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Data Storage

Submission + - Backups for you, your mom and others 1

RichiH writes: Let's face it: If you are reading this, you are the IT guy for your family. That one thing everyone likes to ignore are backups and when things go south, you are the one tasked to restore everything from a recipe to the pictures of your aunt. A lot of people are looking for the One True Solution, but no one seems to have found it. While Flickr and the like work for photos, there is more to back up than photos. Solutions like crashplan with de-duplication, encryption, distributing backups to other PCs within your family and online storage are nice, but a closed, self-updating Java application which requires root privileges and stores your encryption key at every(!) backup destination is not exactly ideal, either. Other solutions like git annex are great for tech-minded people like you, but your mom won't touch it. Proper backup solutions like Bacula require static client addresses and open ports on any firewalls in between which is not an option for most home or mobile settings. My plan is to set up a dedicated backup server with RAID or ZFS at a hosting facility. The only question is this: What backup solution is distributed (to minimaize potential loss), supports local, on-site and off-site storage, encrypted at the source, runs automagically (so your mom can not forget, ever), verifies data integrity regularly (weekly; checksum of the container or similar), offers aggressive monitoring of any and all errors and warnings, runs on Windows, Linux and possibly Mac OS X? Oh, and if possible, it would be nice if it was FLOSS.
Input Devices

Submission + - Alternative keyboards

RichiH writes: There have been several discussions about alternative on-screen keyboards on slashdot over the years. I dimly rememer a discussion about a modified ATOMIK (see latter link) keyboard and a sort of shifting field with an alphabetical, vertical field of letters of different sizes according to their likelyhood of coming next in a given word. Said fork of ATOMIK had two 'e' fields and other modifcations to accomodate the writing of most short, common words in one swipe. With the advent of more and more touch devices, these concepts are becoming more and more important. Trying to help fostering these new methods, I tried to find a reference, name, discussion, homepage, anything regarding said modified for years. Having gone through another iteration of searching just now, I have two questions to to /. crowd at large. 1) Can you point me to what I am looking for? 2) What new, exciting, weird, implemented, barely thought-out and other input concepts for touch devices are you aware of?

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