way to draw in outside air in the cool summer nights here in Michigan to cool down my house. It would have to be smart enough to know when the outside air is cool enough to cool down the house. Take today for instance the sun will heat up my attic to about 85 degrees and the house to around 75 degrees. My bedroom will remain in the 70's well after the time I wish to sleep making it difficult to get to sleep. A few hours ago it was in the upper 40's or lower 50's but none of the cold air was used to cool down anything that I could use during the day.

Comment Re:Duh. Because God made itt (Score 1) 720

If there is a place called heaven and if there is a just god that could not deny a place for that child than giving the child cancer would be a great gift. Ask me if I would have rather spent the 67 years that I have existed so far in heaven rather than here, and I would tell you like most people that I would have much preferred to be in heaven. Even if all of my descendants would all not exist, it is gods problem to ensure their existence not mine. We should all take all of the unused eggs out of all of the females and than fertilize them and let them die. This would ensure that there would be billions of people in heaven. Of course all of this is totally nonsense so in my opinion it totally destroys the notion of heaven and a test to get there.

Comment Re:I'd prefer long range (Score 1) 99

I would think that someone could design a faucet that could generate enough power just by turning it on or off so that it could report this to a computer. I would want the same for my gas stove. I would than put flow sensor in the water and gas lines so that if there is flow without something being turn on the computer would know there is a problem and attempt to do something about it. A computer should know about any flow in my house(gas, electricity, and water) and know the exact reason for that flow. The computer should know when every window and door is open. It should know not to heat or air condition if there is a window or door open. It should tell me if I want heat or air conditioning, I should shut the window or door. This should include interior doors too. The computer should be smart enough so that if it is cool enough outside that I should have fans to draw that air into the house. I have a force air heater so it should not be much of a problem to use its fan to draw outside air into the house. I would hope that my refrigerator would know when the outside air is cold enough to cool my food and have a vent so it could get the outside air instead of using a compressor. I do not see why google or microsoft have not designed a system that would save more money than it cost. The computer would tell me when I could take a shower or wash my dishes or clothes so it could heat my water only when needed. I can see plenty of ways to save energy.

Comment Re:Volvo AREN'T autonomous (Score 1) 229

There should be no difference with automobiles than with airplanes. A computer should know where every automobile(within its given area) is and its speed and direction of travel and last its destination. All this information would be erased once the automobile either reaches its destination or is out of its given area of concern for privacy concerns. Cell towers would be a great help here. All cell towers would have a computer to control the traffic around it. Any automobile would communicate with the tower any problems it is having. This information would be than communicated with all vehicles close to it. The speed of each vehicle would not be up to the driver but would be determined by the computer. There are occasion where there is a sudden loss of visibility. The computer would be able to slow all the vehicles to a safe speed at the same time. The question is how much are we going to sacrifice to save over 30,000 lives every year? Of course if we knew that it would be our own life that was saved, we would demand that the other drivers sacrifice a lot. But since we do not know whose lives will be saved a lot of us are not willing to sacrifice much.

Comment Re:One handed clap (Score 1) 103

Build far enough underground and there would be little need for air conditioning. There would be no weather problems. Driving in tunnels would be far easier as there would be no pedestrians or wildlife. Even if the costs are enormous and it take centuries to justify the expense, the savings after that would be far more than the expenses. We just need to learn from Bertha in Seattle.

Comment Re:Been there...ugh (Score 1) 115

Every thing that requires electricity should have a chip that communicates with the circuit breakers. Every receptacle would have only a very small amount of current until something was plugged into it. Once that happens communications would occur telling the circuit breaker how much current was needed. Only than would a large amount of current be available. Every electrical receptacle would have its own address and be controlled by a computer. The computer than would be able to determine if for instance "Is this window in sunlight and Is there need for heat in the room". When both of these questions are answered than the computer would know to either close or open the blinds or turn on a fan. When it is cold outside why do I need electricity to keep my refrigerator cool when all I should need to do is to get some of the outside air into it? There should be an easy programming language to control all of our devices.


HP's Spectre X2 Is a Solid Core M Powered Surface Pro Alternative For Less ( 93

MojoKid writes: Now that we're a few years removed from the introduction of the original Surface and Surface Pro, it's clear that Microsoft's vision had merit, and virtually all of the company's major OEM partners are producing at least a few machines that were influenced by Microsoft's design. HP's new Spectre X2 hybrid is as similar a machine to the Surface Pro 4 that we have seen to date. Its form factor, detachable keyboard design, kickstand and overall look at feel of the machine are very "Surface-like". But HP has made some well thought-out changes and packed the machine with different hardware. The end result is rather interesting, somewhat better experience in some respects, for a lower price point. The model tested here features a Core m7-6Y75 dual-core / quad-thread processor with a base frequency of 1.2Hz and a max Turbo frequency of 3.1 GHz. Its on-processor HD 515 graphics can Turbo up to 1GHz and feature all of Intel's latest graphics tech, like Quick Sync, InTru 3D, etc. Other specs include 8GB of LPDDR3 memory, a 256GB Lite-On SSD, a 12" WUXGA screen, 802.11ac WiFi / Bluetooth and Verizon LTE support, a various IO including a built-in card reader and USB type C. The machine's detachable keyboard is held in place by magnets, similar to Microsoft's method. However, the Spectre X2's keyboard is quite similar to a full laptop keyboard. It's arguably superior to Microsoft's Type Cover, both aesthetically and functionally. Power users looking for a high-performance mobile device for heavy-duty workloads would probably be better served by something powered by a Core i5 or i7-series processor, but for the majority of users out there, the Core m at the heart of this machine should pack more than enough punch.

Comment Re:Childish excuses (Score 2) 165

I was given a windows 7 laptop because the hard drive was not working and it would not boot. So I purchased another hard drive but I than needed to install an OS. The problem was that the sticker for windows 7 was worn and the code was unreadable. I suspect they put the code there so it would get worn. I installed Ubuntu on it since the laptop was not even worth the price Microsoft would have charged for a clean installation of any of its operating systems. It has been working now for more than a couple of years. Ubuntu is the savior of hardware and windows is a active destroyer of hardware. There are other reasons but for that reason alone Ubuntu is far better than Windows.

Comment Re:Safety devices (Score 1) 165

There is enough computer power that we could know where every vehicle is located and its speed and direction of travel at all times. Computers in every cell phone tower with communications with all vehicles should do it. Every vehicle would have to have a gps system, cruise control and a cell phone technology to communicate with the tower. With mass production that would probably be cheaper than anti-lock brake technology. In a given area all vehicle would travel at the same speed. Weather would be constantly updated to ensure that the road condition could support the speed. I am hoping that there could be at least a 90% reduction in deaths, injuries and property loss. It might even pay for itself in savings.

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