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Comment charger (Score 1) 19

Saw an old charger today, some late sixties model..guessing a 68 or so, heavily modded into a street rod. Good looking but dang I don't want that guy's fuel bill. He had two hugemongous four barrel stacks sticking up out of the hood. I'd have to guess again, proly holley double pumpers. (for back then though I think the studebaker avanti had it over all the rest of the detroit muscle cars for styling)

I'll stick to my boring good mileage and reliability choices over speed I guess, old or new models. Of the newer rides out there, if I was looking for speed and etc, plus at least somewhat decent mileage, on this side of high end Italian or German prices, guess I would pick the nissan gt-r. Next option up is a million buck pizza ride or a this is pretty cheap for what it is.

Comment Re:Common argument (Score 1) 154

I don't understand you. You claim there is no competition but you mention a lot of competing markets players: Cable, DSL, Cell. If that is not enough you are lying to yourself. In addition, the main evidence for successful competition is that despite all this worry, High speed internet rates have not risen, have not kept pace with inflation, and have not kept pace with usage (bandwidth) increases. How do you explain that?

Comment Re:The other side (Score 1) 406

To play devil's advocate, giving tax breaks to attract/keep major businesses is a normal thing for state governments.

And stores will often have two-for-one sales. But I don't think they'd be too happy if they caught me shoplifting and I said "heeeey, buddy, how about we make this one of those deals you sometimes run?" They'd bust my balls before they called the cops.

But given Microsoft's size, this is just an illustration of that old saying: "You owe the bank a thousand bucks, that's your problem. You owe the bank a million bucks, that's their problem." Microsoft gets away with it because they're big enough to get away with it.

Comment Re:What, no iPad? (Score 1) 469

That would be the Zune, with all those competing music stores that had similar catalogs to the iTunes store. Not many of those around.

We also have no idea what the iPad app store is going to come up with - there have been some exceptional iPhone apps, so no doubt some third party app will amaze us.

Also, conveniently, Apple has some cracking deals with video content providers - sort of ideal for a 10" screen, wouldn't you say?

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